The Scottish Guitar - 40 Scottish Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar

by Rob MacKillop
sku: 49-1507
Book/CD pack. Rob MacKillop is regarded as one of Scotland's finest musicians. In this groundbreaking book, he defines a uniquely Scottish way of playing the guitar, incorporating rich traditions into later material - from Gaelic songs to traditional airs and dances. His arrangements reflect the origins of the tunes, with appropriate ornaments and phrasing. The CD helps players gain a deeper understanding of the subtle art of phrasing. Tunings used are DADGAD, Open D and Open G. Note/tab. 65 pp.   More Details...

Tunes in DADGAD tuning:
  • Prelude No. 1
  • Prelude No. 2
  • Phiurag nan Gaol - Sister Of Loves
  • Tighean Geala Sildeag
  • Oran a'Mhaighdean Mhara
  • Low Lies The Mist On Mallavurich
  • Maol Donaidh - The Fisherman's Song For Attracting The Seals
  • Suas Leis a' Mhagairlean
  • My Cheeks Are Furrowed
  • Farewell To Whisky (Niel Gow)
  • Welcome Whisky Back Again (Niel Gow)
  • Roslin Castle (James Oswald?)
  • The Flooers O' The Forest

Tunes in Open G tuning:
  • Wet Is The Night And Cold
  • A Mother's Lament On The Death Of Her Child
  • Gur Eutrom an t Tiseag
  • An Chearc ar Fad is an Anairthe
  • Ask My Father
  • My Love Has Deceived Me
  • Oran an Aoig - The Song Of Death

Tunes in Open D tuning:
  • I Long For Thy Virginitie
  • Rhona's Tune
  • Shoes Rare And Good In All - Lilt Ladie An Gordoun
  • The Canaries
  • Lady Lie Nier Me
  • Lilt-Milne
  • My Lady Binnis Lilt
  • Blew Riben
  • Lady Lothian's Lilt
  • Courante And Double
  • A Port (No. 1)
  • A Port (No. 2)
  • Port Jean Lindsay
  • Port Priest
  • Port Rorie Dall
  • Port Atholl
  • The Chancelours Farewell
  • If Thou Were Myn Own Thing
  • The Lord Aboin's Air
  • For Old Long Syne