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DVD - Pat Martino - Live at Ethel's Place

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DVD - Pat Martino - Live at Ethel's Place

Pat Martino
DVD - Pat Martino - Live at Ethel's Place

Pat Martino. The name resonates a bridge between the true Jazz swing era through the organ trio groove and into the modern era and its (digital and electronic) resources of today. A musical prodigy, Pat has always challenged himself...from his long and remarkable self recovery from amnesia brought on by a near fatal aneurysm to the ridiculously heavy string gauges and action he favors, yet nimbly maneuvers. With Harvie Swartz on bass and Joey Barton on drums, Pat takes us on a wild roller coaster ride through breakneck tempos, sensitive ballads and smokey blues. Recorded in 1987. 95 min.
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