Hohner 270 Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica, Key of C

sku: HO270-C
The 270 Super Chromonica is virtually unchanged since its inception over 60 years ago. This workhorse chromatic harp is still a popular model that has been the choice of generations of jazz, blues, and solo players. Warm tone. Classic response.    More Details...

  • Reed plates (material, thickness): Brass, 1.05 mm
  • Reed plates (surface): Brass
  • Reeds (number, material): 48, brass
  • Comb (material, color): Pearwood, brown
  • Comb (finish): Double lacquered
  • Mouthpiece (surface): Brass, nickel-plated
  • Cover plates: Stainless steel
  • Slide construction: straight
  • Type: Chromatic
  • Tuning: Solo tuning
  • Number of holes: 12
  • Tonal range: 3 octaves
  • Length: 15.5 cm / 6.1"