Musicnomad Premium String Changing Kit, 5PC.

Five essential string changing products to look, sound and play your best! The gentle, yet sturdy, 5 'n 1 Cradle Cube Neck Support works great for guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, banjo or ukulele, and it's safe for all finishes. Use the rubber lined, dual-bearing GRIP String Winder for effortless and super fast string changes. Apply TUNE-IT lubricant to the nut slot, bridge, saddle and string guides every string change. Then trim it up with the GRIP String Cutter. The high quality chrome vanadium steel blade is spring loaded with a side cutter design that lets you cut strings flush to the machine posts. And when you need to tighten loose output jacks, strap locks, control pots, tuning machine bushings, or screws, use the Octopus 8 'n 1 Tech Tool with 6 hex wrench sizes (10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 1/2" (2) & 7/16") and a Phillips & flat head screwdriver. All five items come in a convenient storage box.   More Details...

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  • Musicnomad 5 'n 1 Cradle Cube Neck Support (MNCC)
  • Musicnomad Grip String Winder  (MNGW)
  • Musicnomad Tune-It String Instrument Lubricant  (MNTIL)
  • Musicnomad Grip Cutter Premium String Cutter  (MNGC)
  • Musicnomad the Octopus 8 'N 1 Tech Tool  (MNOCT)