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DVD - Bottleneck Slide Guitar for Beginners

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DVD - Bottleneck Slide Guitar for Beginners

DVD - Bottleneck Slide Guitar for Beginners

by Tom Feldmann

There is nothing like the feel of a bottleneck sliding across your strings or the sound that comes forth as it screams, growls and moans. Starting with the most important step, producing a single note, Tom takes you through simple exercises, getting you comfortable sliding on single, double and multiple strings. Starting in Open D tuning, Tom uses Bukka White's "Jitterbug Swing" for the single string slide exercise, "I Wished I Was In Heaven" for double strings , an Elmore James style shuffle for multiple strings, closing with "Guitar Rag," bringing together all of the elements. The lesson closes with two songs in Open G (Spanish) tuning. Vibrato, left and right hand dampening, as well as alternating and monotonic bass are discussed in detail. Tab/music booklet included as a PDF file. Includes the original recordings of all the tunes. Beginning/intermediate. 115 min.
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