Palm Trees, Senoritas....And Rocket Ships!
Chris J. Knutsen: From Harp Guitars To The New Hawaiian Family - History And Development Of The Hawaiian Steel Guitar
Vox Amplifiers: The JMI Years
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The Stella Guitar Book: The Guitars of the Oscar Schmidt Company, Updated Edition
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Acquired of the Angels - The Lives and Works of John D'Angelico and James L. D'Aquisto, 3rd Edition
The Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide 2020
The Complete Guide to the Gibson Mandolins, Mandolas, Mando-Cellos and Mando-Basses
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Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars - Updated and Expanded Third Edition
BUCKBEE BANJOS -- Chauncey Richmond & The Old Buckbee
The Other Brands of Gibson

The Other Brands of Gibson

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Ball's Manual of Gretsch Guitars - 1950s
Explorer: A Pictorial History

Explorer: A Pictorial History

SKU: 49-275748

Sunburst - How the Gibson Les Paul Standard Became a Legendary Guitar
History of Japanese Electric Guitars
The Mandolin in America-The Full Story From Orchestras to Bluegrass to the Modern Revival
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Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars-An Illustrated History and Guide, Second Edition
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The Ukulele: A Visual History - Revised & Expanded
Gibson Mastertone - Flathead 5-String Banjos of the 1930's and 1940'S
The Bass Space: Profiles of Classic Electric Basses

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