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First Lessons Tin Whistle

by Grey Larsen

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Book with online audio, video & PDF. The tin whistle has an alluring voice - yearning, melancholy, joyous, playful - both youthful and ancient. Its music can sound like wind, birdsong, flowing water. With this book, you can learn to make beautiful whistle music:
  • even if you’ve never played a musical instrument
  • even if you don’t read music
  • no matter how young or old you are
This book is for beginners and for those who have tried to play the whistle (also known as a pennywhistle) but need more help. It leaves no stone unturned, offering valuable insights and detailed instruction you won’t find anywhere else - expert guidance that will smooth your way and steer you clear of the pitfalls newcomers often encounter. In addition to music notation, this book offers two highly accessible alternatives:
  • A much-improved tablature system
  • Suit Code -  a new and inventive fingering shorthand using the suits of the deck of cards
With this book you’ll get:
  • Access to audio and video downloads
  • 23 tunes from Irish, Scottish, Northumbrian, Welsh, English, Breton and African American traditions, along with melodies from Beethoven and Dvorák
  • An introduction to Irish tin whistle ornamentation
Grey Larsen is a master musician who performs and teaches internationally. He has played the whistle since the 1970’s and has written nine books. The author recommends using a tin whistle in the key of D with this book. 40 pp.

More Details

  • Welcome! 
  • Making the Best Use of This Book 
  • Further Offerings 
  • What Is a Tin Whistle? 
  • Acquiring a Tin Whistle 
  • Anatomy of the Tin Whistle 
  • Let’s Make Some Sound 
  • Whistle-Friendly Notes and Scales 
  • The Names of the Notes 
  • The Relaxed Whistle Hold 
  • Why Use the Left Hand as the Top Hand? 
  • Seven Steps to Finding Your Personal Whistle Hold 
  • Alternatives to the Bottom Hand Pinky Anchor Point 
  • Training Your Bottom Hand Pinky Using a Rubber Band 
  • Resting Position for the Fingers, and Economy of Motion 
  • Tin Whistle Embouchure 
  • Clearing the Windway 
  • Breathing and Posture 
  • Tuning the Whistle 
  • Using Your Tongue 
  • Conjunct and Disjunct Tonguing: Connected and Disconnected Notes 
  • Tonguing a Low-Register Cs 
  • Exploring Air Speed and Pressure 
  • Try Disjunct Tonguing 
  • Try Conjunct Tonguing 
  • Playing a Low-Register B
  • Exploring the Extreme Low End of the Air Speed Range
  • Exploring the Extreme High End of the Air Speed Range 
  • How Do We Increase Air Speed? 
  • Vibrato 
  • Two Groups of Three Holes, and the Fingering Patterns We Use 
  • Suit Code: A New Shorthand for Tin Whistle Fingerings 
  • Hot Cross Buns, in A major 
  • Minimizing Finger Movement 
  • Why Is It So Important to Memorize Fingerings and Note Names? 
  • Merrily We Roll Along, in Two Keys
  • Finding and Sealing Finger Hole Air Leaks 
  • Feel the Buzz 
  • Hot Cross Buns, in G major
  • Tin Whistle Tablature 
  • Shady Hollow
  • Learn Your Fingerings by Heart 
  • Practicing 
  • Lonely Island 
  • Introducing High-Register Notes 
  • Lonely Peaks and Valleys 
  • Introducing Bottom Hand Fingering with the Note Fs 
  • Adding Standard Music Notation and Introducing Slurs 
  • Smooth Sailing 
  • Found a Penny on the Road 
  • Introducing the Note E 
  • An Dro 
  • Introducing the Note D
  • Two Fingerings for High D 
  • Largo from Dvorák’s Ninth Symphony
  • The Spade, At Last 
  • A Deeper Look at Tuning the Whistle 
  • Moving Groups of Fingers, and “Crossing the Break” 
  • Introducing the Note Cn 
  • Joy to the World 
  • Ode to Joy 
  • Using the Two High D Fingerings 
  • A Fingering Chart 
  • The Londonderry Air/Danny Boy
  • Letting Go of Suit Code 
  • Bonnie at Morn 
  • Letting Go of Tablature 
  • Morning Has Broken 
  • Amazing Grace 
  • Scarborough Fair 
  • Simple Gifts 
  • All the Pretty Little Horses 
  • An Introduction to Irish Tin Whistle and Flute Ornamentation 
  • We Shall Overcome 
  • Star of the County Down 
  • The High Caul Cap 
  • The Leitrim Fancy
  • Collections of Easy Tunes for Tin Whistle and Irish Flute 
  • Continuing Your Journey