Customer Testimonials and Reviews


I answered your survey after I received my picks in the mail. But it wasn't totally true because I do love elderly for the service. But I also love Elderly for the price, the help I get from the staff on the chat and for the great setups you provide. Being a Michigander I'm proud to have a company like Elderly in our state. A company that truly cares about providing the best for their customers. Buying from Elderly is like buying from friends that only want the best for me.
Wish I lived closer to visit.
Thanks again



Today I received my 1989 Guild Classical guitar MK3 - the whole process of ordering took well less than a week from order to safe FedEx delivery in the UK. Superb service! Please pass my thanks to all the team for such great service, and for such a great guitar, which after a quick fret dress, polish, and restring is sounding like its only just been made yesterday.



I could not be happier with this LG-2 like guitar.
Elderly, the great service I got from Dan, Jeffrey and Joel, the awesome price, shipping speed and packing.
I love guitars, but I fell in love with this one faster than any I’ve ever had.
The good energy from you and your super store influenced that for sure.
Keep up the exceptional work! This was the best guitar purchase I’ve ever made. Smoothest too. Best music store & people I’ve ever worked with.

No BS Dan, y'all are the greatest. Somebody is doing something right with the team of folks there.
Yep y’all are perfectly knowledgeable, but most important to me, the sincere kindness each of you reflect - put the experience to a level I’ve never seen done as well and I’ll do whatever I can to recommend you and for sure buy from you again."




Dear Elderly,

I just responded to your survey about my recent experience with your business. The second question, What’s your favorite thing about Elderly Instruments, allowed me only one response. I’ve been a customer of Elderly Instruments since the early 70s. Since the beginning I’ve appreciated the knowledge and friendliness of the staff. The handwritten “Thank you” on the invoice makes a difference. Responses to email and chat are cordial, succinct, and helpful.

Some years ago, I shipped my 1957 Gibson to your shop for repairs. It was my first repair experience, but I sent it to Elderly because I believed I could trust the shop. Due to some miscommunication, I needed to return the instrument to the shop to accomplish what I’d hoped for, but may have failed to make clear. Throughout the interactions concerning the repair, spoken and written communication was helpful and cordial, despite what was very likely a frustrating situation for the shop. The guitar came back in superb shape and sounded better and played better than ever.

I’ve recently bought a banjo and a ukelele from Elderly, a Bart Reiter for myself and a Martin for my wife. We’re extremely pleased with both. The uke was to be a Christmas present but was out-of-stock until March. In both cases, your practice of doing in-house set-ups on instruments before shipping was a factor in purchasing from Elderly. Thanks for listening and for your contribution to an essential element of life, music.

-- Tim

Good morning, I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for doing such a great job setting up my guitar. It is a totally different instrument than what I handed you. What a cool learning experience for me. The playability is night and day, I'm laying down barre chords like I have never done before with smoother transitions between them (far from perfect...but still). I love the string recommendation and maybe it's just me but I feel like I get much more volume with less effort.
I know this is likely a noob reaction, but after playing for a couple years and dealing with the frustrations of developing hand strength and clean chords on a cheap guitar and then an instrument not tuned to its potential, It's like throwing gas on my passion for learning's flame. Thanks again, and well done.
-- Drew

I really enjoyed my visit to Elderly Instruments today. You guys should be proud of your staff ! Excited to get my 1970 J200 Custom when you do your magic to it. Wouldn’t trust anyone else to do the work. Kudos

-- stevesehmer


Fantastic place to go, with people that actually know what they’re selling!
-- Ron


"Great outreach, thanks. We brought in several instruments for insurance appraisals and some of them for repairs. The shop staff are a likably quirky bunch and they took great care of us. We shopped for various small items, books, & CDs and were very pleased with the selections available. The retail staff were also friendly and helpful. You and your team have a wonderful product. The vibe given off was that the staff enjoy working for Elderly. My only complaint is that your store is in Lansing, not Indianapolis!"


"Stayed-up too late to watch the PBS documentary of Elderly in Michigan. So interesting, wonderful, entertaining. Enjoyed all the people and perspectives. I was impressed by your beautiful mandolins: Someday I am making the trip to your store. Kudos on your documentary; you should feel proud. Continued success!"
-- Cece


"This is to say thanks to Brian for his professional persona and knowledge and helpful attitude while helping our family get the repair and setup our cherished Martin 00015s needed. As a business owner for almost thirty years I know how important it is to have a person like Brian meeting the public for your company. Good job Brian and thanks again."
-- Ron


"I just want to take a moment to thank you all for making my problems go away and for delivering great products and exceptionally great service to a boy in New York City. You guys are wonderful!"
-- Pat

"Thank you. The hammered dulcimer that I purchased from your company is beautiful and sounds great."
-- Ron


"Everything's arrived in great shape and incredible playability! Please offer my personal thanks to everyone who has been involved in either of my ordered ukuleles. I couldn't be happier! So damned happy I'm having crazy thought of "you should get a dedicated high G axe somewhere along the way". My instrument stash is now amazing."
-- Ross


"I am so pleased with your service! I ordered the instrument on 9/17 and it arrived 9/18. It is perfect. Thank you! I will have one happy grandson!"
-- Karen


"I do appreciate your email. I have purchased guitars and gear from you for a long time. I feel you are one of the finest guitar stores in our nation. I have confidence in you and your staff. Thank you for reaching out in this personal manner."
-- Harold

"Wow you are fast. Thanks for adding another chord chart. So excited to use it to play better."
-- Kristi

"On August 13 my husband, teenage son, and I made our annual trek to Michigan to attend the NASCAR race. This year my treat was to visit Elderly Instruments on our way. I was interested in visiting a music shop where I could handle and play a variety of mid to high-end ukuleles. When we walked in, we were greeted by Andy who was playing a ukulele. After browsing awhile Andy inquired of my interests and showed us a variety of options. He was very knowledgeable and helpful without being at all pushy.

Because I did not want to make an impulse decision, we waited until returning home on August 17 to call Andy and purchase a cherry Martin ukulele. It arrived three days later and I was very impressed with the packaging. I am thrilled with my new ukulele. It is exactly what I was looking for.

I would like to thank Andy and Elderly Instruments for a professional and pleasant purchasing experience. I will not hesitate to recommend your store in the future."
-- Michele


"I want to compliment you on your service. I recently placed an order and made a mistake. Cristina Rivera immediately got back with me and fixed my problem. Please give her a pat on the back -and maybe a free wintertime trip to Grand Cayman- for her good work."
-- Tony


"Thanks to everyone that helped me. Everyone should have customer service like this. Great customer service!"
-- Michael


"I received the Deering Calico banjo today, and it exceeded my expectations! It seems better somehow than the pics and conservative verbal description (given over the phone). It sounds fabulous, and the neck shape was exactly what I was looking for. I like it better than my Gibson."
-- Jim


"My order arrived yesterday, complete and faster than I expected. Elderly has always had the very best service and excellent prices. Thanks for being so thorough and affordable."
-- Tom


"Just purchased some Wegen picks from you (Steve). I just wanted to say I like your email "announcements" because they contain some things that are actually affordable! Martin guitars for under $9 million, etc. Thinking about (another) trip to the store, from my home in Madison, Wisconsin. Be well!"
-- Ken


"My experience with Elderly was exceptional! The sales staff I spoke with were professional, courteous and willing to take the time I needed. When the guitar arrived and I opened the case ,I went Woof, this is great. I never thought I would buy a guitar I hadn't played, but your people did a great job. All the best to you and yours."
-- Rich

"I received the replacement strings today. Thanks so much for doing this; another reason I like doing business with you."
-- Greg


"Got my order in the mail yesterday. That sure was fast! Thanks to Steve in Shipping. The product was exactly what I needed."
-- Tony


"I received the 1992 PRS Custom 24 on Saturday. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Elderly and the team who assisted me in the purchase of this instrument. Pat Zelenka was great on the phone as well as Chris who responded via email.

The guitar was packed very well and received in better condition than I expected, and was well set up and cleaned. Thank you. It plays and sounds great! It really sings. I used to have a 1992 PRS in 1992 but ended up selling it so this fill that void.

Thanks again, I would not hesitate to do more business with Elderly or recommend you to others. You can tell you take care in what you sell and also take care of the customer."
-- Rick


"I received my replacement strings the other day and I have to say that you have one of the best Customer Service groups around! Thank you for being such a great company to deal with. I'll be back again!"
-- Gary


"I just wanted to take the time and webspace to thank you and your excellent employees for all they do to keep us olde phartes well stocked in our musical accoutrements. You all do a great job; when somebody asks me for a referral in the construction industry, I am giving a part of myself when I refer somebody. It's the same with you. Anybody that needs any musical stuff gets referred to you."
-- Lance


"The Kamaka HF-3 Tenor Ukulele arrived safe and sound. It looks, sounds and plays beautifully. Thank you as always for excellent products and service."
-- Wes


"Just wanted to express my gratitude for the stunning used Loriente Sofia guitar I just ordered --the instrument has just the tone and responsiveness for which I'd been searching. It's also visually beautiful (Madagascar rosewood with streaks of yellow and even pink running through it, gorgeous light German spruce...). This is much more guitar than I'd ever expected at this price."
-- Ron


"Best music store around. U have any of my guitar business!"
-- Donald


"I just wanted to thank you for being there for us. I just bought the Deering John Hartford you had on consignment and could not be happier with the banjo or the help I had from Jeff. You are my go to source for my musical needs as you always go the extra mile."
-- Phil


"I Just wanted to say THANKS for the good service on my order. Everything was correct. I will be ordering again soon."
-- Tom


"I just wanted to let you know about yet another happy experience I've had with Elderly. A short time ago I received my used Blueridge 12 string, set up by your service department. While I love the guitar and I'm sure it would have had great sound on its own, the set up you guys did on it makes playing it a dream. I never thought I'd be able to transition back to a twelve so easily after all these years. It is my go to guitar and I don't see that changing in the near future. Thank you very much for your superb work."
-- Richard


"Thank u! I and other of my Australian friends who shop with your company, are only too happy with the product and the service. Always recommending you at our local bluegrass jamcamps and festivals. Best wishes"
-- Jane


"I was raised DeWitt. So my first few guitars where bought from you all before you expanded into the space next door. Now that I'm in Texas, by way of Miami, I was pleasantly surprised to find that you guys had the best price I could find for my strings ­ even comparing to the manufacturer and retailers that just sell strings. Keep up the good work. I miss that place."
-- Russell


"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all the positive experiences I've had with Elderly Instruments in the last few months. Please be aware that glowing praise will be heaped upon you.

I've been aware of the presence of Elderly Instruments since my days as an MSU student (1985-1990). Even back then I realized what a unique and well-loved institution it is. Now I know it be even more remarkable as an internationally renowned stringed instrument store, and one of the cultural and economic pillars of the revitalized Old Town. Even the vintage building and surroundings for Elderly are captivating-- a former I.O.O.F. hall in a restored Victorian residential neighborhood and downtown district. How cool is that? It's a pleasure to drive down the street and see Elderly come into view. Being at Elderly for my Thursday night violin lesson is like starting my weekend a day early.

Every experience I've had at Elderly has been top notch, from the friendly guitar-strumming guys checking my instrument at the door, to the courteous and knowledgeable staff working the registers. Special mention goes to your violin tech Ed McCoppin who was a pleasure to work with. His professional setup of my instrument has turned my Mendini MV500 from an adequate student violin into a really nice student instrument (at least to my untrained ear). It's a joy to play every morning and a thing of beauty. It never ceases to amaze me.

Special mention also goes to Tia Hannah for being such an amazing instructor. She does a great job of guiding my efforts each week from one little milestone to the next. She always recognizes what I need to know next to advance. That must come from abundant knowledge of music and years of experience in skillfully, patiently teaching beginners. In half a dozen lessons, I've progressed more rapidly than I could have imagined. Tia does a fabulous job of sharing the enjoyment of playing violin. She's an asset to Elderly and I am very grateful that you have her on your staff. My primary interest for violin is in classical music and I think she is unique among your violin/fiddle instructors for offering this instruction. My goal is to continue with weekly lessons for a long time to come.

Lastly, I must say that the customer base is amazing. Your customers are an amazing bunch of happy, cheerful, good-natured people. They look like they're enjoying life and making music, and they enjoy the experience of being at Elderly. To feel like I'm tapping into this social community is a great feeling.

In closing, thank you for all of the great experiences. I look forward to many more in the months to come. With my violin and harmonica, I feel like I'm on a great new adventure and that new doorways have opened for me. I'm very grateful to be visiting Elderly now not as a casual browser but as a participant and supporter of the world of music."
-- Dennis


"The PRS strings that I'd order on Mar.21/15 arrived today. Your follow up email shortly after was greatly appreciated. Whether it was auto-generated or not, your offer in personalizing your service speaks volumes to me being a first time shopper with Elderly. The strings are great & pricing unmatched elsewhere. You have a new customer in me, I will inform people I know of my online shopping experience with your store."
-- Tim


"It is beautiful and plays so great. I wanted to compliment Elderly on the set-up. Clearly, this was personally and professionally done and it is so great. Just perfect. I was going to buy the same guitar elsewhere online but I wanted to try Elderly because of the 'expert setup' feature and I am so glad I did. "
-- Michael


"I recently sent my Martin D-35 to the repair shop at elderly. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the results! I thank you all. The guitar plays better than ever and sounds gorgeous! Thanks again."
-- Andrew


"I haven't bought a pick from you but I have done a guitar or two and the customer service is/was outstanding and I will definitely consider you for my next purchase. Thanks for appreciating your customer base it means a lot."
-- Rob


"Received today - sounds great - Many thanks."
-- Jim

"Just a short note to let you know that I appreciate receiving emails from Elderly Instruments. In fact, because of a recent email advertising your vintage inventory, I purchased a Martin 000-28EC from you (it was featured in the message). Also, as part of the same transaction I traded in a Martin 00-18V that is in excellent condition but that I had not been playing for quite some time. I'm sure that it will find a good home with another customer of Elderly Instruments.

Moreover, I would like to commend your staff for outstanding customer service. Completing the trade-in and purchase necessitated telephone conversations with several of your employees, and each one was friendly and helpful.

I have recently unsubscribed to periodic email messages from many other businesses, but I certainly want to remain subscribed to news from Elderly Instruments. "
-- Jim


"Just to let you know that my banjo arrived safely today. Thank you for your fast and friendly service which have been very impressive. I have had a quick test run, while here at work, and it proves to be a very fine instrument.

I have not purchased from Elderly until now but will not hesitate to do so again and thoroughly recommend to others."
-- Brian


"This is my second Martin from you guys. Great experience and quality people and guitars. Thanks from Florida."
-- Bob


"I just received my new Mystic Red Fender American Standard Precision Bass that I ordered from you, and I just wanted to say Thank You. I love this bass - its beautiful, lightweight, resonant, plays great, & sounds even better! Its been a pleasure doing business with you & your staff."
-- Rich


"While searching for a bluegrass-style (square neck) resonator guitar I was surprised at the deal offered by Elderly Instruments. I have several stringed instruments (guitar, banjo, bass) and always want a hard-shell case rather than a gig bag for transporting. Your deal came with the case!

Also I am a beginner to Dobro-style guitar, so I was overjoyed by the book and CD included with your package (have been using them and they are just what I need to get the basics beginning this instrument). Then there's the included slide, the extra strings, the electronic tuner and all the other extras! Fantastic deal for a great price! Thank you.

I opt out of most email promotions - but not yours. I look forward to seeing what else you offer. Thanks for a nice instrument and a great deal!"
-- Rick


"I got the Collings that I bought from you this week, sight unseen prior to getting it. I am extremely pleased both with the guitar and the perfect setup.

I have made a lot of small purchases from Elderly in past years. This was my first guitar purchase from you. You guys are great."
-- Mike

"I sent a thank you e-mail after receiving my string order for your products and service. I really appreciate the small one off stores like yours and would rather spend my money there than at the big box chains. I'm pretty well set for guitars and amps so probably won't be your high roller customer, but I'll continue to order accessories and sing your praises to other musicians. "
-- John,


"Just a quick note to thank you for my fine Reiter Regent banjo that arrived here today in perfect order!"
-- Howard, via email 1/22/15


"Just want to thank everyone, especially Jeff who signed my receipt. You received the order at 10:16 am on the 15th and it was at my door at 9:00 am on the 17th. As I'm pushing 60 I just can't bear going into places with noise and security checks at the door and the few independent stores here in Seattle don't always carry what I'm after. With your selection and service there just isn't any reason to go anywhere else. "
-- John


"I love ur online descriptions of vintage instruments. Great prices and service on the accessories I ordered too."
-- Paul


"I want to share with you how much of a pleasure it is to do business with Elderly Music! Over the past couple of weeks I have been dealing with Mike and to say that he has been great to deal with would be an understatement! I purchased three used Martin guitars from Mike and he was so helpful, honest and went above and beyond to help me. I truly appreciate doing business with Mike and want to pass this along to you. The way you do business makes a person feel comfortable and I will not hesitate to share with folks I know!"
-- Harold


"Thank you for the best deal I ever got on my favorite strings... Rest assured, I will shop with you every time I have need to - from now on... My first purchase experience with you was a good one, and shall be only the first of many to come in the future."
-- Jeff


"You guys are the greatest and I would like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your customer service is 2nd to none and every one I have dealt with are true professionals that honestly care. Thanks again."
-- Lee


"Merry Christmas to all the Elderly folks....I've been loving you too long to stop now."
-- Erv


"I love you guys' approach to selling music instruments! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Colorado."
-- Bill


"Hello I got my D15 M 12 fret. It is perfect, thank you so much. Happy holidays!"
-- David


"I received my order of a used Seagull Entourage Rustic parlor guitar yesterday. The guitar arrived within two days, was quite professionally packed for shipping and even came with an inspection checklist. The guitar is exactly as described on your website, is in excellent condition and set up for easy playing. I had ordered guitar gear from you in the past, but this was my first foray into ordering a guitar on-line.

You provided the service and quality that I have come to expect from a family owned business and confirmed my faith in purchasing from people, not from some national chain. We live in a semi-rural area and regularly patronize the locally owned businesses in the small town close to us, sometimes driving right past the big box store to get to the local store. You displayed the same level of service and care we enjoy from our local vendors here at home. This guitar is for my 10 year old son, who has been taking lessons for 3 years and loves fingerstyle playing. He is absolutely thrilled with the instrument and has been happily plucking away at a medley of Celtic and holiday airs since it arrived."
-- Stephen


"Thank you for shipping the mandolin set to Donald Spencer so fast. It is a Christmas gift for me, wife Marybeth. I so much look forward to learning how to play it. I play an autoharp, and have ordered many replacement strings from you in the past.

Thanks again, and you are a most excellent company to do business with. Merry Christmas!"
-- Marybeth


"Thanks for your email. I recently purchased a 2007 Martin 000-21 Kingston Trio and want to take a moment to let you know how happy I am with the guitar and the entire process.

Your telephone sales rep, Patrick, gave me a detailed in-hand description and based on its appearance when it arrived (ms detailed inspection by my instructor who had purchased from you previously) you could have easily justified giving it an even higher rating than the "EC" you modestly represented. Not a single scratch on it!! It was also packed exceptionally well and the "instructions" on the exterior of the box were a helpful reminder to anyone else handling the package to allow for acclimatization before opening. It is a stellar instrument that I have had trouble putting down since it arrived!

This was my first time buying a guitar without first playing it in person. I was told that I could rely on your staff and your reputation. You now have my unqualified confidence and I will be keeping an eye on your inventory in search of my next addition to the family! "
-- Rob


"Love the Bristol guitar and accessories that came with it. Once I get a little better at playing it I will be looking forward to purchasing a Martin. It's something I've always wanted. Thank you for your prompt delivery. I will be doing more shopping with your company."
-- Mick


"Wanted to say that the people in shipping do real good work.

Paper void filler instead of bubble wrap and peanuts. Taping is smooth, tidy and tight. It's just kind of a pleasure to look at. "
-- James


"Your prices are right and your service was outstanding on my first order. I will using you as my supplier for strings picks and accessories."
-- Al


"I traveled to your wonderful store on Tuesday and received the best possible service on my Deering banjo. Stretch was great! He replaced warn frets, new Deering head and went over the entire instrument as only he can. While I was there I played/tested a Gibson RB-250. That is why I travel from Benton harbor to your store in Lansing."
-- Ed


"I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am with my Martin Graham Nash and how much I appreciate the high quality service I received from Elderly. All aspects of the transaction were handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Special thanks to Jeff, Brian and Scott for responding to my questions about this beautiful instrument. Hope to do business with you again."
-- Scott


"Thanks to you all. Order arrived today. Your service is excellent."
-- John


"Stan, I recently bought a Taylor 150E. I was completely floored by the huge selection of guitars that you had. A good friend of mine told me before I bought another guitar I had to take the trip to Elderly's. I was not disappointed. I had stopped by a few days earlier and realized it would take more than a few minutes to go through the store so I brought the friend that had suggested it to try out 12 string guitars. I had been very interested in the Taylor after reading about them in several articles but figured I should try some others before it just to make sure that is what I wanted. I played it for a few minutes and realized that I was not going to leave without it. Your staff was helpful in making sure that I had everything I needed to test the electronics as well as acoustics, and even brought me another Taylor of the same model just to be sure that was the voice that I wanted. Even though Lansing is a 70 mile drive for me I will be back in the future for other purchases."
-- Lee


"Thanks again for helping make my recent guitar purchase effortless. I purchased from Elderly back in the early 80's. Although I since hadn't played in 25 years, picking back up with you guys made it seem like I never put things down. The customer service and instrument quality is just as good, if not better as back then. While businesses come and go, yours has stayed top notch."
-- James

"Wanted to let you know I received this guitar... It is a sweetheart!"
-- Daniel


"Your, your staff, and store are the best in the business. Your P&H system is superior! Keep up the good work and reputation.., tough qualities to find these days!"
-- Carl


"Just a quick note to commend your repair staff on the quality of their work and professionalism. I recently had a 1996 Martin D-28 that needed some minor repairs and was introduced to John Jozwiak. Not only were the repairs expertly finished but completed in a timely manner. It was like getting a new guitar! I had been to your establishment before but this was the first time for luthier work. Your reputation is well deserved. Well worth the ride from the Port Huron area.. An "Atta Boy" to Mr. Jozwiak."
-- Mike


"Just a quick note to say Thanks. I can't believe how quickly you shipped my order! You have a new "regular" customer...Thanks again!"
-- John


"I've been a customer of your shop for a couple years. I plan to devise a long weekend trip soon just to visit this legendary store. I wanted to take the time to offer appreciation for one of your employees. Demetri Sengos, I hope I spelled the name correct. Demetri has helped me many times over the years when I call in. Often he must go get an item and explain construction or details regarding questions I have. I almost always purchase the product.

Today I had him track down a vintage Reunion Blues nylon gigbag for an A style mandolin. Mr D found it, grabbed an A style mandolin and came back to the phone. He answered all my questions, provided a trial fit with opinion on the A style and the bag, and I made the purchase.

Thank you for your very cool store, your excellent employees, and your continued efforts to bring musicians products that we can use and enjoy."
-- Daryl

"Appreciate the great service! Thanks again."
-- Brad


"Just wanted to tell how pleased I am. The Gretsch G9120 is great value and plays beautifully, and you tuned it perfectly to my request F A# D G. Fret edges are all smooth. I appreciate your efforts. Will recommend you, for sure."
-- Gilda

"I was completely satisfied with your service and be assured that I won't hesitate to shop with you again."
-- Bud


"I recently placed an order with you for a 10 1/8" banjo head. It took weeks for my local music store to get one ordered, then several more

for it to come in. Then, to top it off, it didn't even fit! So, I called on Friday, talked with Dmitri (thanks to him!) who helped me immensely, placed my order and received it on Monday. Now, I can pick and grin with the worst of 'em, thanks to you fine people at Elderly!"
-- Lee


"Thanks for your help with a great banjo. I am very happy with my Gibson RB180."
-- Karl


" would like to comment on my recent purchase of a used Deering Maple Blossom Banjo from Elderly Instruments. I found the clear pictures of this instrument and others to be helpful in determining the condition of the banjos offered. My purchase was handled promptly with an immediate call to my home. Unfortunately, I was already on the road in conjunction with my work. My wife contacted me and I called your staff where I was treated courteously. When I received the banjo, it had been carefully packed to prevent any damage. Overpacked if that was possible. This instrument exceeded my expectations. It is nearly flawless and could easily be passed off as new. I am delighted with both the quality of this instrument and with my experience shopping at Elderly Instruments."
-- Mike


"I just wanted to again express my appreciation to your staff for the Martin D-28 you selected and customized for me in 2003. Your sales guy patiently worked with me on my specs, and your repair dept set it up, took off the pickguard so I could put on one I bought from you, and installed a bone nut and saddle. Â Everything was perfect, and still is 11 years later. Â Every time I pull it out of the case, that rosewood fragrance and that tone, well, you know... I can't believe I get to play this beauty."
-- Chris


"Thank for the email. When I retired over a year ago, one of the things I was going to do is to learn to play the banjo. After about 6 months I purchased a good beginner banjo (Washburn) and began taking lessons and started seeing other good banjos and thought I would treat myself. I looked at Elderly for a couple of reasons - first there was a special about Elderly Instruments sometime this past year I think on CBS and was impressed by the people who worked there - actually I think they just happen to get paid for doing something they really like. How cool is that. And I have been looking at your banjo inventory which I though was fairly extensive, for a while and a Gibson RB250 came available at a very reasonable price. I order it with 'special' instructions about delivery. The next day I get a call from Brandon and we discuss the delivery issues - certain days it could not come because I am out of town (retired but do some consulting) and Brandon was able to make sure it came via UPS - have a lot of UPS deliveries here - and to be shipped so I would be home. I was out of town at a conference and received a call from Brandon that something happened (not the end of the world) there was a delay in the shipping but he would be glad to send it overnight if necessary - but getting it the following week was just fine."
-- Jim

"Wow! This is service! Thanks for the lightning response."
-- Jeff


"So far I have purchased the Seagull Excursion folk guitar and the Breedlove Discovery Concert guitar from Just want you to know I am very happy with the set up of the guitars. You guys are doing a great job!"
-- Orlando


"I know Elderly from previous purchases including a Martin guitar and F mandolin. Always great stuff, great prices and friendly staff!

Best wishes from Brussels, the box with guitar strings have been received in good order yesterday, thanks a lot! "
-- Dennis


"Great job on my new Larrivee. The setup was perfect. You saved me $50.00 that I normally pay for setup on new guitars. Shipping and packing was perfect, not to mention the 10% discount. I'm thrilled. This was the perfect experience."
-- Torrey


"I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know what a great experience I had buying my very first Mandolin.

Have to say that I had no clue on what I was getting into. No knowledge on any kind of any instruments (only the Spanish cajon (flamenco)). But with that in mind I've always liked the Mandolin and decided to learn how to play it (never too late for something new!).

Started visiting Mandolin Cafe and found your website and sent my first question... Brandon Foote was the one that answered and gave me all the information that I needed. I was so impressed that I got an answer so fast! Next we have to move to George Crank and Christina Rivera. When it was time for my order to go out they were great!

Needless to say that I am having lots of fun with my Mandolin and will be getting more things from your store! Thank you so much for a great service! "
-- Carol


"Thank you so much for my new resonator guitar. I got it just a couple of days ago. Looks great, sounds great."
-- Jennifer


"Received, great service thank you."
-- Frank


"Since March 2014, I am 2 purchases old on Your store and staff are of great assistance with an informative, helpful and lively service.

Ordering blind from India was tough and needed repeated cross verification on the items. Elderly made it so easy for me in every possible way. Its not what I was asking for- rather they anticipating what all I would actually need. Now that is quality service!!

Its been a pleasure doing business with you and I am sure I will be returning from time to time, to Elderly and live the experience over and over again. Best wishes and keep up the good work. "
-- Paul


"Thanks for the great service getting my banjo to me so fast and packaged so good. I"m real happy with it."
-- Dean


" I am writing to say thank you for your service. I received the picks. These are my first foray into boutique picks and I am really enjoying the Wegen M150. Also, I am from Michigan and one day will eventually return so I love being able to support a Michigan company. I will bring some more business your way. I know this order was insignificant, but I appreciate the quick service."
-- Patrick


"Thanks Stan..service EXCELLENT! Will recommend you to my friends in Nashville!"
-- Charlie


"I just want to say that I found the service from your company extremely good. I received an email and a phone call with a query over an order and I was very impressed with your attentive, customer service. I will definitely use your company again next and will recommend it."
-- Tania


"Case arrived and works. Happy customer here."
-- Steve


"Unbelievable! I received it already.. Thanks"
-- John


"Thank you. I got my grover tuning pegs for my old tenor banjo and put them right in. They work great. Many, many years ago I ordered grover tuning pegs for a banjo uke from you guys. I appreciate you being around then and now."
-- Dan


"I want to thank you for a very pleasant buying experience. Your sales associate Brandon was very helpful. It is fantastic that you can price match other competitors. My guitar arrived safe and sound and was set up perfectly. I will be shopping with you again in the future."
-- Richard


"The guitar arrived in perfect condition. Wonderful, even sounding d18; much more balanced than other d18s I have owned. Neck reset and perfect fret job makes this the easiest playing Martin I ever owned."
-- Seth


"Thanks for the follow up. My son went to MSU and he and I would spend some quality time in the best guitar and music store in the Midwest. About 30 years ago a guitar playing friend of mine from Denver was in town for a visit (St. Clair Shores) The only thing he really wanted to do was drive to Lansing and visit your store. When we entered the "guitar room" there were a couple of pickers that were just unbelievable guitar players. To this day when we talk on the phone he always mentions what a great time we had at Elderly Instruments."
-- Jim


"Thank you! I can always count on Elderly for good service."
-- Margie


"Second guitar purchase from you'all. Once again, great setup, well-packed, and quick delivery. A few more dollars than a mass merchandizer, but worth every cent and then some. My thanks to the crew at Elderly."
-- Fred


"Your staff, particularly Ray Aleshire and George Crank, were fantastic to work with. I very much appreciate the care they took in holding my instrument until the cold weather passed. It arrived Saturday and sounds fantastic. A close friend highly recommended you, and I see why."
-- Brian


"Thanks for your help choosing a uke cd for my "elderly" friend. He is 94 and I'm sure he will recognize many of the songs on this cd. His wife just passed away yesterday, so I will give this to him with hopes that it will help ease his pain with some good memories."
-- Dave


"Finally got the guitar! Everything appears as it should and I'm very happy with this guitar. It sounds great! Still received no reason for the customs delay/rejection, whatever..... Thank you for all your help and for taking my order quickly the day I called. I will be sure to do business with you again in the future. All the best to you and all the sales staff that helped with this purchase. It's always a little tricky and nerve racking when you're buying a guitar sight unseen or played. But with this purchase I know I can now trust Elderly....."
-- Francesco


"Your staff provided outstanding service. Buying a sight unseen instrument online was not easy. I was able to purchase the used Goodtime Banjo with confidence that it was what I wanted and was in the condition listed. I am working in NM, away from my home. The little Goodtime plays and sounds good. Hopefully I will learn to play well enough to move up to a better banjo. I will continue to shop at Elderly."
-- Robin


"I want to thank you so much for such fast service! I will tell people about how very good you guys are!"
-- Jill


"From the person who greeted me at the door, to the repair / appraisal folks & the sales staff I thought the service couldn't be topped. Then I talked to the woman who coordinated my order. The whole company is built on the great people who work there. I hope they are paid a living wage. They deserve it & more. This is the only place I will deal with for all my future musical needs. "
-- Ed


"I would like to pass on my extreme appreciation for the brilliant customer service we received from your company - and in particular from Dawn Nash in your international delivery department.

Her speedy response to our queries has helped us receive the guitar in Australia without delay and also put our minds at rest when the import process was confusing.

The guitar is perfect - exactly as advertised - however having dealt with Elderlys before we expected that:) Again thanks again to Dawn and also Corey who took my call and was really helpful.

Cheers - and I am sure we will be dealing with the Company in the future."
-- Sandi


"I just wanted to thank you for the fast delivery of my recent order, and to thank you for carrying the LaBella strings for the Schecter Hellcat VI bass guitar. I bought that bass not realizing that it might be so difficult to find strings for it. Discovering your company really helped me out, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."
-- Paul


"Just wanted you guys to know that I think you're doing a great job. I order all my strings from you now. Before, I'd compare prices, service, speed of shipping, etc. But you seemed to have kicked everything into overdrive in a very positive way. Your prices are extremely competivive, especially when you take into account the discount you offer on multiple sets of strings. AND your free shipping on items over $49 is very attractive. Now you've made it very easy to track as well! And on top of it all, your shipping is quick.

Whoever is coming up with these great marketing ideas is deserving of praise. Well done!"
-- Gary


"I just wanted to tell you what a great company you have. I started playing the banjo 6 years ago and get all my accessories from you. All of the staff have been so helpful and the products are great."
-- Lee, via email 1/14/14


"I learned of you through Brian Baker of Bad Religion who tells me you're one of his favorite guitar shops in the country. He was helping me find a guitar for my wife Kathleen. We got a Hummingbird Artist that looks and plays beautifully, was priced right and delivered it pretty quickly (and safely) considering you were buried under an ice storm at the time. We live in SoCal, but hope to get a chance to come to the shop in person soon. We'll definitely be looking to you next time we're in the market for guitars. Happy 2014. "
-- David, via email 1/11/14


"Thank you, Mr. Werbin. I am so completely pleased with my recent purchase and the service I was given at the store. The guitar shipped very quickly to my home in California and has become my favorite instrument in no time.

I have loved everything I have ever purchased in your store, which is a lot as I used to live in Lansing. I wish you a great new year and continued success. Thank you so much! "
-- Andy, via email 1/10/14


"Thanks, Stan! The mandolin/violin case is awesome!"
-- Adam, via email 1/3/14


"Thank you very much Stan. The Martin 000-28 VS that I received late last year is great and plays beautifully. I appreciate your company's ease of doing business and knowledgeable staff. "
-- Joe, via email 1/2/14


"Merry Christmas to the employees and owners of the best music store I know."
-- David, via email 12/21/13


"Thanks for the excellent service."
-- Steve, via email 12/13/13


"I recently did an online purchase of 13 Ultra Cool Guitar Picks - they arrived today and I couldn't be any happier.. it seems you guys are the only ones that sell these from what I could see.. and because of that I thank you very much.. being from Michigan myself I was pleased to find that the store I bought from was from Michigan as well.. down here in GA these ppl have no real knowledge of GOOD stuff.."
-- Mike, via email 12/5/13


"I received my new Bart Reiter Fretless last week. It came in great condition; packed very well. I'm having fun with it. Lots to learn. Thanks for your great service."
-- Sue, via email 12/5/13


"On Wed. Nov. 27th, I ordered a 60s Harmony baritone uke I saw on your web page. You shipped it that very afternoon, and I received it on Saturday. And I found an extra set of Aquila strings in the gig bag pocket.

Thanks for the great service. I'm sometimes hesitant about buying instruments online, but you guys always come through."
-- Tony, via email 12/3/13


"Thank you very much. My order arrived the day before our granddaughter's birthday - just in time to get it wrapped and I do appreciate the fact that you sent it so soon."
-- Marjorie, via email 12/2/13


"I just wanted to thank you guys, and say your autoharp felt (and other parts) are far superior to the competition. I'm making a point of buying from you FIRST in the future!"
-- Tommy, via email 11/25/13


"Just wanted to say thanks for the great service, again. I've done business with you folks for quite some time and the service is always first rate.

This latest purchase was no exception. I bought a used Squier Strat for $85 that I just received. From the way it was packaged you would have thought it was an expensive vintage Gibson. Probably cost you more to package the thing than you made on it. I really appreciate that level of service and I will continue to use Elderly as my first choice for musical equipment."
-- Ed, via email 11/20/13


"Love Your Store! Love Your Email Ads! Love All the Photos of You with the Various Instruments!!!"
-- Walt, via email 11/14/13


"Thanks for the great service. I ordered this Martin on Thursday 11/7/2013 and got it Saturday 11/9/2013. From Lansing, Michigan to Aiken, South Carolina in less than three days--that's pretty good. I haven't gotten to know the guitar yet, I'll write more on that later, but I wanted you to know how quickly it got here. Thanks again."
-- Bud, via email 11/11/13


"I just wanted to let you know that I traded a Paul Reed Smith to you for a Kamaka HF-3 Tenor Ukulele. I was helped by Mel Toburen. He made the trade swiftly and effortless for me. Could not have been smoother! I received the uke today, and must say that I got a ukulele that I will NEVER part with! Not only will I be a return customer, but also recommend Elderly to all of my friends. Mel is a gem.....don't ever let him go anywhere!"
-- Michael, via email 11/9/13


"I got the Martin 00028 in fine shape today and just wanted to thank George and Christina for the help. They are great and so is my beautiful Martin. I found out that it already knew a ton of songs!"
-- Tim, via email 11/4/13


"I wanted to take a moment and share my satisfaction with a guitar I recently purchased. I bought a wine red '97 Gibson LP Studio with Bigsby vibrato and neck and bridge aftermarket EMG 81s. I can't express to you how pleased I am with the instrument and with my experience with Elderly. I've always been a fan of the company, and your site was the only place I even looked when I recently decided to get a new guitar. My expectations were met and exceeded; the guitar is in exquisite condition and truly 'expertly' setup. More importantly, I'm thrilled you had a used '97 Studio to start with, as I sought to find a Studio from the 90's because those guitars are non-chambered and deemed by many to be the best years for Studios.

I trust your company. I took a chance on the mailorder purchase at all--I've always sworn against shipping guitars and gear--because I assume Elderly to be first-rate. Thank you for providing quality instruments and service. I'll be back in the future."
-- Collin, via email 10/30/13


"I want to compliment you on your fantastic website. It's about the best I've ever seen. Absolutely outstanding and I hope my comment regarding this is shared throughout your company.

As much as I love your website, I also appreciate and look forward to receiving your catalog whenever you produce one. I just received your latest edition and it is fantastic as well. I sure wish we had a store like yours out here in California. We have some of course, but I don't have one I call, "home," so to speak. Plus, customer service --- really, really lacks out here. Incredible."
-- Steve, via email 10/21/13


"I just wanted to thank you guys for a great transaction. The shipping was incredibly quick, the packaging was perfectly secure, and after a bit of clean-up and restringing, I couldn't be more satisfied with the instrument; your description on condition and playability was spot-on.

Thanks again, and I definitely look forward to doing business with Elderly again in the future."
-- Kevin, via email 10/18/13


"Just received the Gibson L-3 I purchased from you last week, and I must say it is dream come true! Sounds great, plays great, looks great, and got to me quick. Thanks so much for this sweet axe (and its awesome setup). I will definitely spread the Elderly name around my neck of the woods!"
-- Quintin, via email 10/11/13


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that my order arrived promptly and without any issues. This is the 2nd time I've ordered from you folks and I've been extremely pleased with how quickly my orders have been processed, your communications letting me know that my order is on the way, and the quality of the banjo head skins that I've purchased. I can't recommend your store highly enough and look forward to doing business with you again in the future."
-- Joe, via email 10/7/13


"You guys are the best. Ordered my case yesterday and it arrived today. I continue to return to Elderly because of the tremendous customer service you give. Many thanks...I'll be back."
-- Stuart, via email 10/4/13


"Thank you for getting this order out so promptly."
-- Mark, via email 10/2/13


"Thank you so much for fulfilling my order for tenor banjo strings.

The strings arrive at light speed! I live on a Island of the coast of Virginia and have low expectations for shipment time. But, your dispatch arrived within 48 hours!

More importantly I want to thank you for carrying this product GHS CELTIC TENOR BANJO 4 STRING SET CTB. Medium gauge tenor banjo strings are difficult to find. Apparently Elderly Instruments has worked with GHS to create this custom set.

I have just installed the set on my banjo. WOW! What a difference in tone, intonation and playability. These strings are marvelous.

This must be a low-demand product for you. I thought it important to express my gratitude for both your rapid service and your willingness to support those of us who play somewhat obscure instruments."
-- Bill, via email 9/27/13


"Just wanted to say a big Thank You for this order. I am very pleased with the setup on the guitar. I have bought from other companies who just shipped straight from factory and did not even open the box too look at the guitars. I had to spend a lot of time setting up these guitars, which in your case all I had to do was tune it. This is very important to me as a customer.It is nice to deal with a company like yours who actually care about what customers receive. You have a customer for life with me."
-- Ronald, via email 9/20/13


"I love Elderly's, the staff, the inventory, where it is, everything. Thanks for making it such a wonderful, magical, musical place. Going into the store is an adventure every single time. Thanks for keeping it like it is and doing it for so long."
-- Tim, via email 9/13/13


"I enjoyed your PBS special tremendously! I shared my promptly received catalog with a friend who ordered a couple of cd's from you - checking you out - and he was very pleased with your prompt shipping."
-- Betty, via email 9/11/13


"My Martin HD-28L and Calton case were delivered today. Your sales rep had recommended that the guitar be packed in the case for shipment, and that the Martin case be sent separately. I can see why - I think you could toss it off a cliff with no damage to the guitar. That said, packing by your team was outstanding.

Now, as to the guitar - beautiful. I do not know how else to describe it.

Overall, this has been an outstanding experience. While I may not be in the market for another Martin in the short term, you have a customer for life. If you need to have a customer reference, please do not hesitate to use my name. My thanks to you and your wonderful team."
-- Harriet, via email 9/6/13


"Just want to say how much I've enjoyed dealing with your store. I recently purchased a used Taylor 810ce acoustic guitar from you and am very pleased with the condition of the instrument as well as the fine customer service I received from Dimitrios. The Taylor guitar represents the second used musical instrument I have purchased from Elderly. About eight years ago, I purchased a used Gibson ES-175 archtop guitar from you guys. Again, the condition of that guitar and the service I received from the staff was excellent."
-- Jim, via email 9/1/13


"Thanks! The company was a pleasure to deal with."
-- Justin, via email 8/31/13


"I think Elderly Instruments is a mid-Michigan treasure and buy there whenever possible. I only wish I was a talented musician so I could visit more often. Fortunately, other family members are 'front porch' string players, so I get an Elderly fix now and then. Keep up the good work!"
-- Janet, via email 8/21/13


"I received the package with the items I ordered in perfect condition as usual. I´ve been purchasing banjo an steel guitar material via Elderly Instruments sin the early 90´s and all I have to say is that I´m a hundred per cent satisfied with you. You are the best. Please keep the good work up, OK."
-- Angel (from Spain), via email 8/21/13


"I just watched a documentary on WQPT Quad Cities, Iowa, about Elderly Instruments called "All Things Strings." Well done! I've never been to your store, but I have bought a couple instruments through the mail over the years. Really interesting documentary. Nice job. Nice business."
-- Dan, via email 8/19/13


"I purchased a 2008 Squier Duo Sonic via your web site on Wednesday and it arrived today ! That was fast !! It's in great shape and the set-up is spot on.

By the way, I was cleaning out some of my sheet music recently, and came across my first fingerpicking lesson from the mid 70's from you all ! The song was Blackbird and it was on that old school shiny copy paper. The lesson was taken at the East Lansing store......

As a customer for many years, you always provide great products at fair prices with excellent customer service. Thanks and Go Green...."
-- Gary, via email 8/16/13


"Thank you for your prompt and friendly service! "
-- Mike, via email 8/1/13


"I recently purchased a 1952 ES 125 (part number 40U-5559) from your company. It is my 3rd purchase from Elderly and I wanted to let you know that it went great. The guitar was as advertised condition wise and came to me quickly and securely.

It is special to me because I have been looking for a birth year guitar that I could afford. The ES 125 fit the bill nicely. Thanks for your prompt service. I have been thrilled with each purchase from Elderly and I know I will be returning as a customer in the future."
-- Bob, via email 7/30/13


"Just wanted to compliment you on the exceptional way you stand behind your products and services.

Recently, I ordered some strings from you and unfortunately they got soaked with heavy rain before I could get them off of my front door step. Needless to say, they were ruined. I called your customer service, explained the situation, and they replaced them free of charge.

You also recently sold a '65 Fender Strat for me at my asking price—nice job! I really enjoy dealing with your company, and look forward to doing business with you in the future."
-- David, via email 7/24/13


"I love coming to your store! You have great stuff, and great people working for you! Keep it up."
-- Jim, via email 7/20/13


"The Taylor GC-3 guitar was a gift for my daughter. Although it was listed as used it appears to be essentially new. Great service and it arrived in perfect condition. Keep up the good work!"
-- Phil, via email 7/17/13


"I recently purchased a used Weber Special Edition mandola from your store. I was so impressed with the customer service and support I received from your staff.

My instrument arrived in Tulsa in only one day which was fantastic, but unexpected. The problem was that I was out of town on business. (I made arrangements to have someone snag it off my porch the moment it arrived). I was worried however, because my 48hr trial period would run out before I got home.

Your team worked with me on the trial period timing. It was obvious that your company really cared that this instrument was right for me and that I was happy. This kind of treatment has won my loyalty! I will look for reasons to do business with your store and will gladly recommend you to my friends.

I had been chasing mandolas and always seemed to get there too late, losing them to other people. I never thought I'd find a Weber I could afford. When I saw the SE on your site, I jumped at the chance to own it. I'm thrilled with it! I play it a couple hours every day. I really feel at home on this beautiful instrument.

Thank you for the role your store played in making that dream come true!"
-- Joanna, via email 7/12/13


"I just wanted to say thanks for fixing my Taylor 710 a few weeks back (re-gluing 5 braces and re-fretting). You did an amazing job!! It plays better than the day I bought it and I just wanted to let you it has positively impacted my writing/ gigging since I picked it up. I was kind of rushed the day I picked it up so I really didn'’t get a chance to play it in the shop."
-- Scott, via email 7/11/13


"Thanks for the quick shipment of my order. Elderly is always reliable, even during a holiday weekend."
-- Matt, via email 7/9/13


"I would like you to know I was TOTALLY pleased with my experience with Elderly Instruments!"
-- Susan, via email 6/27/13


"Thank you for the excellent service I have received from Elderly Instruments. I ordered a book on the 10th June and it arrived here in Cornwall UK on 22nd ! Fantastic service,thank you very much."
-- Terry (from the UK), via email 6/26/13


"I'm in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia, love your site and I will continue to buy stuff from you. You are reliable and quick, and that's great."
-- Peter (from Australia), via email 6/20/13


"My husband has been purchasing items from you for many years. When he suggested UBass for Father's Day, I knew where to go to purchase it. As always, Elderly delivered quickly and at a great price. Thanks for being so dependable."
-- Terri, via email 6/17/13


"I'm writing to let you know how much I enjoy Elderly Instruments. Your catalogs give me hours of enjoyment (you remember the Christmas catalogs from when we were kids? much the same), the selection of instruments, the wide range of makes and models, the accessories and parts, it's just a delightful catalog to spend time with. That said now I move on to my main reason for writing you directly. It isn't just the great selection and reasonable prices that make me check Elderly first. It's the folks you have working for you, and the uncommon level of customer service and support that brings me back. You have a fellow named Raoul working for you in sales/customer service. Raoul has gone out of his way, on every occasion that I have contacted him, to answer any questions, to offer advice, and even if I'm not placing an order right then to treat me like a king. His attention and consideration have been outstanding. Now I'm sure you have a fine family of other employees of which you can be proud. But I want you to know that I think Raoul is probably the finest contact person I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with in well over 45yrs of playing the guitar. He is currently overseeing an order for me, and just like in the orders I have placed in the past, I know that when I receive it that it will bear the unmistakable mark of his personal attention. You have a very satisfied customer and you now know a big part of the reason why. When you see Raoul next time, shake his hand for me, and tell him I appreciate his assistance and consideration. And thank you Stan for giving us enthusiasts a place where not only the merchandise shines, but the people too."
-- Joe, via email 6/13/13


"I am glad to be a customer of Elderly. I have always been happy with the service and products you provide. Being a clawhammer banjo player in Utah is an oddity, in and of itself. Trying to find what I need here is difficult, to say the least. I always tell my kids to make their shopping easier and give me Elderly gift certificates. Easy for them and great for me. "
-- Larry, via email 6/5/13


"Thanks- received the capo today- thanks for the fast service!"
-- Aaron, via email 6/4/13


"A few days ago I found your website and decided to purchase a pretty hard to find bag for my guitar and I could not be more pleased with my experience and service. The price was outstanding and the product arrive perfectly on schedule! I will most definitely be shopping here again and recommending it to everyone. Thank you and please feel free to use this feedback any way you please. Thanks again."
-- Victor, via email 5/31/13


"I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you for running such a customer friendly business. While I was a grad student at MSU, in 1981, I bought my first Martin from you. Elderly was in East Lansing at the time. Since then, I have bought, say, 5-6 high end guitars from Elderly. Every single time I contact your people, I get nothing but straight talk, polite, respectful, knowledgeable, helpful. My latest purchase is a Santa Cruz 1929 OO and Cynthia Bridge is the one I worked with on this item. We ordered a left-handed version for me. Cynthia is simply the best person I have ever, ever, worked with on these sorts of projects. Thank you. I hope you know what a good job you and your people are doing."
-- Michael, via email 5/28/13


"You guys really rock. So far I have purchased: a Breedlove mando, a Martin bass, a Kala u-bass, a clip on standup bass pickup, a tenor ukulele, and a ton of strings, straps, and picks.

I LOVE Elderly. Thanks! I really appreciate what you do."
-- Beth, via email 5/25/13


"Thanks for my recent order of new guitar case and minor accessories. Your service was quick and efficient. . . . . . . even with all the tornado issues in the midwest for Fed Ex shipping! Thanks again for a great shopping website, superb instruments and products, and wonderful online service!!"
-- Jan, via email 5/24/13


"Wow, that was fast! I received my Kamaka concert ukulele this afternoon. It came through in perfect condition. I've been sitting here, playing it for the last couple hours. I looks and sounds wonderful. I almost can't put it down. Thanks for your great service."
-- James, via email 5/10/13


"The guitar arrived yesterday safe and sound. It sounds and plays great! I have had a few guitars shipped from the US, but this was the easiest, quickest and most economical shipment by far. Thank you, Dawn, for your help in making this a smooth purchase."
-- Stephen (from Australia), via email 5/8/13


"I recently purchased a Squier Telecaster from you on-line. I just want to let you know that I was very pleased with the entire transaction. The guitar arrived in perfect condition. I especially liked the fact that you guys actually loosened the strings before you shipped! When I order from a merchant on-line I always take the risk that something will not be as they advertised. I can say that is definitely not the case here. The guitar I got was exactly as described and plays great. I know that I you take this kind of care with a low end guitar, I will have no problem ordering from you again."
-- Shirley, via email 5/6/13


"Well, I am impressed. I did not expect anything shipped until at least tomorrow. Thanks for notifying me."
-- Steve, via email 5/2/13


"Thank you guys for your help and guidance on our new Ohana Uke purchase,Chris Hamilton was in contact with us,,, we really appreciate his help. We received it in great condition and are really happy with it. We will be looking at another one here soon, (can't have just ONE!!!) there's 2 of us!!"
-- Jack & Cindy, via email 4/28/13


"I had a very positive experience with my recent purchase.

In particular, Todd from your mail order department was very helpful when I had to call in to change an order I had placed online the night before. I was concerned that the order couldn't be changed, but Todd very quickly sorted things out for me. Very commendable customer service."
-- Joe, via email 4/25/13


"Just a note to say we received the guitar you sent us, the Fender Sonoran SCE Bubinga, and case. The packaging was excellent, and it arrived in good shape. Wanted to give special recognition to Dimitrius who took our order over the phone and was very helpful in assisting us with information and the transaction."
-- Clarence, via email 4/18/13


"The order I recently placed with Elderly was the second guitar I have bought there. The first purchase was in person.

Dealing with your company remotely was efficient, seamless and pleasant. The staff were prompt, professional and courteous. The shipping was expedient. The guitar, a Bourgeois OMC, was exactly as advertised and I am delighted with it.

I look at your website regularly, just for pure aesthetic enjoyment of fine guitars. When it comes time for another guitar, I will certainly be looking at your store."
-- Robin, via email 4/17/13


"My order arrived last week,and I could not be happier with this online purchase. I always wanted a PRS,and these SE models are a solid value for us hobby players and even a gigging musician. I am so happy with getting the Korina model on closeout.The expert setup and free shipping are appreciated as well, it plays really nice out of the box, a true pleasure. I have always been happy with my purchases from your store."
-- Jim, via email 4/12/13


"Man you guys are fast, l like that! Though it was a small order is was packed right.. Thankyou"
-- Jammin, via email 4/11/13


"I am very pleased with my purchase and I really like your site. If I need anything, I will certainly come to you."
-- Rose, via email 4/8/13


"Just stumbled on your photo and email address. I am not surprised that you look the kind of guy who just happens to bring out the best in others, both your staff and your customers. You have quite a following down here, so how about that? Thanks for the great personnel, service and savings."
-- Tom (from Australia), via email 4/7/13


"Thank you very much for personally sending to us this assuring email and I must express my sincere thanks to your patient staff Ray and Dawn for their caring nature when I made my recent purchase. It is certainly a Thumbs Up as far as Customer Care is concerned."
-- Victor (from Singapore), via email 3/20/13


"Thanks for your follow-up note. I could not be more pleased with my recent Elderly purchase. Your staff (Ray Aleshire and Brandon Foote) were very helpful in helping me acquire a "peach" of a Martin JC-40. The online purchase was seamless, free shipping was very fast (and timed so I would receive it after returning from vacation), good communication regarding tracking number, etc.

Most important, the guitar was exactly as Brandon described during our in hand instrument comparison, which was very useful. Brandon is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the guitar, he even went as far as checking intonation for me while in the phone conversation.

Rest assured, from a musicians standpoint you and your staff nailed it!! I don't order too many guitars sight unseen, but your continued offering of the Custom Shop Martin JC-40 was a "must do" - and I would certainly do it again!! These types of transactions are usually a direct result of good sound management - keep the bar high! Thanks!"
-- Joe, via email 3/23/13


"I was very pleased with your helpful staff and prompt delivery of my Hoffee case, which is an excellent product. It attracted attention from another musician on my recent flight -- free advertising for you!"
-- Michele, via email 3/20/13


"I recently ordered a Gretsch G9120 ukulele from you, and a few days later ordered a uke case and book. Just wanted to say the all these arrived very promptly, carefully packaged, and in perfect condition. I couldn't be more pleased."
-- Alan, via email 3/18/13


"I was very impressed with your service and selection of products and will keep you in mind when I need support or assistance again. With your help I have successfully restored a 1924 Vega 4 string Tenor banjo and it sounds terrific. I tried two local instrument shops before giving up and contacting Elderly Instruments. Now I am wondering why go anywhere else. I look forward to receiving occasional emails and notices from Elderly Instruments in the future."
-- Byron, via email 3/15/13


"I wanted to thank you for a great product and excellent service."
-- Bob, via email 3/5/13


"Just wanted to thank you. Got my Gibson SG today. You guys do a great job of packing!"
-- Fred, via email 3/4/13


"Just a quick note to thank you for the Plastic Uke. It is identical to the one I got for Christmas in 1954 in St. Louis, Mo. where I was born. I was 3 years old and this was my first "guitar". I don't know what happened to mine, but for all I know this could be it! Anyways, it's pretty cool!"
-- Mike, via email 2/28/13


"I could not be more happy with my Martin HD-28 and the service I received in placing my order. Your employees were extremely helpful and walked me through the entire process. Please keep me updated on Elderly events and news letters. Thanks again!"
-- Max, via email 2/26/13


"Thanks for everything Stan. I really enjoy my new Goodtime classic. The instrument was well packed they even marked the head for bridge placement. Thanks for being a rock solid company, someone that I can depend on for great price and service. I will definitely use your services again."
-- David, via email 2/19/13


"I was looking for a specific instrument at a good price. I needed expert advice. I'm new at this and nervous about sounding stupid and making a mistake. I was treated very well and my instrument was set up perfect for me. I love it. So, thanks to you and your staff."
-- Cheryle, via email 2/13/13


"I just want to say thanks and how very pleased I am with my order I received today.

The order was expertly packed... and I could not be more pleased. The items were packed neatly with lots of padding so there was no way the strings would be damaged in shipping. Just from the packing, I could tell that you guys really care about your customers. A pleasant change from most merchants I deal with these days. I have only placed two or three orders with you, but I'm going to use you more since your quick shipment sure beats running around to local stores and not being able to find the items I want."
-- Mike, via email 2/11/13


"Received the Order Today !!! Thank you Every thing was just as expected and even More.. Thanks again and will be doing business more in the Future."
-- Bob, via email 2/8/13


"The order arrived today and I will be using the gigbag and at least one pick tonight. Thanks for the quick service!"
-- Tom, via email 2/5/13


"Thank you Mr. Stan Werbin - the person was very nice on the phone and my order came quick. I was recommended by one of my coworkers he said that I'll be pleased, and I was, so thanks again and I'll be doing more business with Elderly."
-- Ross, via email 2/3/13


"I will keep this short as I know you all are busy but I wanted to know why I'm choosing Elderly over all the online retailers out there. I am going to be purchasing my first ukulele from you next week, the Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Uke to be exact, my first ever uke. First, the Lanikai site lists you as one of their trusted retailers; Second, you have a great reputation from the countless reviews I have searched; and last but not least...the Expert Set-Up is such an epic service to offer. I appreciate it actually, thank you for offering this phenomenal expertise on this instrument. Also, the exceptional 'free shipping' offered is excellent as well."
-- Eric, via email 1/18/13


"I bought a Kentucky Mandolin from you Stan, and it's the best mandolin I've ever had the pleasure to play. I love it! Thank-you."
-- Elizabeth, via email 1/15/13


"It was an easy & pleasant experience shopping on-line at Elderly Instruments..I will buy more in the future."
-- Ron, via email 1/14/13


"You guys are awesome. Shopping with you was such a nice experience."
-- Louise, via email 1/12/13


"I received the 1947 Gibson L-7 late last week. What a great instrument. I am having a lot of fun bringing this guitar back to life.

I really appreciate the high quality business that you run. Your descriptions are clear and honest. Your prices are very reasonable. You give people like me the chance to own and play great instruments. Other American businesses could learn a lot from Elderly.

God Bless and all the best in the new year."
-- Bill, via email 1/9/13


"Thanks Stan, hope you had great holidays. I really like your store-website I will be ordering more things from you, got to get back to pickin this old prewar banjer."
-- Kenny, via email 1/2/13


"Happy holidays to you all at Elderly Instruments - thanks for being a great company and great support of the 'real deal.'"
-- Sonia, via email 12/23/12


"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you at Elderly!!! Elderly is my favorite shopping destination that I have never visited...don't need to, though. The staff is SOOOO good ! Thanks for many years of friendship, online and by telephone years ago. "
-- Vince, via email 12/23/12


"Some time ago I purchased a used Martin Custom. I received excellent service. The person who called me about the purchase answered all my questions. I got the impression that he really cared about the transaction and that it was not, ho hum, just another sale. Laying out $3400 without having the instrument in your hands can be unnerving if you know what I mean. There are many places where guitars can be bought, but your service and help is invaluable. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
-- Tom, via email 12/22/12


"Just want to say what an amazing outfit you have there, besides the well facilitated stock list and website, The amazing people I dealt with made this a truly memorable experience this Xmas."
-- Dino, via email 12/18/12


"Got my Eastman mando all set-up today! It's great - thanks for all of your great service and product advicefor all of these years."
-- Paul, via email 12/11/12


"Just wanted to say the 1992 Guild X-500 arrived this afternoon as described and in perfect condition. It's definitely a keeper. Thanks so much for another great deal!"
-- Tom, via email 12/6/12


"I had a wonderful shopping experience at Elderly that I would like to relay it to you.

I'm just getting back into music and had my 1963 Ode long neck banjo tuned up and was looking for a case. I saw several cases on several different websites, but wasn't sure they would fit the guitar. I wound up calling your store. The person who answered wasn't sure of the dimensions either, and said "Can you wait a minute? I can go up to the store and measure it." That's what he did. The dimensions seemed right and I bought the case from Elderly. Sale made because of good customer service. Not sure how much I will be purchasing more musical stuff, but if I do, it will be from Elderly!"
-- Phil, via email 12/2/12


"I am very pleased with your products, prices and service. I am glad that I found your web site. I will certainly check out your site for any of my future music related needs."
-- Sandra, via email 11/29/12


"My new Koloa Baritone arrived Fri. To say it exceeds expectations is an understatement. Fit and finish inside and out is beautiful, set-up is spot on (frets are beautiful), and playability is outstanding. That you can offer an instrument of this quality at this price redefines value. Thanks again Corey for your input and patience with my selection."
-- Ed, via email 11/29/12


"Order arrived in timely manner. Many thanks for everyone's efforts."
-- Dan, via email 11/26/12


"Hi Stan, Just thought I should let you know that my latest acquisition from your store was a 1952 Gibson ES 175 which is everything I'd hoped it would be and more. Your website description was very accurate and the additional info I received from your sales person was also right on the money. I am indeed a happy customer and would like to extend my thanks to you and your helpful, professional staff. Best regards."
-- Ed, via email 11/24/12


"Just wanted to compliment you for the quick service I received this past week. I moved to Florida a few months ago, and the local music dealer (nothing close to Elderly's quality) kept hem and hawin' when I asked him to order my favorite GHS Vintage Bronze strings. After waiting 6 weeks with no results, I ordered 3 sets from Elderly's and received them within 4 days! My '68 Martin and I both say thanks! p.s. You really need to open a store down here north of Tampa!"
-- Randy, via email 11/19/12


"I ordered a Recording King RD-316 guitar from you last week. The guitar arrived Thursday morning in perfect condition and I am pleased beyond words at the playability and tone and volume of this guitar. It plays and sounds as well as some guitars costing at least 2 or 3 times what I paid. I would like to thank Corey from telephone sales, he was courteous and professional. I will consider Elderly instruments for my future guitar purchases. I will be ordering a custom Martin in the not too distant future and would love to have the chance to work out what I want in that guitar based on a HD-28V. Thank you again for your fine customer service and for picking out a really nice example for me."
-- Mike, via email 11/16/12


"Besides the fact that it arrived in 3 days in the middle of is wonderful. I was concerned about ordering online. But, now I brag about it. Thank you so much for caring about instruments as much as you obviously do."
-- Mary, via email 11/12/12


"Just wanted to say that I am totally aware of this Elderly policy (Expert Set-up) and I have reaped the benefits several times.

You guys do a great job and I keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work. You deserve the success you enjoy."
-- Stuart, via email 11/9/12


"The banjo tuning pegs are great and arrived to France in 6 days, which is pretty fast. Elderly is considered great value in France. Was the first time for me but not the last one."
-- Fred (from France), via email 11/6/12


" Thanks for you email and I did have a wonderful experience with my order and will order again when I need something. I had looked at the vintage Martin guitars on your site several times, but didn't realize that you all carried some much other stuff, so I will be using you company."
-- Eddie, via email 11/2/12


"Thank you very much for the new catalog! I appreciate very much your great service and low prices when it comes to musical instruments, etc.!"
-- Milton, via email 10/31/12


"Just received your new catalog in the mail today. Love it! I especially like the cover photo. So nice to see the faces of your employees (and that must be your better-half helping you hold your uke).

I bought a Kala California Ubass from your store a few months ago. I called the store and your people were great. Great service, a great price (the lowest I could find after looking for a few weeks), and I received my little bass in great shape, set up well, and sooner than the estimated delivery date.

Could not be happier, Stan. Getting your new catalog today makes me want something else from Elderly Instruments. I'll save my money and get something else in a few months."
-- Bill, via email 10/30/12


" I'm a Lansing native, long-time customer, who moved to Virginia 40 years ago. One of my favorite places to revisit when I'm back in town is Elderly Instruments. It always feels like coming home to walk up those steps into the house of music you've created and to feel the energy of the many musicians you've served over all these years. I've just received my new catalog and wanted to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated. Thanks for being there for us, for encouraging and serving all the good folks making good music. Play on! "
-- Connie, via email 10/28/12


"I am a long time customer and fan of Elderly. I hand out "elderly" pics (plectrums) to my friends I like you all so much."
-- William, via email 10/25/12


"I wanted to thank you for hosting the Taylor Road Show last week.

Your email notifications for coming events are always tempting, but the distance and our schedules limit the ones my wife and I can attend. We own a couple of Taylors and had talked about attending a Road Show, so when we got the notice for the event at Elderly, we arranged our schedules accordingly.

The Road Show was what we had hoped it would be and Elderly is a great setting for such an event. The sound of the guitars in side-by-side comparisons was very interesting (especially hearing it from the audience side). I'm convinced I heard the sound of my next Taylor, though the sound of a couple different guitars caught my ear (one of which was an unexpected surprise.) So, I have more exploring to do to determine which one is next. Which is such a fun activity at Elderly."
-- John, via email 10/24/12


"Thanks much. You guys saved me. I gouged a peizo during a saddle install/bridge remount. Being able to buy the transducer separate from the matrix blend saved me $200 and kept me from going in the hole on this job."
-- Jeff, via email 10/19/12


"I'm a pro jazz musician here in Austin. I had a very good experience recently with Elderly. I bought a used Guild x-150D guitar online. It was in like new condition. It arrived safely in a timely manner as scheduled via fedex ground. I asked that the guitar be set up with my favorite strings prior to ship. This was done nicely with a great setup. Intonation was perfect on this wooden bridge archtop. I did raise the pickups slightly. I immediately gigged with the guitar the same day received. I got compliments on the sound at the next gig the following day from a Collings Guitar employee. I'm very happy with my purchase."
-- Randy, via email 10/16/12


"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your company. I placed my order just three days ago (regular ground shipping), and I received the package today. You offered the best price I could find for the product ( DR MTR10 guitar strings) and even gave me free shipping for spending more than $49 with you. You will be who I get my guitar strings from for the foreseeable future."
-- Tom, via email 10/15/12


"I just received my guitar today and I am in LOVE! It is the best guitar I have EVER played...much less owned! I bought it used (2011 Gibson ES-175) and I was expecting to find something flawed with a used guitar...but I was totally blown away! I could not afford $4,000.00 for a new Gibson ES-175, so I decided to go the used route. I remembered seeing one of your adds in a Guitar Player magazine some time back and I decided to gamble and buy a used one from you guys. I'm so glad I did! I placed my order over the phone and one of your sales people "Scott" was so helpful describing the guitar and taking time with me. I'm in High Point, NC, so I couldn't very well drop by your store. Again, Thanks so much and I will tell other musicians that I know about my good experience with Elderly Instruments! "
-- Don, via email 10/10/12


"My recent purchase was my first from Elderly, and I was completely satisfied. I will certainly consider Elderly for future purchases."
-- Herb, via email 10/7/12


"Thank you so much for the follow up email to check on my satisfaction with my order. I am very pleased with your companie's prompt and highly professional processing of my order. The Guitar arrived within only a few days and in perfect condition. I am very pleased and would high recommend your company to any one looking for a quality instrument. I wish you all the success with you business and thank you!"
-- Tom, via email 10/4/12


"Wow! Thank you so much for the excellent turnaround on my order! I really appreciate it."
-- John, via email 10/1/12


"I have been shopping Elderly for a few decades plus...Great shop with an awesome selection of goods, helpful & knowledgeable staff.. It`s the ultimate candy store! Thanks!!"
-- John, via email 9/29/12


"I don't usually do this, but I feel she deserves credit. I made an inquiry regarding the Martin D-38 and Cynthia Bridge was very helpful, friendly and diplomatic. As it turns out the D-38 was out of production and would be a custom order. She offered to come close to the standard price listed in the catalog. She is a very good employee and I would love to have her on my staff. You are lucky to have her. BTW, I've decided on the 0000-28HW instead. Will be placing in 1 to 2 months as soon as funds arrive. Thanks."
-- Ken, via email 9/24/12


"I was quite pleased with the service and the Bouzouki. It arrived safely and is beautiful. I believe the salesman's name was "Brandon". He was great to deal with, informative, friendly and helpful. I would recommend Elderly to others. It's only the second time I've bought an instrument without handling it first, but it worked out well. Thank you."
-- Susan, via email 9/19/12


"Your Lanikai uke video was great !"
-- Ronald, via email 9/19/12


"The mandolin is awesome and the quick delivery was great. Everything was beyond my expectations. Keep up the good work!"
-- Eric, via email 9/11/12


"I just wanted to let you know that, in my humble opinion, you guys are the best musical instrument retailer I've ever seen. Your customer service is fantastic. You carry a wonderfully diverse range of new and used instruments, books, recordings, accessories, and products that real musicians actually use. And, best of all, you guys actually take the time to set up the instruments you sell. I recently bought an acoustic guitar from you guys and it plays perfectly right out of the case. Well done. Thanks again for being the best at what you do and for actually caring about your customers."
-- James, via email 9/7/12


"Just wanted to thank you all for a great buying experience on a vintage Maui Music Concert uke. Every aspect was great. Good pictures, excellent description, great packing, fast shipping. Special thanks to Corey. Man you guys are a pleasure to buy from. I love the new uke, too."
-- Hodge, via email 9/4/12


"You guys are banjo buddy says this is the only tuner to have."
-- Lance, via email 8/29/12


"I just got through watching (and recording) the All Things Strings feature and want to congratulate you and your staff on the outcome. Judging by my own experience I can attest how truthful and genuine this production represents your company. If I hadn’t been there myself and breathed in some of the spirit I would now feel most welcome and at home after watching this. You sure managed to put into being your original idea “a music store, I would want to go into”. Congratulations again. I hope my travels will get me close enough again to visit in the future."
-- Jürgen (from Germany), via email 8/25/12


"I got a big kick out of the fact that my package arrived about 4 hours before I got this email telling me it had shipped. That's what I call FAST!"
-- Suzanne, via email 8/27/12


"Hi folks .... I just watched your WKAR video and it was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the store and the staff and all the bits that make Elderly special .... I'm in England and although I've bought a few guitars from you over the years (plus loads of bits and pieces) I've never been to your store, and now I feel like I have .... thank you."
-- Ted, via email 8/22/12


"I have been a mail-order customer for years and after viewing the Elderly WKAR video I truly wish I didn't live move than a thousand miles away.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful, fun-filled business and treating music nuts like me with such affection."
-- Lee, via email 8/22/12


"Thanks so much for the link to "All Things Strings". I thoroughly enjoyed the behind the scenes feel to this well done "doc" about Elderly Instruments (makes me wanna buy sumthin'). If I'm ever up your way near or in Lansing, I'll be sure to stop by and say "Hey!!!" Thanks again"
-- Danny, via email 8/22/12


"Thanks for the video ... brought back many memories of visiting Eldery and being around people who loved music. My last visit was twenty years ago ... followed by moves to California and now North Carolina to retire. I just purchased a Lanikai Special Edition and enjoy the learning to make music on my ukulele. Looking forward to visiting Elderly this Autumn to see the leaves and stop by to share with my wife what a special music store that I enjoy."
-- George, via email 8/22/12


"Thanks Stan. Your guys were great to work with. I love the new guitar."
-- Marc, via email 8/21/12


"Received shipment asap. I think it was less than 2 days since I ordered. Elderly rocks!!!"
-- Ken, via email 8/20/12


"I am a member of a 50+ Ukulele Band. I play a Baritone Uke and your company was recommended for titanium Strings. Thank you for your prompt delivery."
-- Pete, via email 8/18/12


"I'm truely amazed! I recieved this the next day at 11:00 am! The Gibson 1958 Les Paul Junior Double Cutaway actually fits in this case! I checked several web forums and sites for a case that would fit the above guitar . Only the TKL 7824 and 8824 cases would do and no one had one for under $150.00. Some stores have been waiting since Feb. 2012 for them! Can't believe it only took one day to ship! I'm impressed! Thanks Again!"
-- Vaughn, via email 8/13/12


"Thank you very much for the followup, especially on such a small sale. Very classy. I will be back. I love your site."
-- Tim, via email 8/11/12


"This beautiful Martin D28 arrived today, and I am very happy with it. The price seemed fair and now that I see it and play it, I feel it was a terrific deal. Thanks for the quality and service."
-- Paul, via email 8/10/12


"Just received my Lanikai 40th Anniversary Uke and am loving it! Thanks."
-- Joe, via email 8/9/12


"Thank you for your very considerate email, it was much appreciated, the pick-up arrived and is installed and performs beautifully. A great service and will be contacting you in the future for products I may need. "
-- Andrew, via email 8/8/12


"All the items I ordered arrived in good shape and just as I'd ordered,,, good service and great value."
-- Jim, via email 8/7/12


"Hi Stan, I live in Costa Rica so I have to receive your products through a convoluted process, finding out who's coming down here from the US and then shipping to them. Thanks to your help and professionalism it makes the process a little easier!"
-- Jesse (from Costa Rica), via email 8/7/12


"After playing it for several months, it has become my favorite guitar. I have 2 other Martin OM28V & 0018V, which are great, but the 00015M is light, with a great neck, great sound and easy to play. Congratulations on a fabulous instrument."
-- Ernie, via email 8/1/12


"I recently purchased a Vintage button accordion from your company. I was told to contact Andy as he was the most knowledgeable accordion man. I must say that he was most helpful and his description of the instrument and its intonation was quite accurate. I am well pleased and the accordion fits my needs perfectly. So thanks again to Andy and it was a pleasure doing business with Elderly Instruments."
-- Ronald, via email 7/31/12


"Thank you for the email even if it is automatic. It shows you care. It also reflects attention to detail. Your agents on the phone have been very helpful during my four-or-so calls as I seek information on my step-up clawhammer banjo. Everyone has been very helpful and polite. Equally important, when the individual does not know the exact answer they transfer me or tell me who I should speak to and when. Thank you."
-- Mike, via email 7/26/12


"Howdy, I just received my order yesterday, and HAD to get back with you on my level of satisfaction. First of all, the order was delivered extremely quickly, and was packed very well. But I have NEVER received a guitar, in which I had ordered over the innertubes (or any other way for that matter), that has arrived to me so PERFECTLY set up! I just tuned her up, and screwed in the whammy bar, and voila', perfection! I assume you guys set this axe up, as a guitar could not POSSIBLY leave the factory set up as nice as this one (if so, WOW!). And of course kudos to Fender Mexico for producing such a quality Strat to begin with. The fit and finish are impeccable. I have always had a soft spot for an Antigua, and now have my very own! Thanks from a happy guitarist!"
-- Dave, via email 7/25/12


"Congratulations and happy anniversary to my ol' pal Jim Jones and everyone at Elderly Instruments. Keep up the great work."
-- Tom, via email 7/20/12


"I was very pleased about the delivery of the violin strings sets. I received them only in three weeks. Thanks for the others E-mails about your other services, it was very helpful to me."
-- Luiz (from Brazil), via email 7/19/12


"Thank you Stan, everyone I talked with at Elderly Instruments was friendly and really helpful. Pat took the time to describe to me the GV Rubio Hauser I purchased and it turned out better then my expectations. I am really thrilled with this instrument and will definitely consider you guys for any future purchases. I check your website almost everyday."
-- Doug, via email 7/12/12


"Hi there! Got my order today and wanted to say GOOD JOB!! It was fast and easy from start to finish! Keep up the good work and I will be back :-) Also, I will spread the word among my musician friends. Have a great day!!"
-- Tamara, via email 7/12/12


"It's a pleasure to deal with a well run business. Rest assured that I will always shop your website when I am in need of something musical, though I don't expect to be dropping by from Vancouver Island. Have a great summer."
-- Ron (from Canada), via email 7/9/12


"I had an excellent experience purchasing my mandolin. I was assisted by a young man named Michael who helped me to take the time I needed, provided a quiet space for me, supplied mandolins from "upstairs" at my request, and set the stage for a great purchase. I bought an elegant Stiver mandolin which I played last night at a celebration that included a hand-built violin from Cape Breton Island and a fine Martin guitar. The Stiver was the gem of the evening! "
-- Arjan, via email 7/6/12


"The order arrived in less than 24 hours! Thanks. "
-- Cliff, via email 6/29/12


"I just wanted to email you personally to let you know how much I appreciated the excellent assistance I received from Patrick in your sales department. If I were in your business I would be trying to hire him away from you."
-- Ken, via email 6/27/12


"When I placed my order over the phone I was very happy with man who helped me. He was patient and courteous with my questions. I just received my new baritone ukulele today via Fed-ex and am very happy with everything. Finish, tone, and setup are good. Thank you very much for a good mail order experience. I will recommend Elderly to my friends."
-- Dave, via email 6/22/12


"I had made a note on my order about a potential time sensitivity, and even though there was probably enough time for regular mail, I see that you have FedEx'd it for FREE.

I just want you to know that I noticed & am impressed. I have managed to convince some of my bandmates to order from you, and they are now regular customers. This kind of service makes feel good about making the recommendation, and I will definitely continue to do so."
-- Leonard, via email 6/15/12


"Thanks for your note concerning my recent order. I have seen your firm's name going back many years with Vintage Guitar Magazine, but this was my first experience doing business with you. Your web site is user friendly (easy to find, and easy to navigate in searching your inventory) with an excellent selection of instruments and accessories and very good pricing in relation to your competitors. The order was shipped promptly, and arrived in a timely manner with no problems. Elderly has been added to my list of favorites and in any future searches for musical equipment and supplies. I will certainly look over your offerings before I choose a particular supplier. Thanks again."
-- Joe, via email 6/12/12


"Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you! I just got the bag, and it's really, really nice! Your shipping was fast, and your product is fantastic. I'll be shopping with you again soon! Cheers."
-- T.S., via email 6/7/12


"Wow! Very fast. Thank you."
-- Keigo (from Japan), via email 6/4/12


"I received my mandola and can't say enough good things about the service I received. I'm so happy with the instrument; it was all Brandon said it was and more."
-- Scott, via email 6/1/12


"I just wanted to thank you all at Elderly Instruments, for selling me that fine Martin T1K last week. It is such a value dealing with an established company with a great reputation for customer service. I especially want to thank Joe (I think) who looked through the stock on hand to find me the grain pattern I was looking for in the Koa, and the instrument is beautiful. Totally accessible, and burden free, even from out here in California. Great job!"
-- Donovan, via email 5/29/12


"I was glad to finally make it to Lansing last fall and to get to your shop. I've looked at your website for a long time and really enjoyed the place in the flesh! I will stop in again the next time I'm in town.

I'm happy that quality, independent music stores are around, and seem to be doing my part to help perpetuate them! Your shop and staff are great. Thanks!"
-- Matt, via email 5/26/12


"Just a note to thank you for so many years of great, great service. I've had the pleasure of dealing with Elderly Instruments going way back to when you were on Grand River in East Lansing, and I lived in a dorm practically across the street! I've purchased guitars, amps and assorted supplies from you over the years, and have always found the experience to be terrific.

I continue to scan your website for the next thing I didn't know I needed. I appreciate the updates as well."
-- Bob, via email 5/26/12


"My name is Ray and I am from Wollongong . We are about 80 Kms south of Sydney (Australia). It is a beautiful part of Australia, where the mountains meet the sea. My shopping experience with Elderly has been absolutely wonderful. Great website , excellent information on it. I received confirmation of dispatch the next day and had the Fiberskyn head on the banjo and was playing it a week later. Your shop was recommended to me and I will certainly be spreading the word around my musician friends. Please pass on my thanks to your excellent staff. I has been uplifting to strike, really professional retailers. You will have my future business."
-- Ray (from Australia), via email 5/23/12


"Just a thank-you for the prompt delivery of the strings. I appreciate such good service."
-- Sandra, via email 5/21/12


"I recently purchased a Martin 000-28 with a fishman pick-up from you. I just want to say thank you and congratulate you on the quality of the instrument. It is absolutely brilliant. I have been playing for approx 40 yrs and have owned high end Australian, Japanese and hand made instruments but the 00-28 beats them all. It is everything Martin's are credited with and more. Thank you again and keep up the good work."
-- Wayne, via email 5/15/12


"Thanks for the courtesy, and for providing a great source for all things musical! I have a friend who's a great guitar player and he recommended Elderly to me about ten years ago, and I've been buying my strings from you since then. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!) I'm not a professional musician, just an amateur, so I've only ordered strings a few times - I'm not going to provide you with much business, but I have recommended you to several friends over the years. Your 'welcome' email is a nice touch, thank you, I wish you great success with your business, happy customers, and a real fine day."
-- Daniel, via email 5/9/12


"I was really happy with your clerk or whoever it was that helped me order the open back banjo gig bag I got last week. Seems to be working just great, and quality is good, and so was the price and delivery. Thanks for your follow-up email."
-- Ginny, via email 5/8/12


"Just received my Eastman MD504 today and brought it up to pitch! Wow! Sweet! Really cool! Thank you for your setup, ease of ordering, quick delivery (even though I missed the delivery yesterday) and selling such fine instruments. Now all I need is a strap and I'm good. I guess i'll be coming back to order one soon!"
-- Daniel, via email 5/1/12


"Just a line to thank you for the wonderful products and staff / service I've received. I'm a longtime purveyor of traditional music with several different instruments so Elderly is my go to place. I do hope to visit some day ( working the wife up to it ).. Thanks again for the quality staff and service along with top of line ( and variety ) product, it means a lot to my craft. It's a life long hobby to me but I play every day along with playing out at local nursing homes so to do something good with it. Maybe I'll expand it a little as I near retirement ??"
-- Ken, via email 4/27/12


"I recently purhased a Martin OM-28 from you and am very pleased with the guitar. It is perfect in every way, especially the tone, construction, and setup. The reason it is perfect is the fact that one of your employees, Brandon, personally checked out the possibilities and picked the one he felt was best. If you give bonuses, Brandon deserves one for his great customer support. If you check out my customer number after my name, you will see that I have been dealing with you for many years. While your customer support has always been good, Brandon is the best so far."
-- Eric, via email 4/23/12


"I've been shopping at Elderly for years, ":Stretch" is my guitar guy, and I love your store! Thanks, "
-- Mark, via email 4/20/12


"I just want to thank you for promptly shipping out my order of mandolin and strings. Oh, I waited a long time for an Eastman."
-- Bruce, via email 4/19/12


"Merci, j'ai bien reçu mon paquet ! C'est ok."
-- Philippe (from France), via email 4/17/12


"I have recently purchased the Martin T1k ukulele and a set of D'addario titanium tenor uke strings. I just want all to know that the shipping was excellent and prompt less than 3 days! That's hard to beat in free shipping standards, also the instrument was packaged with love and care, there was no way anything could jar the uke with all the insulation used. I wanted to post a comment but couldn't figure out how to on your web page? The customer support over the phone was great, I believe the gentleman's name was Dimitri? All in all I give my experience with your company a 10 out of 10! And by the way.. The uke sounds lovely, by far the best uke on the market under 1000 dollars! "
-- Pantelis, via email 4/16/12


"Thanks Guys, your the best!!!!!"
-- Richard, via email 4/13/12


"Just wanted to shoot over a quick note to say thanks. I've been shopping at Elderly since I was much younger and living in Jackson, MI. I've since lived in Chicago for the past 15 years, but always make it a point to try and stop by Elderly when I am back in Jackson visiting family. I still, to this day, check your site daily for used guitars, amps, effects, etc.

On my way to visit my family in Jackson for the Easter holiday, I took a detour to your store yesterday and traded in my Guild guitar for another used acoustic guitar I saw on your site. Larry in your repair/sales/trade department remembered me from the last time I was in your store getting my guitar appraised (which was over a year ago). As always, Larry and the rest of your team could not have been friendlier or more helpful.

I always wish there was a store in Chicago that had the same selection, reasonable prices and honest/friendly staff. I've truly never been to a store in the country with the same combination of selection, fair pricing and friendly/knowledgeable staff as Elderly (and I've been to a lot over the years)....

In any case, I wish everyone at Elderly continued success and, again, just wanted to say thank you for all the years of great service. And, thanks for the help yesterday, Larry! "
-- Pete, via email 4/9/12


" I am pleased with the items I purchased, and got good customer service from one of your staff addressing a minor problem with my order, so I am quite likely to consider you when I'm in the market for my next musical purchase. "
-- Deanna, via email 4/5/12


"You guys did great. I will shop with you in the future!"
-- Dan, via email 4/3/12


"Got it. Love it. Thanks."
-- Ron, via email 4/2/12


"I want to tell you briefly: I called customer service(CS) and asked for their recommendation on a gigbag for my 35+ -year-old Fender Artist 5-string banjo w/resonator. I asked if there was a banjo similar to mine in your store, and there was. I said I wanted a good fit in a gigbag, "snug fit" even. I asked your rep in CS if he would please place the banjo in a Boulder Alpine gigbag (CS recommended) and tell me what kind of fit there was (banjo zipped inside of the gig bag). He told me to wait on the line and he would get right back to me. Let's make this long story short . . . He did what I asked, I ordered the (green) gigbag, received it, my banjo fits beautifully, and I am another customer of Elderly who is 100% HAPPY."
-- Dave, via email 3/31/12


"I received my product very promptly (travel case cover, in time for a trip). Also, your rate for next day shipping was very reasonable. I've been to your store, and hope to stop by again soon. We travel frequently to Leland, MI, so I try to take a detour when possible. "
-- Craig, via email 3/22/12


"I brought my 1958 Gibson LG1 to you last fall, and your staff repaired and sold it on consignment for me at the appraised value. I really appreciated the professionalism of the staff. Thank you --a very happy customer."
-- Margaret, via email 3/21/12


"I just picked up my Alvarez Jumbo from Elderly's repair department and couldn't be more pleased! I know this isn't a high dollar instrument and I wasn't spending much money but Kjell treated me like a first class customer and did fantastic work. I appreciate his friendly patience, advice and excellent work. Fret level and dress, neck and saddle adjustments and the thing plays better than the day I got it.

I purchased this beast used from Elderly in 2000 needing the loudest guitar I could afford (I added a L.R.Baggs I-Beam). She's the only acoustic I own and is really my workhorse as I use it to lead worship every week in addition to rehearsals and daily use for arrangements, noodling, etc. You guys are truly world class."
-- Steve, via email 3/16/12


"Thanks so much for shipping me the Peavey Wolfgang your service was amazing. Hope you get another Peavey again, I would love to buy another one from you. "
-- James (from Canada), via email 3/14/12


"I just want to write to thank you for the Martin 000-28H that I received yesterday. It is absolutely fabulous!! Thanks for the great product and service."
-- Bill, via email 3/12/12


"Thank you for the prompt shipping of my Deering Eagle II banjo. It just arrived today. This thing is such a beautiful machine.

I will definitely recommend your company to my friends."
-- Russell, via email 3/8/12


"My order arrived today here in the not so sunny UK, so I would just like to say big thanks for the excellent service. Will definitely be ordering from you again when the need arises. Once again many thanks."
-- Geoff (from the U.K.), via email 3/7/12


"A testimony to the first rate nature of your business is that Elderly Instruments is still here, while tens, or hundreds, of similar shops have closed since the late 1990's. This is attributable to excellence in your business model, and a gift for selecting great employees like Tony, but also many many others through the years ."
-- David, via email 3/7/12


"I'm very pleased with the new Martin baritone guitar that you guys shipped to me in California, and with my whole experience dealing with Elderly Instruments on this transaction. Thanks to you and your team for a job well done. I will certainly recommend you guys, and look forward to doing business with you again."
-- John, via email 2/29/12


"I appreciate your store and made a few trips there while I lived in Chicago. Just moved to DC but intend to keep Elderly at the top of my list. Congratulations on what you have been able to accomplish over the years, I especially appreciate the customer service. If it was easy more people would do it."
-- John, via email 2/28/12


"Thanks for the great service.....easy to order and fairly quick delivery by Fed Ex ground to my home in Hood River, OR. I wanted to try out the Worth Uke strings on my soprano and tenor ukes......I had been using Aquila's and one of my uke friends suggested your company as a good source for the Worth strings. Needles to say, I was not disappointed!"
-- Dale, via email 2/24/12


"I just want to say that I love my new D28 Marquis. Your service was great-- thank you Pat for the Skype session and good service. Fedex shipping was fast and perfect."
-- Richard, via email 2/23/12


"Thanks for the note. I bought a bass from you and was very pleased with the transaction. It was not my first time shopping with you but it had been a while. I have bought and sold approximately 150 basses over the past 6-7 years. I am a gear junky .. sort of an addiction. Anyway, with all of those instruments coming through my doors, there have been very few that did not need a setup. The one I received from Elderly was perfect. Didn't have to touch a thing. Just plugged in and played. I don't know if that is something you guys do or if I just got lucky but it was a nice treat for me. Intonation was right on, neck relief was just right and the string height was just right. And now with this follow-up e-mail I have to say the whole experience was top notch and exceeded my expectation. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. I will spread the word and I am sure I will be back around for another instrument on another day."
-- Jeff, via email 2/21/12


" probably talked to a half a dozen of your staff and they were all extremely helpful in helping me with my purchase. The mandolin was exactly as described, and my only concern was one of the latches was damaged on the case. The case itself from a protection standpoint is fully functional and that's really what cases do. Looking forward to our next transaction, and I have a few mandolins I may want to unload.

You have a great team!! Thanks for the help!"
-- Darren, via email 2/15/12


"On the first weekend in Feb., my wife and I were in Lansing/East Lansing for the community singing. That Saturday, Feb 4th, we made the pilgrimage to the Elderly store. This was the first time we had been in these parts of Michigan and the first time to visit the store. We were very pleased with our visit primarily because three different young men waited on us and each one took extra time to help us find what we were looking for. All three were exceptionally helpful and patient. I even got to take a photo of a bouzouki made by my dear friend Bill Petersen. I believe this is one that I had sanded and later mounted on the tuning pegs. Have always enjoyed buying from Elderly online but now have another personal experience to talk about. "
-- Jim, via email 2/15/12


"I wanted to say thank you for your concern and I wanted to say thank you personally for everything you have in stock etc etc. Great stuff!! Couldn't be happier with what I got from you and I hope you continue to prosper in these difficult economic times! Music will always live on as will the cherished instruments on which music is played. "
-- Jordan, via email 2/14/12


"Mahalo for the speedy service!"
-- Dale, via email 2/13/12


"I ordered 3 guitar straps on Friday and received them Monday morning. I am VERY satisfied with the timely arrival of my purchase. Even though we have a music store here in town, I could never have gotten one strap let alone 3 for the purchase price from Elderly."
-- Ben, via email 2/7/12


"I bought a used J200 from you a week or so ago, and it is spectacular. Never thought I would buy a guitar without playing it first, but your salesman was kind enough to play the instrument while speaking with me via phone, and I took the risk. It was well worth it. Your shop was highly recommended to me and your reputation surely stays intact. Thanks again."
-- Jeff, via email 2/5/12


"I have been meaning to write to congratulate you on Elderly's 40th anniversary and to tell you again how much I am enjoying my Martin 3M and Style O I purchased from the store (not to mention the cases, strings, humidifiers, etc.). The instruments bring me great joy. Here's to another 40."
-- Howard, via email 2/1/12


"Evidently you got a great store with some good folks, like Martha, workin' it for ya. Me, I look forward to doing many years of business with you."
-- Casey, via email 1/31/12


"I was very pleased with my first purchase, thank you very much, However I ordered wrong and your associates were very helpful in guiding me to a correct order, I shipped the mistake back today. I am also going to share your catalog with a local music store. I am attempting to restore My grandmothers 1927 Vega Whyte laydie banjo, I was unable to find parts locally and was referred to you by Stew/Mac. Thanks again for the help and great service!!"
-- Ken, via email 1/30/12


"I did indeed have a pleasant experience at Elderly! I purchased a CD there, and Carrie Rowe was very helpful in giving me background information on several albums, as well as playing several cuts from a demo of the album I purchased. You have a great staff, and a very interesting place. I plan on returning and looking for new albums to buy."
-- Bob, via email 1/26/12


"Just took delivery on my D-Martin from Elderly. Unbelievable! Beautiful. It was a used instrument, I believe I talked to Joe? regarding the guitar. He said it had a great voice and was in EC condition. Thanks Joe! This is way beyond anything I expected!"
-- Donovan, via email 1/26/12


"Hello Stan Werbin,I want to say my first visit to Elderlys was an awesome time, everyone at Elderlys was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly! I bought a Martin CS35-11 and all I can say is WOWWWW!!!!! I can see myself becoming a returning customer as well. Thanks again."
-- Steve, via email 1/20/12


"I received my order in about 3 days. My order came faster than another order I had made online that day from my own home town! It was a great experience!"
-- Margaret, via email 1/17/12


"I recently called about a Martin D-45. After a number of calls (and Pat playing the guitars for me over the phone) i decided on a new D-42. It arrived shortly after Christmas and I can't describe how thrilled I have been since I took it out of the case. I've been playing at the guitar for 50 yrs and didn't think I could get this excited about an instrument. I can't put it down. I might even finally learn to play. I want to thank Pat for his help on this purchase. The price was great but the guitar blows me away. Thanks to Elderly Instruments and Pat in particular for a great buying experience. I will recommend you to anyone who will listen and you are bookmarked for all music related purchases in the future. Thanks again, with a huge smile."
-- John, via email 1/13/12


"What a great product! Excellent service. Those involved did a great job."
-- Lou, via email 1/11/12


"In response to your item I bought, I am more than pleased. I am currently looking on the site for more books that I could get. Excellent reviews all around from me to you. Thanks again."
-- Tom, via email 1/6/12


"Thank you so much for helping me with my order! I was very impressed with your customer service. A Martin guitar (my first!) I had ordered came to my house the day before I had a show to play, and I was excited to use it during the show. To my dismay, the pickup I had also ordered (and paid for) was no where to be found in the box; no big deal, I know stuff happens. Not having a ton of mics to use on stage, though, I was bummed about not getting to play my new Martin for this gig. However, when I called your customer service line, the fella was very helpful; he found a pickup in your warehouse and overnight shipped it to me at no charge! I received the pickup the next day, installed it in my guitar, and we played a stellar show that night.

It is refreshing that an internet company cares enough about their customers to do something like that! Elderly Instruments will forever be my go-to website for music gear!"
-- Griff, via email 1/5/12


"Hey Stan, The Little Martin we gave mom for Christmas was a big hit. She's in her 70's, plays piano, hammer dulcimer and many other instruments but never had a good guitar of her own. She plays all the old stand byes with some more contemporary stuff mixed in. She brings the house down with Scotland the Brave. Any way a road trip back to Elderly is on my bucket list.I absolutely love your store, kinda far from Florida. No doubt where I'm gonna get my gear."
-- Ray, via email 1/3/12


"Hello Stan, I always recommend your company, both to my students and friends and everyone has always been pleased. I especially like the fact that you sell an instrument set up and ready to play and that I can refer a novice to you. Thanks for operating a nice business."
-- Tony, via email 1/2/12


"My experience with ordering from Elderly was FABULOUS!!! it was thanks to Christina who I tried to call and thank soon after Christmas ...but missed her. She was wonderful in helping expedite my order..and then made sure my order arrived BEFORE Christmas at NO EXTRA CHARGE!! That made for one REALLY HAPPY five year old granddaughter who love her Pink sparkle ukelele!!!"
-- Liz, via email 1/2/12


" just wanted to comment on the recent repair work done on my 1973 Tele custom. This guitar has never played or sounded so good. Thanks Stretch and Elderly for making my day( and many more). I will never go anywhere else."
-- Duke, via email 12/28/11


"Hey, just wanted to say thanks for your role in providing my Christmas present - a silver Squier Jag bass short scale. You shipped promptly, the instrument is perfect and very nicely set up. I've got a lot of (relatively) expensive guitars and basses and am very impressed with the quality and playability of this cheapie. Anyway, thanks for the excellent customer service! Happy Holidays!"
-- Steve, via email 12/27/11


"Thank you very much,I got my order today and it's quick and fast! thank you and Merry Christmas! "
-- Nehru, via email 12/14/11


"Thank you so much for taking care of me. I will definitely go to Elderly for music needs again. Happy Holidays."
-- Kathy, via email 12/14/11


"Just wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service. I had ordered the wrong kind of guitar - a tenor - when what I really wanted was a Nashville. You handled the exchange w/o a hitch.

As for the new guitar, I absolutely love it! I actually got chills, playing it for the first time!! Thanks again. You're the best!"
-- George, via email 12/9/11


"Hi Stan. I've ordered from you before but it's been 19 or 20 years ago!! Have a good 1992 HD-35 with Rosewood and it sounds better each year! Bought many strings and things too but slowed down a little when I got remarried. The "Uke" I ordered was for my wife and I figured I should get her a fairly good one so I found you on line and you had the best product for the best price.(As usual,I might add) Thanks again"
-- Mike, via email 12/1/11


"Hi Stan, I know your great shop since several years for your large selection of vintage guitars. I am collector and guitar player and I am very happy ho have purchase from you. I have received the best support from Cristina in this transaction. I hope to make other purchase from you. Best regards. "
-- Gerardo (from Italy), via email 11/29/11


"Hello, Received the case today ! Thanks for the fast shipping, perfect fit."
-- Greg, via email 11/23/11


"Thank you for your message. I am a businessman too and very much appreciate a contact from the leader of an organization I've just conducted a transaction. Actually it was more than just a transaction, I had a very good experience. Your staff conducted a thorough evaluation of the bass I ended up buying right over the phone when I called about it. Then I got to your shipping department who helped me immediately with shipping cost expectations. It wasn't long after hanging up the phone that I decided to pick it back up to call and order the bass. Your crew did a great job. Be sure to thank them for me.

I'll look forward to future business together. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season."
-- Brian, via email 11/20/11


"Thanks for the email that's great. I just bought a 1978 Martin HD-28 from you guys, it looks and plays beautifully and was packaged very carefully which was a relief as it was an international delivery to Manchester, England.

Thank you for a brilliant service, I will be recommending you to friends and will no doubt be buying from you again when I have enough money saved up!"
-- Dave (from England), via email 11/14/11


"Just a note to let you know the gothic explorer arrived yesterday and couldn't be happier. I'm sorry that I don't remember any names, but I know I had questions about shipping and everyone was helpful. The gentleman I ordered from was especially helpful and courteous. Just wanted to say THANKS."
-- Tom, via email 11/9/11


"I would just like to thank you for the fast shipping and excellent packaging of a Hammered Dulcimer that I purchased for my wife. The dulcimer arrived in fine shape and was also still in tune allowing her to start playing after waiting for the dulcimer to adjust to our surroundings. We used to appreciate your store and personnel when we lived in Michigan and we are glad that the same attention to detail, people etc. are still a positive part of your business even though it was done over the phone."
-- Craig, via email 11/7/11


"Thank you kindly for your amazing service! Today my ukulele strings arrived, three days is all it took, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for the awesome sticker."
-- Ariana, via email 11/2/11


"Just got the announcement about the 40 year catalog. Congratulations to everyone at Elderly: obviously the finest music store on the planet! I'm just living for the day that I can drive up to Lansing and drop in for a bit of business. That date is getting closer I'm glad to say. Like so many, this will be as close as I come to Heaven until I actually get to the "Pearlie Gates." I'm a banjoist by birthright, but I know there's a guitar at Elderly that I can completely fall in love with.

It's always a pleasure to to business with Elderly and always a fun little adventure to visit the website. Thanks again and I look forward to the anniversary catalog----no doubt a collector's item for many of us. Warm regards and all the best."
-- Paul, via email 10/31/11


"Congratulations on your Anniversary!! I have certainly benefited and enjoyed your products and service. Here's to another 40!!"
-- Greg, via email 10/30/11


"Congratulations on 40 years in the business.. I admit I've only ordered small amounts from Elderly in the past, but have been totally satisfied... The one transaction that sticks in my mind above all others was when you sold EXP-74's at 2 for 1... I bought 20 sets and finally used the last set and ordered a few more sets.... You have some truly GREAT instruments and one day I hope to be able to afford a Collings D1A Varnish.

I have spread the word about Elderly every place I pick music and hopefully has sent some business your way.... Keep up the good work."
-- Ed, via email 10/30/11


"My order arrived today with amazing speed, and looks and sounds great! Thank you!"
-- Jerry, via email 10/27/11


"Hi Stan, Thanks for your kind email... I've been shopping at Elderly since my road days with Bill Kirchen from the old Commander Cody band and shopping on line for several years and love your store, vibe and quality service and inventory. I've been living on a sailboat in the Caribbean for the last year and rely on my sister-in-law's visits to keep me in good supply of Elderly Music stuff, next visit in about 5 days, cant wait! Keep up the great work, you're the only real alternative to the impersonal (and, sad to say, mostly ignorant) mega stores. All the best."
-- Peter, via email 10/19/11


"Just wanted to let you know that I love this guitar (Martin OMC Aura) that bought from you a while back. Looks Great Plays Great Sounds Great!!!!!"
-- Patrick, via email 10/13/11


"Thank you for your follow-up email. I wanted to let you know that my experience with your store was superb. I had been looking specifically for a SPD-16R and found a used one on your site (1998 SPDC-16R). It was for sale on consignment and I called and made an inquiry. Brian was very helpful. I asked about the condition which was described as "EC". Well, that always gives me pause because "EC" to one person may not be to another. I bought the guitar based on what was described on the phone and I have to tell you, I would have called it "MINT". Someone had either not played it for 13 years or hadn't played it much at all. These guitars were limited in production, as I am sure you know, and I couldn't find one in CA. I couldn't be happier with this guitar. I have other guitars, but it has already become my favorite. I would definitely do business with you again and would highly recommend your store. "
-- Loretta, via email 10/10/11


"So cool! Always wanted an EC strat, thx guys, great doin business with u!"
-- Roger, via email 10/6/11


"Thanks for your message. I am delighted with the superb Dobro resonator, and have hardly put it down since you sent it. My friend and I have a fair collection of Dobro and National guitars between us and this one sounds nicest of them all. I will certainly keep a check on your website"
-- Graham, via email 10/4/11


"I just wanted to compliment your crew for assisting me in purchasing my guitar today. I picked up my Taylor K-65-CE 12 string guitar that I had put in Lay-A-Way earlier this month. Ray set up the original order and Aaron helped me on the phone today to get things ready so that I could pick up the guitar today. Libby helped me find the guitar and wrote up the final sale for me. All of them were very helpful and understanding and put me at ease. I would also like to compliment Larry and Paul in the Service/Consignment area for the same friendly and helpful attitude they displayed in preparing my Taylor guitar and helping me with two guitars that I had put on consignment."
-- Dennis, via email 9/29/11


"I have been on your catalog and email list for years, and you have been a primary supplier for my instruments and supplies. I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I appreciate who and what you are. Elderly Instruments is a class organization -- far and away the best of its kind -- and it is very clear that your values and principles drive the culture. So thank you, Mr. Werbin! "
-- Wes, via email 9/24/11


"Thank you for your message. The entire order has been received just fine and in time. Thanks again for everything. Best regards."
-- Wolfgang (from Belgium), via email 9/19/11


"Very pleased with my Cordoba C7. I'm using it in my rehearsals with the NYC Classical Guitar Society Orchestra and its holding its own with much more expensive instruments. I may purchase another soon with a cedar top."
-- Joe, via email 9/14/11


"Hi Stan- I wanted to let you know that this first experience of mine with Elderly was an excellent one. The guitar is everything it was described to be and more and the level of service was extraordinarily high.

Special kudos go to George Crank, who literally bent over backwards to satisfy me as a customer, and to Rod Aleshire who spent a lot of time with me on the phone describing every nuance of the guitar. There was one other sales rep who involved himself and was extremely helpful as well but, I apologize to him as I neglected to write his name down.

I collect guitars and have several fine vintage examples. This was the first time I bought a vintage guitar in this way, from an out-of-state dealer I did not know and never met, without being able to try it out first, and I was a little hesitant, but it proved to be an excellent way to go. I would do this again from your store. Thank you. "
-- Carl, via email 9/7/11


"Just a quick note to thank you guys for the GREAT customer service! The guitar case you sent had a defect and you replaced it promptly and without any quibbling. Can't say enough good about this. You have gained a customer and I am telling my musician friends about what you did. Thanks again."
-- Charles, via email 9/2/11


"Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how pleased I was with my recent mail order purchase of a Firefly banjo uke and electronic tuner. I placed my order Friday @ lunchtime, and was happily strumming my new uke Saturday afternoon. Service was lightning fast and very friendly. Every dealing I have had with your store to date has been a pleasurable experience, and visiting your store is well worth the drive – truly awesome. Keep up the great work and outstanding customer service; you have a faithful customer for life. "
-- Jaime, via email 8/31/11


"I just wanted to thank you for providing me with tremendous customer service on my recent order. My order was placed about 9;30 AM Thursday and arrived on my doorstep, via FedEx, almost exactly 24 hours later - I was shocked to see my merchandise arrive so quickly! You'll most certainly have more of my business in the near future. Thanks again!"
-- John, via email 8/29/11


"My wife and think you are the best, we like your quick service. Thanks."
-- Roger, via email 8/23/11


"You guys are so good. 3 tiny brackets and you still follow through. Amazing in this day and age of bottom line greed. Thanks."
-- John, via email 8/22/11


"Mr. Werbin, I would like to thank you for your e-mail note and comment on my overall experience with regards to my last visit to Elderly. I brought my oldest son - along with his mother and younger brother - to Elderly as part of his 11th birthday present. Both boys endured the 2-1/2 drive from Canada with enthusiasm and excitement based solely on my own description of what a great experience Elderly has been for me. Upon arrival both boys bolted from the car to "Mecca". Once my wife and I entered we found my oldest ahold of a Fender Pawn Shop guitar and my youngest in the fiddle section looking for a bow to go with his 1935 Edward Schmidt violin. After a 3-1/2 hours visit we were allowed to leave after my oldest settled on a Hohner Bob Dylan signature 589C harmonica and new guitar strings. I was delighted with the boys enthusiasm. My wife was impressed with the sales staff. And once more I enjoyed the overall experience of meeting others - both client and staff - who love things musical regardless of playing ability, or, age. Thanks again for the most positive experience. Warmest Regards."
-- Peter (from Canada), via email 8/20/11


"Hi all at ELDERLY'S, thanks for prompt attention re my order, which arrived in Palm Cove today,great stuff,cheers."
-- Gibb (from Australia), via email 8/16/11


"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order as scheduled, and wished to Thank You for your prompt and Great service."
-- Leo, via email 8/5/11


"Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the Norman guitar that I recently received. The guitar is fabulous, and much nicer than I was expecting. Your instruments are described in detail, which was very helpful in making this purchase. Thank you."
-- David, via email 8/1/11


"I just wanted to take the time to followup on a purchase that I made early in May. I purchased a Tele Thinline FSR and a case. They arrived in a timely manner and were packaged very well. The guitar had been cleaned and setup (with new strings also) and looked and played like a million dollars. I am very pleased with the guitar and the case and the price that I paid. The staff at Elderly were very helpful and courteous through the processes of answering questions thru the ordering process. I appreciate that kind of customer service coupled with a product that I am totally satisfied with."
-- Doug, via email 7/29/11


"My son, Leif, introduced me to your company when I was looking for a 60 year Anniversary Pete Seeger Martin 12 string guitar. Not only was that purchase successful but I also bought an Eric Clapton 000-28 Martin and numerous other goodies since then. Each and every time I have the happy opportunity to speak with one of your employees I am amazed and delighted by their expertise, willingness to accommodate and help me make decisions. I have been wearing the Elderly tee shirts I bought whenever I play out and have been singing your praises wherever I go. Thank you for the excellent work your company does. I was going to write to you on snail mail but hardly have the time for that right now but wanted you to know how happy I am with your employees and their great work. I tell them what a great job they are doing every time I speak with them and I certainly hope you do also!"
-- George, via email 7/28/11


"Your success is dependent on YOUR employees, they are great! Look up what people think of your store on BanjoHangout and you'll see that Elderly Instruments is highly regarded and extremely well trusted. Because your website has that homespun look and doesn't have bells and whistles trying to sell me foreign junk made from my recyling efforts, I will visit you often. I found your website looking for Dunlop finger picks and will stay a loyal customer because of your staff!"
-- George, via email 7/27/11


"Thanks for my order, as everything was correct, and now my banjo sounds great."
-- Tim, via email 7/22/11


"Got it - thanks for the service & the advice - the Paige capo works really well."
-- Frederick, via email 7/21/11


"Hi, just a quick 'thank you' for a fabulous service. The guitar arrived right on time and is all we expected and more. Cheers!"
-- Elain, via email 7/19/11


"Just wanted to say a big thank you for running such a great shop. I bought a Gretsch 6120 hot rod from you guys a few weeks ago and I could not be happier with my purchase. Great guitar, great condition, great set-up, and great service. I'm certain my next guitar will be purchased from Elderly as well.

I admire people who care deeply about whey they do, and I wish you all the success in the world. Best wishes."
-- Bryon, via email 7/15/11


"Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my recent purchase from you of a Martin OO-15M 12 fret with solid peg head. You did an excellent set up. The instrument plays great and is just what I hoped it would be for finger style and blues tunes. Although very different in tone and feel, it stands up well in its own way compared with several higher end Martins and Gibsons I play. Your phone assistance was also very helpful and informative. Thanks again."
-- Wayne, via email 7/8/11


"You should be very proud of what Elderly Music has become. A great American retail treasure."
-- Tom, via email 7/7/11


"My new GOLD TONE CONCERT BANJO UKULELE & CASE arrived Tuesday evening. I am THRILLED. It's ADORABLE. It sounds just like a BIG banjo. It's so much LOUDER than my ukulele! It's SO MUCH FUN!

I can't wait to get good enough to play it with my group, Sparkey's Strummers, and put it on my YouTube channel. THANKS Elderly, you're the BEST. "
-- Pam, via email 7/1/11


"Just a brief note to inform all of you at Elderly Instruments that I received my 1983 Fender Stratocaster today. It was expertly packed and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for the attention to detail. I have been a customer since the early '80s and once again am completely satisfied. Keep up the good work."
-- Robert, via email 6/29/11


"My bass arrived just before noon. This is the easiest bass to play that I've ever tried. Sounds good, too. It's also gorgous. This is an answer to a dream I've had for a long time, being almost 59 years old with small hands and arthric fingers."
-- Jack, via email 6/27/11


"Thank you very much. Excellent service!"
-- Richard, via email 6/24/11


"Order on Monday and receive the order on Friday? Incredible! We are talking about the same week. Way to go!"
-- Jerrett, via email 6/18/11


"I am extremely pleased with the wonderful Martin OM 42 Flamed Mahogany guitar I recently purchased. I have been thinking about buying an OM 45 for several years and this guitar exceeds all of my expectations. Purchasing this guitar was an enjoyable and relaxing experience. I want to mention that Pat was personable, engaging, and very helpful. He gave me a thorough over-the-phone demo of both OM 42 prototypes you had in stock. Bying a guitar via computer/phone is a somewhat daunting undertaking but Pat was so professional and thorough in his demo and comparison of the two guitars I had no problem in making an informed decision. I have played guitar for 50 years and am a school teacher. This was a major purchase/investment for me. I can't overstate how pleased I am with the Martin and with the process of buying an instrument from Elderly. Thanks for everything!"
-- Jim, via email 6/16/11


"Guys, just received this Martin I ordered from you over the weekend. Fantastic guitar! Nice price. I'm very very happy! Thanks a lot."
-- David, via email 6/16/11


"Thank you also Stan. I love my I love my Banjolele. It sounds great. The grading of this instrument was very helpful and true. I got your web site from a fella down in Texas as I was looking for parts for a Dixie. Then I found what I was looking for on your site."
-- Shirley, via email 6/14/11


"Stan, I want to personally thank you and your entire staff for another flawless purchasing experience. I have bought several banjos and guitars from you over the years and once again you came through with flying colors. The Martin D-28 that I recently ordered arrived in excellent condition and sounded awesome right out of the box. This is a guitar I have been dreaming about for many years and when the time came to pull the trigger, you were the only dealer I considered. Thanks Again."
-- Jonathan, via email 6/13/11


"Thanks Stan. Love the Gibson book by Joe Spann. You have a wonderful company. Best wishes."
-- Herb, via email 6/6/11


"Once again you are the best music website I am aware of! Received my purchase a day before an important gig thanks to Tim shipping it same day. It's a used 414ce. Tim played it as I spoke to him on the phone, answered questions and gave me the confidence to purchase. It was the same a few years back when I purchased a used Les Paul. Your selection is excellent and I enjoy visiting your website even if I'm not shopping for anything. One of these days I'll make it to your showroom! "
-- Renihard, via email 6/3/11


"Thanks for the great service, you guys rule."
-- Chuck, via email 6/2/11


"Stan, Your people and your products are awesome, we will definitely do more business in the future."
-- Dan, via email 5/28/11


"I thank you people for your excellent, pleasant service and knowledgeable answers to my questions. I am impressed and pleased beyond my and your wildest imaginings so sincere thanks, gang, for your excellent work and have a great Memorial Day weekend celebrating the greatness of our freedom fighters and the wonder that is America. Play and listen to lots of music. I know I will."
-- George, via email 5/25/11


"You folks always seem to have what I need at a fair price. Keep it up."
-- Steve, via email 5/23/11


"I recently made a purchase from Elderly Instruments and since I am ALWAYS so pleased with your company I posted my "happy making" on in front of 5000 fans on my Facebook wall with your website attached.

I was really in a dire emergency as festival season for the mid-west is in high gear and the banjo picks I use were lost at a show in South Dakota. I called the following week and had them in time for another festival in Omaha, NE.

Sometimes the best advertisement IS word of mouth. Please know that Elderly has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine with awesome customer service and some amazing staff that work with you. Anything I can do for you or Elderly Instruments in the future Stan, just say the word!"
-- Jon, via email 5/20/11


"Dear Stan: Since I first moved to East Lansing in fall of 1972 to attend MSU, I've been a regular customer of Elderly. Lots of instruments have transacted between us over the years.

I wanted to let you know of a recent transaction that is very special for me and I am thrilled with every time I open the case. I bought that beautiful new Martin D-41 Special you had this winter and I have to tell you it truly is the most amazing acoustic I've ever played, and those have been many. I rarely fall in love with a new gutiar but with her it was love at first sight.

On recommendations of Scott and Johnny, Johnny installed a K&K Mini Western pickup in it recently. Not only was the advice great but the work was flawless and the tone......just amazing. Everything about this is a dream guitar in play, feel and TONE! Also, Scott did some fabulous restoration work on my old 1961 Epiphone Deluxe Regent Archtop this winter. I trusted no one but you guys to do that work and I am ecstatic with the outcome. True craftsmanship. You guys continue to set the bar for the finest in string instruments and repair work.

Thank you for the work, and that amazing Martin. This is one that is NEVER leaving here. I just felt that you and the guys there might like to hear from a very satisfied customer."
-- Dave, via email 5/18/11


"The cable arrived today. I was pleased that the duty, no additional fees required. It works perfectly. I will probably (maybe with Friends) further order. Thank you."
-- George (from Germany), via email 5/14/11


"Dear Stan - thank you for your note below - how refreshing to have such personal contact with a business in another country.

I'm a songwriter, musician & singer/spoken word performer living in Melbourne, Australia - & I've only become aware of Elderly Instruments in the past couple of months - & how refreshing it is to be in contact with such a professional & thorough organization.

I'm currently looking to extend my personal range of acoustic guitars & have been planning on buying a Martin for some time - so I've discovered your store at just the right time. In fact, in the past week at least two instruments have come through your used & vintage pages which I'd have bought if I'd not been out of town & away from the internet at the crucial moments when other musicians were buying them - so I'm pretty hopeful that I'll find what I'm looking for at a good price at Elderly in the future.

In the first few days of my contact with Elderly I spoke on the phone to several of your staff & found them very helpful & knowledgeable - & I'm particularly impressed by the professionalism of your international sales department.

Thanks again for your note & all the best for the future in your terrific music store."
-- James (from Australia), via email 5/5/11


"My experience with Elderly was fantastic. I'm from North Dakota, and just happened to be doing some session work in Tecumseh 2 weeks ago. I had a free day to burn, so I decided to make the trip to Lansing and visit your store. Not looking seriously at buying anything that day, I stumbled upon a Paul Reed Smith guitar with P-90 pickups, and it was love at first sight. I then plugged it into a Fender tube amp in the amp room, and I just had to have this guitar. Needless to say, I used that exact guitar on the remaining session work that I was doing, and it produced great results. So happy I visited your store that day. Your staff is worth mentioning as well, as I was treated with the utmost respect. I wasn't pressured into buying anything, and when I decided that I wanted this guitar, it was like they rolled the red carpet out for me. Here in North Dakota, we don't have stores that carry the vast range of instruments and big brands that you do. We all know of the great brands, but we must use the internet to get them, as no stores carry most of what we're looking for. You find PRS, Marshall, Fender, and Reverend here....most everything else is not worth mentioning. So, again, what at treat it was to visit your store. And whats more, what a treat to find the instrument I never knew I needed, and at a great price at that. Very satisfied with my Elderly Instruments experience. I don't expect to get that way any time in the near future, but if I'm ever in the area again, I'll be sure to visit again. Thank you!!"
-- Chad, via email 5/1/11


"HI I bought a new Martin 00-15 from you guy's. This guitar is great and I told all the guys I know about Elderly music. I have been playing 33 yrs. and I gotta tell this Martin has magic in it, and my playing has gotten better because of it."
-- Richie, via email 4/28/11


"I first visited your wonderful store on Friday, April 15 at around one o'clock in the afternoon. I am a beginning guitarist, not certain of what sound I am looking for and was overwhelmed by the fantastic selection you offer. I went home to think over all I saw and when I finally decided to purchase a particular guitar, headed back to pick it up. I arrived at 5:59p, walked in and asked someone behind the counter what time the store closed. "Six o'clock", he responded, "but what do you need?" I quickly explained that I had been in earlier and was ready to purchase a guitar I had seen. He and his co-worker were helpful and patient, answering all the goofy questions that a beginner has. Half an hour later, I drove away with a guitar, chord book, strap, stand and plenty of picks. Oh, as well as a tuner and a metronome. I am very pleased with my purchase and have been playing as often as I can. I will certainly remember the welcoming and accommodating attitude afforded me at Elderly Music by Chris and Derrick when the time comes to upgrade."
-- Trischa, via email 4/26/11


"This email is intended to complement your entire staff on your service, quality product selection, and fair business practices. I had researched the item purchased, a Fishman prefix premium blend pickup, for many months. Unfortunately, I did not follow through on the research for the guitar I had planned on installing it into. Upon receiving it, a professional quickly informed me that the Gibson Advanced Jumbo I owned would not allow this undersaddle pickup, without destroying the integrity of the instrument . (yes, i did say Gibson advanced jumbo..sometimes sound quality has it over beauty)...Your staff accepted my return, and promptly credited my bank with the balance, and sent me the Fishman rare earth soundhole/mic pickup. The entire escapade was my error, but the entire success for your company, and my satisfaction was all about YOU...Thanks to the people i know who were involved, Brandon, Joe and Mel, and all the others who probably helped as your staff...

I live in Bakersfield, CA. I am a pharmacist by profession and a musician through love, just like most of you. Once again, thank you so much."
-- Neal, via email 4/25/11


"The order arrived today. That was quick!! Thank you."
-- Paul, via email 4/25/11


"Never heard of you guys, it was actually a technician at Oscar Schmidt that sent me your way. I am very impressed by the ease of shopping on your web page, the speed of delivery, the cost, and the follow-up. You're doing everything right."
-- Mark, via email 4/22/11


"Stan: I have been buying stuff from Elderly for about 15 years. My purchases are small and irregular, but I have always had a good experience. I bought a Kentucky Mandolin about ten years ago and it was perfectly set up when I got it, that is the only instrument I have purchased...but I am considering one of the Recording King models. I only play the mandolin, and I am very impressed with the amount of books/DVD's/CD's that are now available."
-- Jim, via email 4/20/11


"I received the LTD EC-400VF guitar today that I ordered from you on Wednesday...! I LOVE IT.!! I own 2 Gibson Les Pauls, and this LTD is by far my Favorite and cost me way less money and the quality and sound is Excellent. It looks like I will be selling some guitars., but NOT this one - its definitely a keeper.. The finish is absolutely beautiful ..! Thank You for the great instrument and the excellent fast shipping! Rock On!"
-- Marie, via email 4/11/11


"I received the guitar I ordered last week and wanted to write to express my satisfaction with your service and pricing. The guitar I received was immaculate and set up perfectly. The order was placed late Wed afternoon and I had the guitar by Sat at noon. I will not hesitate to recommend your business to anyone I know. Todd was the person who handled the order, thanks to him and all others involved. I was worried about having a guitar shipped thru the mail and as mentioned, all was perfect. Thank you guys so much for making a stressful event turn out fantastic. I know I hope to enjoy the guitar for many years to come."
-- Sid, via email 4/8/11


"Thank you so much for all your help. your kindness and professional attitude is a credit to your company. Once again thank you."
-- Patricia (from England), via email 4/6/11


"I LOVE my Octave Mandolin; thanks, and the whole experience was very good."
-- Joy, via email 3/31/11


"I Just got my new National Style O you sent to me last week and... IT'S FANTASTIC!!!! Can't stop to play it. Thanks for the great professionality and the very good deal."
-- Luca (from Italy), via email 3/30/11


"Last Tuesday morning I placed an order for a "Vega Olde Tyme Banjo". I believe I spoke with Tom (might have the name wrong). Your price was very reasonable and well below any other online price. As I waited for the banjo I wondered what I was going to get and kinda expected something because of your price. The banjo arrived on Thursday afternoon to my address in Delaware. (Just two Days) After checking the banjo over it looked perfect. I've had a chance to play it now for a few days and it has met and exceeded all my expectations after reading reviews. I've been playing my Deering Goodtime for about ten years and converted it over to a fiberskin head. The two sound very similar but the Olde Tyme is much smoother to play. The Olde Tyme is a bit heavier and rings louder. I couldn't be more pleased with the banjo, the quick shipping and the overall experience with your company. Thank you for a great transaction."
-- Glenn, via email 3/28/11


"Hi Stan

I bought Martin DC1E guitar from you from Woolloomooloo, Sydney, Australia along with strings, straps etc in Jan. Well just like to say how happy I was with the service and how happy I am with the guitar etc. I play in an Irish band in Sydney and since being here (2 weeks)have played in a few Irish Sessions and am trying to get a couple of gigs around (be here for 3months) so hopefully will get something. Anyway thanks again for your great service and you will get more business from me. Cheers."
-- James (from Australia), via email 3/24/11


"Mr. Werbin, I just wanted to send a quick note about your great repair staff. I have owned many guitars over the years and have never had the misfortune of needing major repairs. This year was different---I needed a new warranty neck on a Fender electric guitar, a neck reset on a '37 Kalamazoo archtop and a fix on the top of a Taylor acoustic after I accidentally bashed it. Your staff repairmen John Jozwiak, Scott Gierman and Kjell Croce all came through with great work on my instruments. The work was outstanding----fast, thorough and professional! Thanks!"
-- Rod, via email 3/22/11


"It arrived on schedule in perfect condition. Good customer service! Thank you very much."
-- Paul, via email 3/21/11


"Hi Elderly, I received the mandolin today in fine condition; thanks for a job well done. I never have to worry about Elderly! I ordered a used 1978 L/H Fender Precision Bass from you back in 1989 or 1990 for, believe it or not, $375. Things have changed since then. I used that bass for 15 or 16 years and then sold it at a guitar show in Nashville, TN, for $1,150. I could have sold it for several hundred more but I wanted to purchase a Martin HD-28 and needed the money then.

I just want you to know that I'm very happy with your store and its employees. I'm going to have to order more things from you. Thanks Elderly. "
-- Sam, via email 3/18/11


"Gentlemen, I placed an order about 2 weeks ago. I am also deployed in Afghanistan and wanted a guitar to play while I was here. I kept looking at the Elderly website for instruments. Your national reputation is incredible so I wanted to purchase from your establishment. I have purchased accessories from you before but never an instrument. I e-mailed your customer service line and Todd Young responded. He answered my e-mails promptly and very detailed of how the transaction would be held being that I'm overseas. With communication with state side being difficult at times due to various issues, I was really pleased to be able to have Todd answer my questions."
-- Edmond (from Afghanistan), via email 3/15/11


"Thank you. Elderly is the best!"
-- Richard, via email 3/10/11


"It truly has been a great experience! The staff was very informative and extremely helpful. I cannot say enough kind things about them. Most of all you made this whole process simple and easy. My daughter loves the guitar that we purchased and it was as advertised if not better. You can rest assured that your company will be first on my list for any of my musical needs. Thanks again."
-- Pat, via email 3/9/11


"Thank You for the fast service. Stings are exactly what I asked for. Keep up the great work. Look forward ordering strings with Elderly!"
-- Tim, via email 3/4/11


"I called this morning regarding my order. I goofed twice. First goof I ordered strings that were not for a string through body, which I realized after the order shipped. Second goof, I asked to exchange them, on the return slip, for two sets of ghs m3050 strings as it came out to about the same price. I did not read far enough to see the labella 760fm/l which are designed for a string through body. I called this morning to confess my goofs and the gentleman I spoke with was very pleasant and understanding. He updated the computer noting I wanted the labella 760fm/l and not the ghs m3050. I really appreciate the quality of service even though I goofed. You have definitely earned my business! Thank You."
-- Bret, via email 3/2/11


"Hello . . . Just letting you know that the bass arrived today and, pardon my French, it is SO ....!!! Thanks so much for a GREAT buy! And the shipping was out-of-this-world fast! Thanks SO much for helping me spend my Tax Refund the best way possible!"
-- Adam, via email 2/28/11


"Just wanted to say I'm very impressed with your service so far. Besides the great selection, whenever I've ordered something it's been in stock and was shipped the same day, so that I received it in my mailbox just two days after I visited your website. You're making other online stores look bad."
-- Rich, via email 2/28/11


"Just wanted to say thank you for fast shipping of my order and as always your service and quality is appreciated. Keep up the good work."
-- Robert, via email 2/28/11


"Stan, I just want to compliment you on what is obviously a great business. I see Elderly mentioned often in forums and other Internet places. After 25 unexplainable (and stupid) years of not touching my guitar, I got back into it 2 years ago at age 63. Now I'm captured... A total acoustic guitar-brain... Just like before the kids got big.

Your website is excellent, and it sometimes has better information than manufacturers' sites. I enjoy it. Quality websites are usually a picture of a quality business. I finally bought something - not much, but you acknowledged it, anyway. I guess I'd better start monitoring "vintage." Congratulations on your obvious success."
-- Jim, via email 2/25/11


"Just got my stuff today The case is wonderful. Thank you guys - was a pleasure doing business with you."
-- Tommy, via email 2/24/11


"I wanted to write you to let you know how satisfied I've been with Elderly in the past year. Case in point: I had a nice mandolin which I thought would serve me for some time (I'm sorry to admit that I bought it from a dealer in TN) but soon found it buzzing and I was disillusioned with it. Probably, it only needed a visit to the Elderly Repair Shop but I traded it along with another instrument for a Breedlove mandolin. The Breedlove is set up perfectly and plays beautifully. It's a good mando and it works so well that it's just a thrill to play and it reminds why I come back to Elderly again and again. When I buy an instrument from you, I get the assurance that someone has checked it out and made sure that it will work and if it needs special attention (I often prefer higher action), I know that you can set it up for me properly. Some might say that I traded down a bit but I don't feel that way at all. I have something that seems special to me and I'm not constantly tinkering with the bridge and that says a lot. Even in this weak economic climate, I really feel like you and the staff are upholding the traditional Elderly standards so you will notice that I've been doing a fair amount of business with you. I hope that things are going well with you because Elderly is (in my opinion) still light years ahead of most of the others."
-- Ken, via email 2/19/11


"Thanks. I am now the proud owner of a 1984 Martin D-12-28. I have been looking for this instrument and was pleased to see that you had one. It completed my Martin collection along with my D-18V and my Clapton.

You have a great store. I am glad that I do not live in the Lansing area because you would be sick of me in there all the time. My son lives in East Lansing so I get to town 2-3 time a year. Can't wait to get there again. Thanks again for the welcome. Look forward to being there again soon. "
-- Don, via email 2/15/11


"Received my VOX VC-12 Foot Controller, Order # 2267158, at about 2:30PM today. Looks great and, more importantly, works great. Now to learn how to use it - maybe read the manual. An added surprise was the handful of Gibson Custom Art Historic guitar picks in the case. I would especially like to thank Brandon and Christina for making the whole process easy. I look forward to doing business with you again."
-- Hugh, via email 2/14/11


"I ordered three sets of strings and four finger picks on Jan 8th. I received them intact and in perfect condition TODAY, only two days later! Thank you very much for your prompt attention and quick shipment."
-- Thomas, via email 2/11/11


"Hi Stan, Yes, I had a smooth transaction. Good price, quick shipping, exactly as described. Thanks"
-- Jack, via email 2/9/11


"Hi Stan, Thanks for this e-mail, and the opportunity to buy a great instrument at a great price! I look forward to hearing from Elderly Instruments in the future."
-- Pete, via email 2/5/11


"Just a note of thank you for your good customer service. I recently bought a Kevlar banjo head that I installed & it did not last an hr. of playing. After contacting your comapany your customer service was very helpful as to gettng a replacement. I understood that once the returned one was recieved by Elderly the replacement would be on it's way to me. I placed the defective one in the mail this afternoon & settled in my mind an aprox. that 10 days would pass before the exchange would be completed & the replacement would be back installed on my instrument. I just received a confirmation & tracking on the replacement being on its way to me. you so much for your prompt & professional service. "
-- Deb, via email 2/1/11


"I got my music today and was SO excited. I have just started playing the mandolin, and your store has fantastic repertoire and delivered it very quickly. I'll be back often!"
-- Becky, via email 1/24/11


"Stan, I wanted you to know that Ace, Frog and Brian and support staff went over and above with their assistance to me. Ya'll are the greatest! "
-- Dave, via email 1/19/11


"Thanks for the welcome Stan. The strings I purchased were for a lap steel I made for my son's Christmas present. I enjoy making instruments, guitars and a couple of octave mandolins, out of cigar boxes. The lap steel was fun and I made it as special as I could in the time frame I had to make it. I ended up making 2 four string cigar box guitars and the lap steel in about four and a half weeks. I look forward to doing more business with Elderly in the future."
-- Ronnie, via email 1/17/11


"It's a real blessing to have Elderly in the world. Compared to all other music organizations, you do the most good for society."
-- Darryl, via email 1/15/11


"Ace wowed with his customer service and knowledge...but I am sure you already know that."
-- Heather, via email 1/14/11


"Stan, I live in Grandville and a friend of mine told me about your store. I went with my brother on Christmas break and we were blown away. It was the best and coolest music store I was ever in. Your staff was great too. Very friendly and helpful. I am a shy guitar player and the vibe one usually gets in a music store doesn't lend itself to the average player being comfortable. In your store I was. He and I bought a bunch of stuff and I entrusted my '67 Epiphone Texan to you guys to spruce up. Anyway, I can't wait to get back and even though it is 75 miles away, your store is now my preferred shop. Thanks."
-- Jeff, via email 1/12/11


"I have been a customer of Elderly Instruments for 20 years or more – off and on, mostly small items like strings, guitar straps, picks and instructional materials.

Prior to the first of this year I began a search for a used, reasonably-priced, Gibson ES335, –a guitar I have always wanted but never got around to buying. After looking at the offerings on eBay I decided to check out your Used/Vintage Internet listings. I’m glad I did because you had exactly what I wanted at a fair price. During the purchase process Joe Bakaitis answered all of the questions I had about the instrument’s condition and other things (I had several questions over a period of three or four days) and then Stephen Conrade called me (left messages on my cell and home phones) to clarify my delivery address and to advise me to delay shipping until the following Monday in order to avoid having my instrument in a UPS warehouse (or ?) over the New Year’s Day weekend. I felt very confident buying a used guitar from your company after my dealings with Joe and Stephen. The guitar arrived a few days after it was shipped and turned out to be in much better condition than I expected – I love it! Thanks to Joe, Stephen and all others who made this a very pleasant experience for me. I may not be in the market for another guitar anytime soon but I will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come."
-- Ed, via email 1/10/11


"Stan, I've only been shopping with you for about ten years, but there is no other store that I'd even consider doing business with. The products are great, but it's your people that make the real difference. I could get the products most anywhere, but i can't get the courtesy, the respect, the knowledge and the interest in my needs anywhere else. I work in retail customer service for a big box electronics compeny headquartered pretty near you. I know good customer service when I see it. The unlikely name of Crank does not inhibit him from providing first class customer service, with the emphasis on service. Keep up the good work, and you have only great fortune ahead of you. Interestingly enough, I now play occasionally with Dennis Saterlee here in South Carolina. We're recording a CD next week for a project I'm working on to raise money for Scoliosis Research. "
-- John, via email 1/7/11


"Thanks Stan. Just wanted to let you know that I bought my first "real" guitar at Elderly instruments in 1979 (a Yamaha 6-string dreadnaught). I was a veterinary intern at MSU. I'm pleased that your service and selection remains top notch all these years later."
-- Jeff, via email 1/5/11


"Howdy Stan - I just got your store's email and noticed you included your email address. I just wanted to let you know your people are doing a great job. I built a parlor guitar for my nephew for Christmas and needed a case for him. I emailed your store and promptly heard back from a man named Dimitrious. He was very helpful. He helped me find a case the right size (or close enough anyways) and got it shipped to me quickly and affordably.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, in stark contrast to the 10 minutes I spent at one of your competitors. Thanks for smoothing over the last steps of this project."
-- Mike, via email 1/4/11


"I just wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful instrument shopping experience my husband and I had when we were at Elderly's in October of 2010. I'd been looking to upgrade my mandolin and yours is the only store either my husband and I have ever encountered where there is no one hovering around and/or having a fit if you dare to take an instrument off the wall to try it; what a refreshing alternative from what we have here in Denver, CO. No attitude, just helpful people who are there to answer questions when you need them, and very gracious and generous folks at that. We knew we were in the right place when the CD being played as we walked into the mando room was Greg Ruby's recent solo effort after leaving Pearl Django (this is the style hubby and I are currently obsessed with).


We were in Michigan visiting family and took the trip from Detroit to Lansing; it was worth every second of the drive to be able to spend 4 hours comparing everything. We went home with the Weber (used) of my dreams after having the satisfaction of being able to try so many mandolins all over the place in price, just to be sure this was the one for me. It remains my beloved baby, and having our "first experience together" be sure a positive one just adds to my happiness over this purchase.


You've got a wonderful business and store, and we'll be sure to visit each time we get to Michigan; How could we not want to?"
-- Kit, via email 1/1/11


"I wanted to commend you and your staff for doing a great job of getting orders out promptly for this Christmas season. I ordered twice and both orders were shipped promptly and accurately, arriving well before the big gift giving day. Thanks."
-- 12/30/10, via email Bob


"Just a little thank you note for the promp service. Everything arrived in good shape and in time for Christmas. Thank you very much and I will be doing business with you again."
-- Clay, via email 12/30/10


"Thanks for the Gibson r9 reissue. It is better than I hoped! You are not getting this one back, nice doing business with you!"
-- Tim, via email 12/27/10


"I ordered an Ovation Elite 1778 LX from Elderly last week, and it arrived (a day early) on Monday! The guitar is, of course, terrific, but I’'d like to thank the staff at Elderly for the great help on the order and for the careful packaging. One always “frets” (pun intended) when an instrument is shipped that far, particularly during cold weather, but everything was just fine. The guitar was set up perfectly – all I had to do was tune up and play – and the fretboard is identical to my 1974 Ovation Legend, so there was no “learning curve” for me. Sweet! The sound is awesome, both unplugged and plugged in, and of course the honey burst Elite is pure eye candy, too. Thanks for providing such a great instrument at such an outstanding price and for the attention to detail that made this a perfect transaction!"
-- Joe, via email 12/24/10


"I would like to take this opportunity to express my most sincere gratitude for the outstanding attention, support and help I have received from Corey DeRushia. I just bought a mandolin from Elderly's web site and he made me feel as if I were personally shopping right in your store. Corey was most diligent, attentive and professional from the very beginning of my purchase transaction until my mandolin arrived at its destination in perfect condition on the date that was agreed.

Please extend my most sincere gratitude to Corey and wish you all a Merry Christmas."
-- Juan (from Mexico), via email 12/24/10


"I couldn'’t imagine being able to order an instrument on Monday, December 20 and have it IN MY Adirondack, Upstate NY, HOUSE Wednesday, December 22 before 4:00 pm. Ah – but then, I hadn'’t factored in the care and efficiency so notable at Elderly Instruments! Thank you all for having this “important” beginner level mandolin here well before Christmas! And for suggesting this particular model. All is grand! "
-- Ruth, via email 12/24/10


"Here's a big thank you from over in the Grand Rapids area. I was able to come over for a Taylor factory demo and a Martin demo this year. Following the Martin demo, I came back on Saturday and purchased a performing artist model. These factory tours are a great way to get to see inside the guitars, hear them and play them and then get what you really want. Please continue to provide this opportunity. By the way, when I purchased, your guys couldn't have been any better. They let me (encouraged me to) check out and play each guitar in stock of the OM model I wanted, and made sure I left satisfied. I sure was happy and every time I take it out and play it, it gets better. The big surprise came yesterday. I ordered about $60 worth of "stocking stuffers" and got the free $29 or more shipping. This was Wednesday morning about 10. I didn't really expect them before Christmas, thinking they would arrive between Christmas and New Years. So when that afternoon I got a note they had already shipped, and they showed up on my doorstep Thursday morning, (Yes morning about 9) it blew me away. I know this may not happen every time but Wow. And, yesterday I called and asked one of your appraisers about a street price on an old Gibson being sold in my area. He cheerfully gave me the information, and it was a real help. I cannot think of a time over the years that I have had anything less than a fantastic experience working with the folks at Elderly. To me and my musician buddies, it is the Guitar Mecca. Please thank all of your team for their hard work. And have a very Merry Christmas."
-- Dick, via email 12/24/10


"Your service was fantastic this year. I enjoy doing business with you."
-- Don, via email 12/22/10


"Thank you and merry Christmas. You sold me a 1967 Martin 000-28 last January that has become my favorite acoustic guitar, and it has lots of competition from four other Martins. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Everything was exactly as you said it would be and everything went smoothly and very pleasantly. You made me one happy customer..."
-- Gordon, via email 12/21/10


"I just wanted to commend you on your great service. I ordered a goatskin banjo head and got it very quickly. I also appreciate sending me instructions too! I will recommend your company to anyone!"
-- Franzine, via email 12/20/10


"I wanted to pass this on, speaking from personal experience--Elderly Instruments' Customer Service = top-notch, definitely above & beyond. Thanks for all your attention to my orders & follow-ups regarding same. It's much appreciated! Also thanks for faithfully serving the acoustic musician, great prices & selection of products."
-- Les, via email 12/17/10


"Just wanted to let you know. Got my order yesterday. I was very pleased. I will do business with you again if I can. All I play is the radio. But if my children need anything musical, I will check your site first. Thanks very much for the fast shipping, the excellent site with clear descriptions and the easy and quick ordering kiosk. I appreciate it...."
-- Jim, via email 12/10/10


"I would like to thank the staff at Elderly for helping my daughter out withe her first big purchase. Tim and Derek in particular were very helpful. My 14 year old daughter Taylor will be coming back to Elderly for many years to come."
-- Jorge, via email 12/9/10


"Just to let you know that my Wechter Scheerhorn Resonator guitar arrived yesterday afternoon, Thursday. I ordered it on Monday. That is fantastic service and I thank you! The guitar is simply superb. I am very pleased with my purchase and your great customer service. "
-- Karl, via email 12/4/10


"I have bought instruments and supplies from you. You're the only guy I don't mind getting emails from. I will always be a loyal customer. Thanks for all you do, and wishing you and your staff a very Merry Christmas! Hope to come visit one day."
-- Ron, via email 12/3/10


"Thanks for sending the instrument it arrived two days ago in perfect condition, sounds fantastic."
-- Peter, via email 12/3/10


"Just to say the bass arrived today and I'm blown away. Fabulous bass and it even has the original tag! So a big thank-you to you all. It was a pleasure doing business."
-- John, via email 11/30/10


"Thank you for this beautiful 000-15M. Woods are beautiful and it will open up nicely. Very happy!"
-- Ben, via email 11/29/10


"Thanks so much for sending the Kentucky Mandolin (KM150) I ordered last week. For an inexpensive instrument it looks and sounds great! I attribute the good tone mostly to the really super setup your shop did prior to sending it. It plays so easy, I didn't change a thing ! I bought it for my 15YO's Christmas present, but I sneak down to the basement when she is gone.. I hope I don't get caught. Thanks again. "
-- Scott, via email 11/26/10


"You people are amazing. Ordered yesterday, arrived yesterday. Customer for life."
-- Deidra, via email 11/24/10


"We are so excited! We have an exchange student coming from Austria in January. He really wants to visit Elderly to purchase a new guitar. We love to visit Elderly and are excited about introducing you to our new friend."
-- Leslie, via email 11/23/10


"I recently ordered a few Fender parts for my Son's Strat. Your shipping was lightening fast and everything was packed very well. I'm very pleased with my order !! I will be ordering from you again. I showed your catalog to some of my musician friends and gave them your web address. "
-- Joe, via email 11/22/10


"Thanks for running such a great store. I don't get to Lansing often, but I do like to stop in when I am there!"
-- Ken, via email 11/6/10


"I'd just like to say what a pleasure it was to once again do business with you. The guitar arrived safe and sound. I've played it for many evenings already and it plays and sounds absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to take it out to my next gig. Thank you!"
-- Trygve (from Norway), via email 11/5/10


"I want to thank everyone for the service I got in the recent order."
-- Don, via email 11/1/10


"I thought I would take a minute or so to let you know that I received a used 2006 PRS Singlecut Trem in Black and Grey. The guitar arrived in fine shape with no shipping damage. The instrument was rated EC+ on your web site and it actually deserves that rating or more. This guitar could have been sold as brand new it looks so good. As a matter of fact I've seen brand new guitars hanging in shops that show more wear than this one. Even the case doesn't have a scuff mark anywhere that I can see. When buying a used guitar which I don't often do, I usually replace the strings first (after a short play) and clean everything up. Well, the strings on this guitar feel like brand new so I haven't replaced them and there was no need to do a clean up - there wasn't even any dust on it. Doesn't even appear to need a set up. This is my first experience with a PRS guitar other than handling some at the recent PRS Experience at the factory not far from my home. I'm very impressed with the guitar, the feel, sound, electronics and even the tremolo. I've seriously taken a step beyond my talent level with this instrument. I'm also very impressed with your company and the way this instrument was packaged and shipped."
-- Thomas, via email 10/29/10


"I ordered a 00028H in June, and it arrived today. Everyone at Elderly that I talked with, from the first inquiry about the instrument, to the folks who answered my intermediate delivery questions, to those who helped me upgrade the case, to Melanie who scheduled the delivery, was extremely helpful.

I love the guitar! I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks for all your help."
-- Neal, via email 10/28/10


"I want to let you know how great it was doing business with your company. Demetrius who took my order was very courteous and placed my order correctly and promptly. My autoharp arrived in a quality shipping box that was packed with care. It had not a scratch on it! It is not the norm in today's world to have all go well, in addition to receiving a quality piece of merchandise that was priced fairly!"
-- Barbara, via email 10/27/10


"Thanks Elderly, I could not live without you guys."
-- John, via email 10/25/10


"You guys did great. Got the Rover by FedEx this afternoon. You guys shipped quickly, and it arrived in good shape. Excellent experience."
-- Rick, via email 10/25/10


"Your timing is perfect, as the CA bridge that I ordered from Elderly arrived here in Scotland earlier today.

The transaction was a simple one, but taken care of with care and efficiency. My needs are few and far between and limited by my location (most of the year in Thailand, only occasionally back 'home' in Scotland), but I would not hesitate to turn to Elderly again in the future."
-- Ron (from Scotland), via email 10/22/10


"I received my order for (2) Fishman Matrix pickups. Great service! It worked out that the Australian / $ exchange rate is in our favour."
-- Pierre (from Australia), via email 10/12/10


"Very happy with the tweed dobro case, most impressive & quick delivery."
-- Gene, via email 10/12/10


"The strings arrived within 12 days!!! I would have no hesitation in shopping at Elderly Instruments again. The main concern for us in Ireland is postage costs and I found Elderly instruments extremely reasonable."
-- Vincent ( from Ireland), via email 10/8/10


"Hi Elderly people, I received the Kentucky KM162 mandolin with no problems. I really appreciate the care that was taken in packaging the instrument and the use of recyclable materials.

I would especially like to than Demetrius for handling my order and the tech department for the set-up. You guys are great!"
-- Wally, via email 10/4/10


"Stan--- I have been totally happy with every purchase and every inquiry I've made at Elderly. My latest purchase was a Del McCoury Limited Edition D-18. Great guitar. Great price. I'm really enjoying it.

Without a doubt you run the friendliest, most organized, and highly professional guitar store on the planet. I can count on you to have the best selection of Martin acoustics, accurately described, and always well-priced to boot. How do you do it? I've never met you or talked with you, Stan, but I know that all great businesses start with great owners, and so I'd like to personally thank you for creating such a wonderful enterprise as Elderly Instruments. For Martin guys like me it's heaven. You always make me feel like my business is appreciated. I'll keep coming back, I promise."
-- William, via email 10/1/10


"To the folks at Elderly~ Thanks so much!! I ordered a GORGEOUS case for my ukulele, and it arrived today! Totally brightened my day--I'll absolutely be buying from you again in the future!! Two thumbs up! Five stars! 10/10! I couldn't be happier! Thank you thank you thank you!!"
-- Coralyn, via email 9/27/10


"Hello, It was a pleasure using your website for ordering some ukulele accessories. I'm a ukulele teacher and have already passed on the email address for your website to all of my students so they too can benefit from the many selections available at very good prices. I was referred to you by my brother-in-law in Honolulu who makes ukuleles. Mahalo and Aloha."
-- Mel, via email 9/22/10


"Stan: I was very impressed with your store, the very nice person that helped me, and the cool catalog he sent. I look forward to my next purchase. Thanks."
-- Joe, via email 9/18/10


"Thanks again (to Elderly Instruments Repair Shop employee - Stretch) for setting up my new Deering Calico. Your customer service skills are as good as craftsmanship, and they should be a model for all.

I have been playing the banjo for about a month, and it sounds like a dream. Thanks for make my banjo dreams come true."
-- Brian, via email 9/11/10


"I received the guitar referenced below yesterday. It is fantastic! Thanks very much for the excellent service."
-- Ed, via email 9/10/10


"Thank You! For many years, Elderly has been supporting me with outstanding service and a great selection of musical products. For example, the Scheerhorn Slide that I just recently purchased, not many would stock such an item due to cost. Actually, I had no idea if the Scheerhorn Slide was a good tradeoff of value versus cost. A search for "Scheerhorn Slide" failed to give me an answer. But knowing that you carry great products gave me the confidence to order it.

Not disappointed! Best slide. Thanks!"
-- Felipe, via email 9/4/10


"Just to let you know ... I was introduced to your store by a colleague who was very happy with his experience. I recently made two mail orders from Elderly, and both were handled promptly and professionally. My contacts with your Customer Service people were excellent, too. I got a sense of a personal touch that increasingly is only found in independent businesses. I'll be back, and hope to visit the physical store someday. Best regards and continued good luck."
-- Craig (from Norway), via email 9/3/10


"Wow, you shipped it the same day! Scheduled to be here tomorrow per Fed Ex. That's impressive. You can count on return business."
-- Gary, via email 8/31/10


"I had placed an order for a PRS on Friday and needed the guitar to be delivered quickly, and sure enough, the guitar was at my doorstep the very next day (Saturday) and was exactly as represented by sales staff. An excellent experience. "
-- Marc, via email 8/31/10


"I received the Gov't Mule CD I ordered in a timely fashion and am very happy with service your company provided. I receive e-mail updates often and I find them very useful. I have been to the store and am always amazed at the inventory you carry. Hopefully the economy will pick up and I will find some work and be able to purchase an instrument or two from you in the future."
-- Joe, via email 8/25/10


"Just wanted to confirm timely receipt of my order. It was a Superior brand gig bag for a tenor banjo that one of your salespeople (Pat I think) suggested would work for my octave mandolin. Just letting you know it fits perfect and is exactly what I was looking for."
-- Clint, via email 8/23/10


"Just a note to say thanks. Great price on the strings and great price for shipping. Best yet was how fast they got here...SUPER JOB"
-- Arthur, via email 8/19/10


"I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my first purchase from Elderly. I ordered and received very quickly my Fender Villager a couple of weeks ago. It was well-packed, and FedEx delivered it before I could even track it to Chicago! "
-- Shel, via email 8/18/10


"Hi, let me thank you one and half year after receiving my Recording King RO127. I must say you picked for me the right one! I could say it's a very fine guitar for the price, but this would be incorrect: it's in absolute a very fine instrument, sounding day by day better with a loud and wonderful voice. I know it's a little bit late to say it (but better late than never) your service was great! "
-- Mirco (from Italy), via email 8/16/10


"I received my Composite Acoustics guitar today that I bought from you (a day earlier than I had expected) a few days ago. This is my second guitar purchase from you and I have bought many other products and services. As normal I am very happy with my dealings. The guitar was packed very well. Thank you for your continued excellent service and products. "
-- Jeremy, via email 8/12/10


"it is a pleasure doing business with you-- I travel all over the country and sometimes the world playing music and I want you to know Elderly Instruments is one of the best. Can't wait to buy my next guitar from you--thanks."
-- Michael, via email 8/11/10


"I have been a customer of yours since the days you were located across the street from MSU, bought a Sigma from you. When I have the money, I visit and buy. When I don't, I just visit. Your folks have always been very good to me and my friends and children and now grandchildren. "
-- Spence, via email 8/6/10


"Thanks for the email. I have to say my first transaction with Elderly has been a very satisfactory one. I look forward to getting your emails from you. I am sure they are full of great stuff. I just want you to know that when I sell my next house I may be interested in a Martin 000 28H. I know you are one of just two stores that carry them. Again, thanks."
-- Vince, via email 8/5/10


"Hello, I purchased a Martin HD-28V yesterday and it arrived today in perfect condition. It is stunningly beautiful and sounds fantastic!

So, a big thank you to the salesperson that I talked to on the phone, she was very patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I also had talked to a "Pat" that saw my guitar off to shipping, so please pass along my compliments to him also. Thanks for a great buying experience!"
-- Chris, via email 7/30/10


"Mr. Werbin, I am very pleased with your services that I received. As you know I purchased 2 tin whistles (1 for my daughter). The reason that I purchased these was that I was at a concert featuring the Steve Free band and one of the members got out a small flute. I asked her what it was because I loved the sound. She told me it was a penny whistle or a tin whistle or an Irish whistle. She also told me to go to your company to purchase the whistle since you had the best prices.

I wanted a small instrument that I could take camping as I am a leader in the Boy Scouts of America. I play the harmonica relatively well, but I can already play around 5 or 6 songs on the tin whistle. My wife thinks that I have really taken to this instrument. I look forward to future purchases with your company."
-- Paul, via email 7/26/10


"Dear Stan Werbin and Elderly Inst. staff, Last winter I considered purchasing a Goodtime banjo for my nephew's birthday, and wanted it shipped to him in Iraq. I am a happy, longtime customer of Elderly. I was sure that the staff would be able to have the instrument delivered. The staff put together a very nice starter package, which helped Jason to teach himself to play. Many thanks for getting the present to Jason!"
-- Chuck, via email 7/26/10


"Purchased the Koloa Baritone Ukulele from you and I am very pleased. I ordered on a Friday and received it on the following Tuesday. The instrument is beautiful. Fit and finish are excellent. If you pluck a string it rings forever. Setup was really good, no adjustments needed. Overall this is a really great instrument and a really great buying experience. The ukulele is solid mahogany and has ruined me for using laminated instruments. I will be using your outstanding services in the future."
-- Jack, via email 7/22/10


"Stan, I will shop through you guys again. I would like to complement that your employee Ben is an excellent employee who knows customer service is important. I bought a Uke from him and he was extremely knowledgeable and handled the phone sale extremely well. There was a minor problem, but he took care of it immediately. I am a very happy customer. "
-- Stephen, via email 7/14/10


"Hi ... After just two days, the Yamaha CG201S, I bought on-line, arrived in R.I. ... safe and sound.

I'm pleased with your description accuracy. It is truly in near-mint ("EC+") condition. At first, I could hardly tell it from brand new. When checking string action height, I could just see a fingernail scratch pattern, presumably from rasgueados ... and only from the side angle; no problem.

Intonation was pretty fine. Sustaining ring was fine, too ... on 99% of the frets. Though not the loudest guitar, Yamaha makes a well-crafted guitar ... excellent and consistent quality control ... and I'm happy ... and ...Thank you."
-- Mike, via email 7/9/10


"Dear Stan, Although I have only limited experience with your company, I want you to know that I am very acquainted with your website. I was also very pleased with the small order I made with you a couple of weeks ago. I retired to a very rural area of Idaho about 4 years ago. Most of my purchases since that time have been made over the internet and I am very careful when I choose a web company to do business with. I have 7 High end guitars which are all in need of constant care in one form or another, as I am sure you well know . Be assured that even though our experience together has been limited, Your company's web site has been entered into my computer "Bookmarks" as one of the "Good Guys". You will be given all consideration when making any music related purchases. Thank you for your thoughtful welcome letter."
-- Steve, via email 7/6/10


"I just installed the LaBella's on my violin bass after problems with the Rotosound tapewounds.

These strings are great! Your help was great! Shipping was fast! I appreciate your going over and beyond, all for a 30 dollar set of strings!"
-- Dave, via email 7/6/10


"Hi Stan,

It's been great doing business with you. I'd been looking for a good used Larrivee L-03RE and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It is everything you described it to be and more. Great guitar, great service, great price. What more could anyone ask? Rest assured when the time comes for future purchases, whatever they may be, Elderly will be at the top of my list. All the best."
-- Jim, via email 7/2/10


"Thank you very much ,,,, wife loved it, thanks again,,,"
-- Ed, via email 6/29/10


"Hi there, Just received my order and wanted to thank you for the incredibly fast shipping. I've looked all over for these books and can't believe how easy it was to get them from you!! I'm very curious though about the name of your company. Why is it called "Elderly" Instruments? Thanks again."
-- Larry, via email 6/28/10


"This is John, from Bluffton SC........ I work in big box retail, so I know the pressures you folk are under.....while everyone else is cutting back and allowing their service to get worse under the excuse of the recession, you guys just keep getting better!!!!!!!!! Your level of service and inventory is the best, bar none. I salute you."
-- John, via email 6/25/10


"Thank you for the good service. It has always been good and I appreciate it much."
-- James, via email 6/24/10


" need to give this guy a raise and praise!

I have dealt with him twice in the last year. I have always received fine service over the years but Ben goes above and beyond the call of duty. I will likely becoming back again mostly due to his politeness, patience, and expertise.

I am going traveling and wanted a small uke to "stow" away in my luggage. He played the two instruments I was interested in ... over the phone (I am in New Mexico) He helped me weigh the pros and cons and never once did I detect, "oh brother, I wish she would make up her mind."

....anyway, it was a pleasure doing business with your company."
-- Marcie, via email 6/22/10


"Just received my Larrivee L-03 RE and it's a great guitar. It's my third Larrivee and by far the best sounding and playing. I couldn't be any happier with it. Many thanks for your help with this purchase and great customer service. "
-- Jim, via email 6/21/10


"I never do this, but recent work completed by Stretch on my beloved Melancon Pro Artist compels me to write.

This was already a dream guitar, but the original frets were in need of replacement. I wanted and needed superlative work and advice concerning their replacement and was pretty worried about having this work done ­and actually put it off for two years.

Stretch spent considerable time with me showing me my fret choices, based on my answers to his questions about my playing style and feel preferences. The chosen fret was absolutely perfect!

The quality of his work exceeded even Gerard Melancon's original work, not an easy task. This guitar was already was better than about anything else on the planet. Now it's even better and I still can't get over it. It is truly mind blowing.

Stretch has done work for me through the years and I trust him completely. Being a very active player, I realize his value and appreciate it daily. These words fall short of proper expression, but I'm hoping they fall upon the right ears and that you and your great store realize and appreciate the quality of this man, his passion, and his labor."
-- Greg, via email 6/18/10


"Received my order today, thanks very much it took less than two weeks to arrive so we will be shopping with you again, cheers."
-- Marlene (from Australia), via email 6/17/10


"Item received today! When it arrived I dropped everything to setup my banjitar.

Super-fast delivery. Thanks."
-- David, via email 6/14/10


"Hi every one at Elderly Instruments

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the Paul Beard Gold Tone PBSM I purchased off you recently. Now,,,,down here in New Zealand there are not many reso's to be found, somewhat a novelty item in a few music shops, especially if you can't fret the square neck ,, in fact I did rescue and a friend restored for me, an old OMI Dobro sq neck that had been shaved down so the guitar player could bottle neck in a standard playing position (to make the strings closer to the fretboard position, hand-eye tuning co-ordination I suppose).

So searching hi and low for a Paul Beard Gold Tone was an impossibility so eventually when I could take it no more, woke up on a saturday morning and by the time I had finished my first coffee, ordered it from the Elderly Instruments website. The service I can honestly say was fantastic, prompt response from Dawn, suggesting a suitable case ,,, ( Thanks Dawn) ,, and within a week it was here,, perfect condition and I love everything about the Guitar, from the look , quality of the craftsmanship, playability and tone,, above all else the sound. Fantastic to play.

Cheers everyone and thanks for the service,, looking forward to the future temptation of my next purchase. "
-- Tony (from New Zealand), via email 6/11/10


"You guy's are the best!!! You have my loyalty."
-- Daniel, via email 6/7/10


"Thank so much for your prompt and friendly service. I will always recommend you to all my associates and students."
-- Martin, via email 6/7/10


"Thanks. This guitar is way cool. You guys crack me up. I was buying sight unseen (have been for decades from Elderly) and I expected way more dings and dents and stuff. This sucker is mint for this price?!? A real charmer."
-- Ron, via email 6/4/10


"No questions! Everything arrived promptly. The head is already installed on the banjo. Thanks!!"
-- Peter, via email 5/28/10


"Hi Stan, You know I have had nothing but good experiences with the many instruments I have bought through Elderly, and I am thankful that you are still alive and well and living in Michigan, or as we old Hoosiers call it, Northern Indiana. Keep well and keep up the great work! I always recommend your business to my students out here in Albuquerque."
-- Wayne, via email 5/28/10


"Thank you very much for your email. I recently purchased a ukulele stand from your company. It arrived quickly, well packed in perfect shape and exactly what I ordered. I am extremely pleased with the product. If there is a need for me to order additional equipment, I certainly will keep your business in mind. Thanks again for the note and your fine service."
-- James, via email 5/25/10


"Thanks, Stan. Buying instruments sight unseen is always a leap of faith, so I really rely on the reputation of the seller. A real bricks and mortar shop, and the reputation Elderly has had over the years (and years and years...) is huge to me. By the way, I absolutely love my J-185. Rest assured, it will be played."
-- John, via email 5/25/10


"Stan: Your guys were great. Hope that I get to visit the shop in person some day. Let me know if you ever get a great slope shoulder style guitar (a la Gibson J35). Thanks!"
-- Nathan, via email 5/24/10


"Wow that was fast!!! Thanks"
-- Ryan, via email 5/21/10


"Wow! You guys are good! I placed my order on 5-11-10, and received it 5-13-10. That's fast! Nice work.........."
-- David, via email 5/17/10


"It's fantastic, an order I do, is to my home within 10 days. Really I like doing business with your store. It's amazing! I'll enjoy my new stuff right away. Really, You make me satisfied every time I do business with you and I feel so safe."
-- Alain (from Canada), via email 5/12/10


"Thank you for your kind message. My experience was great. The order was complete, even after a change in the order after I made a mistake in ordering. The delivery was very prompt. You run a fine operation. I will be using you again. I am in the market for a vintage guitar and I visit your site often. I plan to visit the store soon. Thanks again. "
-- Lee, via email 5/9/10


"Please convey my sincere thanks to Stretch for the wonderful work he did on my Eastman MD815 Mandolin on Wednesday of this week. The difference in ease of play is astounding after he adjusted the setup and replaced my strings. I'm in the band instrument business and appreciate fine craftsmanship when it comes to instrument repair. I look forward to many more trips to Elderly in the future."
-- Bill, via email 5/7/10


" I just received my Deering Vega Old Tyme banjo! Nice job! Quick ship! Great instrument! In superb condition! Not like an identical banjo I ordered from a place in Florida!! It came with a fractured neck, and had to be returned! Thank you for saving the day, and healing my shattered musical dream!"
-- Jan, via email 5/6/10


"Hello, Stan - I wanted to tell you how wonderful your whole staff has been in helping me with the decision making process in purchasing my new Weber Yellowstone mandolin. It was a once in a lifetime purchase for me and I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision. Everyone there went out of their way to help me and see me through until I received it. I absolutely love it and wanted to make sure you knew how great everyone was to me. Raoul, Joe Bakatis, & Dawn in Customer Service. Thank you all for everything, and I will tell everyone about Elderly Instruments!! God bless!"
-- Kristel, via email 5/4/10


"Hello Stan, I always enjoy perusing your website, lots of good products. I'm an old guy, banjo (clawhammer) and old-time fiddle keep me sane. Seems that I only need small items on occasion but I will always go to Elderly when in need. One of the most unique and best accessory purchases I made was recently when I bought a couple of Fred Kelly banjo picks, the kind that slip around your finger, very comfortable and yes, they are great for clawhammer, outstanding! All the metal picks would pinch too much by the time you got them where they would stay on and then there was a lot of filing and reshaping the pick part.

I got one of each (delrin and polycarb) for sound and will be ordering some more in fear that they may stop making these! Thanks for your good service and advice on occasion when I called."
-- Ron, via email 5/2/10


"The 1969 Martin 12 string I purchased was better than I could imagine! People are amazed at the sound!"
-- Steve, via email 4/28/10


"Thank you for your email. Also thank you for your competitive pricing, good customer service and prompt delivery for a recent order for instrument strings. May I wish you well in your business. I will order from you again."
-- John (from Australia), via email 4/27/10


"I want to tell you that the service I've gotten from your Elderly staff (although not so elderly) was just wonderful. Both when I bought my Gibson UB-2 banjo uke almost two years ago, and for other purchases this year. You should be very proud of what you've created there . . . It's a real treat to do business with your staff and I recommend Elderly Instruments to all the people in our uke classes and clubs."
-- Pam, via email 4/26/10


"Earlier this week I purchased a Kamaka Concert Ukulele and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the instrument and the whole experience. Ben gave me expert guidance and helped me choose from among 6 instruments that I was interested in. The uke arrived within 2 days, it is beautiful and I love the sound of this uke. As a long time music teacher in Maine I have dealt with many music stores all over the country and I would highly recommend Elderly Instruments to anyone."
-- Margie, via email 4/23/10


"I've just inspected the guitar, and it arrived safely. Thank you, it sounds glorious!"
-- Sidney, via email 4/22/10


"Just want to let you know that I just received my 5 sets of Worth ukulele strings and everything is great. Great service and great shipping price to Canada. Thanks and I'll be back for my ukulele needs! "
-- Peter (from Ottawa), via email 4/20/10


"Stan, I have played guitar since I was fifteen years old. I will be thirty seven in a week. Recently, I was looking for a nice Martin acoustic guitar. I live in Muncie, Indiana. We have a couple homegrown music stores here but nothing to exciting. I googled Martin Guitars and your website appeared. I have never brought any instrument without playing it first. So, I contacted your store and was treated very well over the phone. One week later, I drove three hours to your store in Lansing, MI. I was very impressed with the store, staff, and the variety of Martin Guitars. Needless to say, I was in guitar heaven. Anyway, I purchased a new Martin HD-28 and had it shipped to my residence. I received it less than 24 hours later. It was worth the money and drive to Michigan. VERY WELL DONE!!!"
-- Shawn, via email 4/19/10


"I received my 2004 Taylor 30th Anniversary Edition Grand Concert guitar this morning. I love it. I want to thank you for spending all that time with me on the phone. You played it for me, described every aspect of the cosmetic condition, and answered a lot of questions. I really appreciate it. It was also expertly packed when it arrived, and there was no shipping damage. You guys are great."
-- John, via email 4/19/10


"I received my picks. Thank you for taking care of this the way you did. I will certainly tell my music friends about how well you take care of your customers."
-- Brad, via email 4/18/10


"Dear Stan, Your staff is not good or very good... they are outstanding. I found everyone that I've spoken to at Elderly to be polite and knowledgeable. I've never spoken to anyone at any music store who was willing to play a guitar for me over the phone. Just amazing. This was a small purchase and I still got a phone call letting me know it was eligible for FedEx but needed a home address. You guys (and gals) are a class act. I will, no doubt, use you to add to my guitar collection."
-- Stephen, via email 4/18/10


"I have purchased three guitars from Elderly instruments and just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. Your employees have been very accommodating to my needs. In one instance, one of your employees went into your warehouse and played three instruments and gave me an appraisal. I did purchase one of those guitars. The description of the guitars and quality of the instruments are "on the money". The packaging of the guitars and shipment has been first class. You have a great organization that has the customer's interest in mind. These are the reasons that I probably will be making my fourth guitar purchase from Elderly Instruments."
-- James, via email 4/17/10


"Got here this morning...good service...thanks!"
-- Bill, via email 4/16/10


"I've been shopping at Elderly since you were in your old store on Grand River. I've purchased a ton of stuff over the years and always had a good experience. Customer service is your biggest asset, always remember that and you'll continue to be the best musical instrument shop on the planet. With all the on line shopping available many are tempted to look for a better deal, but shopping with people you trust means more over the long run. I can't tell you how many times your service dept. has helped with minor problems/adjustments on my instruments and never charged a penny. That means a lot. I've recommended your shop to folks all over the country. Keep up the good work."
-- Tom, via email 4/14/10


"I was very happy. My shipment arrived in a couple days. I've always been happy with Elderly's service. I've had several guitars repaired by your luthiers and found them to be honest, straight forward, and professional. I have another guitar that needs re-fretting, and although I live in the Detroit area I will happily drive to Lansing to know I'm getting quality service.

Keep up the good work. Be Well."
-- Todd, via email 4/14/10


"Hey- I love Elderly Instruments! You guys are fast and prices are fair and I have never had any problems, except that one time when a salesman didn't want to sell me a case - but did anyway and it turned out fine!"
-- Dean, via email 4/14/10


"Good Morning Stan: This is the second guitar I own that came from Elderly. The first (Martin D-18) my wife bought me. This one, a Taylor GC3, I bought for myself.

I had ordered another comparable guitar through E-bay a few months ago and it came damaged. After a month and 1/2 of messing with the seller and E-bay I received a refund. I had kept an eye on the Elderly used guitars for a while and saw the GC3.

Your customer service representative is the reason I bought the guitar. Because of my experience with E-bay, I called on 3/26/10 and inquired about the process of sending a guitar back if it came damaged or was different than described. He was polite and well informed about your return policies and assured me that Elderly stands behind their products. Thanks Stan. I am very pleased with my guitar and would recommend Elderly to anyone thinking of purchasing a guitar. "
-- Ron, via email 4/12/10


"Stan, Thanks for note. I always find it enjoyable to visit Elderly Instruments. Staff is nice and helpful, and the selection is usually quite nice. I recently purchased the Heritage Super Kenny Burrell, and really took a good look at the Super 400 you have on consignment. The Super Kenny is really nice - quite satisfied. I will continue to support independent musical instrument businesses, as I have for the past 40 years (I know, well before the large consortia). I will be in Nashville next week, and will likely make my standard visit to Gruhn. Wishing you continued success, not just for you, but for all of us who love stores like yours."
-- Bill, via email 4/9/10


"Hi Stan, I hope this email finds its way to you personally. Been a while since I've had the chance to chat with you, face-to-face. I often make my "yearly trips" late on Saturdays. The store still looks great. Elderly's has come a long way from the 'little basement' near MSU's campus in the 70's. Your staff is still wonderful. Nice to hear that Raoul is still with you after all these years; he was my first contact in the late 70's. Exchanged an old Peavey Stereo Chorus for a Fender Champ last weekend, had an opportunity to pick at a couple of Martins. I still very much enjoy my custom Martin that Cynthia helped put together for me about 5 years ago. Keep it going. Take care."
-- Jerry, via email 4/7/10


"The strap knobs I ordered for my old Gretsch fit perfect! I was so glad to find your shop on the internet! And to see the pictures from your shop is like a glance into a vintage heaven for a boy who just loves his old Gretsch, Gibson and Fender guitars. I will surly come back to your site again."
-- Henrik (from Sweden), via email 4/5/10


"I just wanted to thank you guys for the perfect Martin D-18 that I just received. It is an absolutely wonderful instrument. No blemishes, great set up, and arrived quickly. I have ordered a couple of mandolins from you and have been extremely happy with them as well. I tried ordering an instrument from one of your competitors about a year ago and had to send it back because it arrived unplayable. Not so with you guys. Thanks again. "
-- Brad, via email 4/5/10


"Dear Elderly music, I would like to take the opportunity to provide some feedback, after returning from a trip to the US with my Martin HD28V from Elderly.

Thank you, once again, for outstanding service and service-minded attitude! I first came across Elderly music in 2000/2001 and through the years you regularly have supplied some nice guitars to my collection. Last month I purchased my fifth guitar from Elderly (and accumulated over the years, loads of strings and accessories) and it was up to expectations or above!

A special thanks to Josh in the international department, who guided me through some choices with patience and sound advices, the workshop for perfectly fitting the Baggs pickup and the shipping department for getting the shipment to our Flordia office in time!

I speak highly about you to all my friends who lend me an ear! Keep up the good work!"
-- Halvor (from Norway), via email 4/5/10


"Just want to let you know that I am extremely satisfied with your service and that I will definitely be going back for more.I will also let other people know about the spectacular deals you guys have...

Also,I am playing my big baby Taylor I purchased through you...and It sounds GREAT!!!! "
-- Zack, via email 4/2/10


"Service was superb! Thanks for taking your business and customers seriously!"
-- Bill, via email 4/1/10


"Cool to hear from you! Good store, friendly folks. Keep it up."
-- Jack, via email 3/27/10


" folks have always been great!"
-- Greg, via email 3/24/10


"Dear Mr. Werbin: I recently purchased, among other things, a set of bass strings from your company that didn't fit an older, oddball Danelectro bass guitar. (The lack of fit was due to my lack of homework, not any fault of yours.) I have to tell you that, in the process of trying to sort it out, EVERYONE I spoke to at Elderly was cheerful, funny, informed, and helpful beyond any reasonable expectation. One worker actually found a Danelectro re-issue similar to mine and tried out different sizes betwen my phone calls to see what might fit. I've never been treated so well by a music store, and I've shopped in a lot of them.

Please accept my thanks and congratulations, and consider me a customer for life."
-- Jamie, via email 3/23/10


"Hi, Everything was great, I saw the Gibson online and thought it looked like what I was looking for, I called to ask questions and one of your describers told me all about the guitar, and even played it for me. It sounded great so I ordered, it got here ahead of schedule and was fantastic! I love playing this thing. It's a revelation."
-- Bill, via email 3/21/10


"Guitar arrived with no problems. Quick shipping, nicely set-up, nice guitar. Thanks. "
-- John, via email 3/19/10


"Dear Stan, Thank You for getting in touch with me, I will definitely order more from your company in the future. I have been nothing but very happy with your company! Recently I have also ordered items from other companies, wow what a nightmare. I myself am a small business owner, I know how important happy customers are and the benefit of having good employees. I am very impressed that you really want to know what is going on in your company. Well mark me as a happy statistic, you have my business! Again, thank you for contacting me."
-- Jodi, via email 3/18/10


"Thank you 4 the response. I have become a big fan of your store & wish u all were in the DC area. u would b surprised how sorry these music stores r down here."
-- Mike, via email 3/17/10


"Many THANKS to Dawn, Dan, and Pat for your time, talent, and patience! The Ramirez 125 Anos is a keeper! Through the years I have ALWAYS received wonderful customer service from the folks at Elderly, and it just keeps getting better! Thanks again for you help! "
-- Lois, via email 3/16/10


"I have bought three guitars from Elderly over the last 5 years. They are all fabulous instruments. I thought I would pass along a video I did with one of those fantastic guitars. Thank you Elderly!"
-- Mark, via email 3/15/10


"Hi Stan, I just wanted to thank you for the great service I recently received from your store. Although I am from Michigan, I am currently living in Seoul, South Korea. I recently placed an order and sent my Dad some tuners and strings for a ukulele he is building. He too is from Michigan, but spending the winter in Alabama. My mom had apparently provided the wrong zip code in Alabama and someone from your store called them to get the correct address. The order arrived in a few days and my dad is strumming again.

My son, who is going to MSU told me about your store. Some how he is familiar with your ukulele jam sessions. He too has the ukulele bug. Thanks again. "
-- Doug (from South Korea), via email 3/14/10


"Dear Mr. Werbin, I just received my shipment of goods from Elderly. Shopping with Elderly was a pleasure. Your staff was friendly, professional, and responsive to all of my inquiries, and once Reunion Blues got its own shipping straight, your people got my order on the road very quickly. I would be happy to shop with you again, as well as recommend Elderly to other musicians."
-- Martin, via email 3/13/10


"Hi, A few weeks ago I traded my Norman acoustic/electric guitar in on a used Reverend Charger 290. I couldn't be happier! I had the Reverend guitar set up and the guy at the shop said it was one of the best sounding guitars he's played in a long time. Other friends of mine are drooling over it. Thanks for the smooth transaction and great communication. I was a bit leery sending my Norman off and not knowing what would happen next. The folks at Elderly were fabulous and treated me great. Thanks again."
-- Mel, via email 3/12/10


"Thanks, Stan. It's always a pleasure to deal with Elderly. I made my first visit to the store in 1977 or 1978, when I was a student at the University of Michigan. I came to look at English concertinas. Since then, I have bought instruments from you, sold instruments on consignment, had work done in the shop, and bought any number of string sets, CDs, instrument parts, etc. I've never had anything but a good experience with you guys. You run a great outfit."
-- Bruce, via email 3/12/10


"Stan, Thanks for the follow up and yes, my experience with your company was a pleasant one. I found your staff to be helpful, responsive and honest. The information about the condition of your products was complete and accurate and during all phases of the transaction the actions of your employees, and the practices and policies of your company provided transparency during the purchase. I love the Goodall JCRC and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to a friend."
-- Dennis, via email 3/11/10


"Stan and all Elderly Staff, I just wanted to send a note letting you know that my recent order of a vintage MXR effect pedal I purchased online was the most pleasant, easiest, and quickest experience I have had with an online music equipment merchant ever. I found the item with a simple Google search and when Google directed me to your website and to the item, there was a nice picture and description. Although I did have a specific question that was not in the description, your staff responded to my email within 24 hours and knew exactly what I was asking about. Creating an account and ordering was a breeze and your packing and shipping was excellent. I would just like to say "Thank You" to you and your staff for such a excellent experience. I have signed up for your vintage equipment mailing list and look forward to finding other nice items from Elderly Instruments in the future."
-- Joe, via email 3/9/10


"Keith and Ben - I just got my new Lanikai NK-T last night and I'm SO EXCITED! ! ! ! ! ! ! You guys helped me out SO much in deciding on a ukulele and I'm SO GRATEFUL and HAPPY, giggle. This is just SO exciting, I can't tell you!!! giggle. THANK YOU. "
-- Pam, via email 3/8/10


"Fed Ex delivered my brand new Chuck Lee Deep Hollow fretless banjo this afternoon. I let it acclimatize in the box for a few hours and brought it out. I stood up the bridge, and it was still almost in double C tuning! It played beautifully right out of the box. We've put in a couple of hours now, and I can confidently say this is the fretless I've been looking for. Thank you, Chuck, and thank you everyone at Elderly. The search and the wait are OVER! The playing begins."
-- Ash, via email 3/3/10


"I stopped by your store yesterday with an idea I wanted to buy a 5 string resonator banjo (I am not a banjo player--yet). Stan was being interviewed on camera right in front of the banjos so I waited, but what a great place to wait! The salesman that assisted me was very helpful and I ended up buying that banjo. What fun!

This is the fifth instrument I have purchased from Elderly, the others being two guitars and two hammer dulcimers. Last month I was out of state and looking for an electric guitar. I stopped by a dealer who carried that brand but they didn't have the model I was looking for in stock. They recommended Elderly Instruments, so other stores are recommending you, too! I told him that I had already checked Elderly first and you were no longer a dealer for this brand. Anyway, just a note of thanks for the great and friendly service I have always received at Elderly. A customer for life. "
-- Dan, via email 3/1/10


"I received my Fender Strat 12 string yesterday. This was the first time in 40 years that I have bought a guitar without seeing and playing it first, and admittedly, I was nervous. I chose to buy from Elderly because of the high regard from many Internet posts, and I was not disappointed. The guitar looks, plays, and sounds better than expected. Your sales rep was friendly, professional, and prompt. Can’t ask for more than that. "
-- Len, via email 2/25/10


"Thank You!!!!!! I absoluteley love this guitar. I have been playing it since I received it and hate to put it down. I love Nationals! (and have bought 3 from you). This company has put their heart and soul in resurrecting the best resophonic instruments in the world. The Dopyeras would be proud of the new NRP and also the good people at Elderly!! God Bless You!"
-- Bill, via email 2/22/10


"Hello Elderly people, Thought I'd drop you a note regarding my purchase of the NRP #2 way back on October 9th,, has it been that long? Wholly Cats, I sure like the sound~feel~look of this guitar...great neck...suits my grip fine and there's a lovely grain curl at the heel. Be interesting to know exactly why the folks at National tagged the guitar a #2, as it's hard to find what can be considered a "cosmetic blemish". There is a TINY blob in the paint on the back and what appears to be the edge of a thumbprint in the finish on the bottom of the neck. These slights are certainly not noticeable from this players perspective and at some point I'll be adding my own dings & dangs. First thing I did was slap those cute stickers all over the top...just kidding. Very happy with this guitar, thanks to all involved at Elderly and kudos to National Reso~Phonic for bringing out the NRP model "duolian"...surely bound to be a classic vintage guitar in 2079. "
-- Owen, via email 2/16/10


"Not sure who gets these emails but I just wanted to say thank you for the great service on my recent purchase of the PRS SE One Korina. It was delivered Saturday, just 3 days from the time I ordered it. Awesome Guitar too!!!"
-- Greg, via email 2/15/10


"To whom it may concern- Steve Olson is GOD! Haven't stopped smiling since he fixed my Dobro. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!"
-- John, via email 2/15/10


"Just wanted to let you know I received my Martin Backpacker right on time (even with half of the United States in a blizzard). My guitar was in excellent shape and everything that it was supposed to come with was in the box. Thank you very much. I wanted this for a long time and was worried about which company to get it from. Considering the price, the free shipping, and quick shipment I am extremely pleased and will definitely refer you to others. Thanks again!"
-- Gloria, via email 2/11/10


"Thank you! I received the Ohana on Friday. The Ohana and the case are beautiful. The tuner is great. Very kind thoughts are oozing your way. I think you all are wonderful. "
-- Betty, via email 2/10/10


"My Martin was here when I got home from work last Thursday - it is absolutely beautiful - the workmanship is superb, flawless - this guitar could be hanging in a museum, a testament to American craftsmanship - I feel my playing improved the minute I picked it up - your service was excellent, your price very fair. Thank you."
-- Wayne, via email 2/8/10


"Stan: I ordered this tuner off of your webmail, even though I have an old one. I’ll tell you what­ - I have never been able to tune my 12-string Martin D12-45, which I order thru your company, in 2 minutes until I used this. What an absolutely fine tuner. I told my guitar guru in Dallas to order it thru you pronto! Thanks Stan!"
-- Bob, via email 2/3/10


"This shipped the day after I ordered it, and it arrived a couple days later. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thanks."
-- Jim, via email 2/3/10


"I just received the order I placed online 1-26-2010. It came in good shape, and I appreciate the fast, excellent service, and the “Thanks!” note from “Joe”."
-- Mike, via email 1/29/10


"Wanted to let you know that the Gibson B25-12 I bought from you is wonderful."
-- Woody, via email 1/28/10


"Stan, Thank you for your email. My experience with Elderly Instruments thus far has been very positive. Your website was a pleasure to deal with, your staff very responsive, and the delivery has been spectacular - I ordered on the 13th of January (thanks Raoul) and the package has arrived in Sydney Australia today (the 28th of January).

I have not yet plumbed the depths of your website, but I shall certainly do so. My wife is a singer, and my sons play drums and saxophone. I will be visiting your site in future! Thanks again for your exceptional service."
-- Mark (from Australia), via email 1/28/10


"Hi Stan, Thanks for your email, and also your concerns for your customer's internet privacy. I received my products today and everything about the transaction worked fine. I would certainly do business with Elderly again."
-- Neil (from Australia), via email 1/27/10


"Good afternoon... I received my 1960 Fender CS Stratocaster this afternoon, and I just wanted to thank all those involved in getting it ready to ship. As usual, they did a great job. The guitar arrived in perfect "closet classic" shape. Thanks again, continued success, and all the best to you."
-- Bob, via email 1/27/10


"Hi Stan, Yes, I've purchased several items from you, and I've always been quite pleased with the service, the speedy delivery, and your prices, which are consistently lower than other online retailers. Last week I touted your company to my Guitar Setup and Maintenance class (I'm a student, not the teacher). On Thursday I'll take the Dr. Duck's Guitar Neck Rest and Ernie Ball Power Peg in for show and tell. Thanks again."
-- Chris, via email 1/26/10


"Hey Stan, Just wanted to let you know that your team did a great job in getting the mandola prepped and shipped. It plays and sounds great."
-- Jim, via email 1/22/10


"I've dealt with several banjo supply companies and just want to say that Melanie is the best sales/customer service person I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. She is extremely helpful, informative and willing to go the extra mile to get information and get the order correct. Thanks to her and to you for hiring her."
-- Fred, via email 1/22/10


"Thanks for the wonderful service! The book arrived today!"
-- Dan, via email 1/22/10


"The Collings OM3 Sunburst Cutaway has arrived safely. This guitar is the instrument of my dreams! Yes, everything I wanted in a guitar is here, ­the sound, the way it plays, and all the beauty. I don't know if you noticed the back, but the rosewood has a beautiful stripe of red running through it on both sides of the parallel back--just beautiful. I also was surprisingly pleased to see that the ivoroid binding is yellowed. I love that. Collings did a great job, and you did a great job relaying all of the information to them. I cannot thank you enough."
-- Susan, via email 1/20/10


"Hi Stan, Thanks for your prompt service. I am very impressed with Ana's DVD and it arrived within 2 weeks! Excellent.

I do browse your website quite regularly for acoustic and classical guitars. You have some very nice guitars and it gives me great GAS, as they say in the forums! Ordering an instrument from another country without seeing it first makes me feel uncomfortable, but when I am ready I will let you know. Thanks once again and great doing business with you, Kindest regards."
-- Ross (from New Zealand), via email 1/20/10


"Hello Stan, Thank you for your very pleasant email. I found your site and will always have it in my bookmarks. You have a unique selection and a friendly experience. I will be back many times.

Later this spring I will be bringing a couple of bands through Ann Arbor, East Lansing, and Kalamazoo and would love to come by and check out your facility. Peace."
-- Michael, via email 1/13/10


"Aloha Stan, Thanks for keeping up with my order. It did arrive safely last week while I was out of town on business. I am having great joy with my mandolin now and appreciate the care you are giving your customers. Peace through music."
-- Thomas, via email 1/13/10


"Hi Stan, Received my Collings OM1A in perfect condition. It passed the recording test- very even sparkling tone with almost no proximity effect on close mic'ing. A great recording acoustic guitar. Just what I was looking for. I am busy re-taking tracks with it on my new album."
-- Ricardo, via email 1/13/10


"I have always enjoyed your site and was happy to see the strap I was interested in was a great value at your site. I used the strap on a bass guitar I just built. Thanks."
-- Wayne, via email 1/12/10


"We just received it a little while ago and are so thankful that you were able to get this to us in time for my son's birthday. Thanks. May God bless you always. "
-- Mary, via email 1/12/10


"Hi Stan, Thank you for your e mail. I am a musician based in Halifax U.K. and enjoy your web site from afar. My recent purchasing experience with your company was excellent and I would like to thank you and your staff for their professionalism and efficiency. It can be daunting dealing over the internet but I will be actively looking to make future purchases from Elderly Instruments. As I am just gone 50 -I quite like your company name also (but I digress).

On a final note - I was very pleased to discover you sell old guitar straps - the "silver eagle" which you sent was fantastic and I would very much appreciate it if you could help me track down some more such Silver Eagle straps for my other guitars. Any advice you could give on that would be gratefully received.

Once again Thanks and All the Very Best to you and your colleagues. "
-- Steve (from the U.K.), via email 1/12/10


"When ordering my next instrument, you would be #1 on my list. Your service (and prices) are excellent! Thank you."
-- Sue, via email 1/11/10


"Thanks for a great catalog. Wife ordered me some Christmas gifts, and we had them in 2 days. Thanks for the prompt service! We will be doing more business with y'all, you can count on that. Turn some buddies on to your nice catolog too. You must have one hard working staff.! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU AT ELDERLY"
-- Wesley, via email 1/10/10


"Hi Stan, I thought I would just give a quick thank you to you folks. I bought the used Gitane 250m on your internet site a couple weeks ago. It was listed in EC condition. I'd say pristine and it looked beautiful and plays like butter. I could say it played beautiful and looked like butter since it is birdseye maple! I'm a strolling musician at a historic inn and everyone oohed and aahed over the color and sound (loud too). The price with a case was amazing."
-- Kip, via email 1/8/10


"Stan; Thanks for you email...I think you'll appreciate my Elderly experience. I've only been to Elderly one time, in 2002, and it was costly! A long-time Martin owner (my first Martin is a 1972 D-18S), I was looking locally here in St Louis, and online for a rosewood Martin 000 12-fret. Having played a few 000-28GEs & VS I knew this shape & wood was ideal for my fingerstyle music. Elderly had the 000-16SRGT's in stock, and I was interested in trying one of those. At the time, my job frequently took me to Kalamazoo, so I built in time for a visit to Lansing. I arrived as your store opened, with 2 hours to spend. After a quick look around, your folks brought out all 3 000-16SRGTs & gave me time to check them out. It didn't take too long before 1 clearly stood out as 'THE ONE'. So, after the dreaded phone call home to get my wife's OK to spend MY gig money, I headed back to KZO for the flight home, with my new guitar in its own seat on the corporate jet. After playing the dred for 30 years, it took no time for that 000 to become my primary guitar, as its been for 8 years now. And I used it on my first CD. Well, my project was completed (on time & under budget!) not longer after that visit, so I have not been back to Lansing to check out all your store has to offer. During holidays my nephew, a Michigan State student, announced he's getting married in Lansing this May, and I'll be playing my 000 for the wedding. My wife already expects me to bring home something new, (maybe a new Martin Performing Artist)...and I'll leave room in the van. Hope to meet you in person when we get there. All the best in 2010. "
-- Ron, via email 1/7/10


"Hi Stan, Yeah, my experience with your guys was fantastic! I had some concerns about buying a used instrument (a 2004 National tricone) over the internet/phone, but one of the salesmen (Chris?) went and got the guitar and answered all my detailed questions while holding it. The detailed and good quality photos helped a lot too. When I got the instrument it was just what I had hoped for and perfectly set up. I've wanted one of these for 30 years. You will definitely be my source for strings and accessories from now on, but it's likely to be a long time before I buy another instrument...I'm going to need a bigger house! I just wish my wife's parents still lived in Flint so I could run over to Lansing for a day when we were visiting. Thanks for building up such a great business."
-- Jay, via email 1/7/10


"Stan, Thanks for the email - I have used Elderly for a number of purchases over the years and always found the service even at this distance(yes down in Tasmania) superb - am currently considering another instrument from your store so I am sure you will be hearing from me shortly (much to the chagrin of my lovely and supportive wife)."
-- Steve (from Australia), via email 1/7/10


"Stan, You have a guy named Rich in your employ who is a credit to your organization. He gave me some straight info on MIDI guitars when I was in your store right before Christmas.

I will be returning to your store in the future. I live in Indianapolis but I visit my girlfriend in Lansing quite often. So I'll be seeing you."
-- Mick, via email 1/6/10


"Thank you Stan, for your service. The strings came so fast, I couldn't believe it.... "
-- Paul, via email 1/6/10


"Thanks, Stan. I enjoy doing business with you. All the best in the new year! Cheers."
-- Doug, via email 1/6/10


"Thanks Stan! I will continue as I have in the decades past to make purchases from your fine company."
-- Mark, via email 1/5/10


"Hey ya'll.. Just wanted to tell you I received my amp cover in the mail. It fits perfect. Thank you."
-- Jake, via email 12/30/09


"Happy New year from a satisfied customer of yours in Sweden."
-- Stefan (from Sweden), via email 12/30/09


"Hey Stan… as a back yard picker who's kind of grown up with Elderly, I have enjoyed stopping in since you were in the basement under the news store on Grand River in, what, 1971 or so??? Bought a Guild 212XL and later a 412 in Maple from you there, traded in a few, bought a couple, went electric, and finally bought the electronic tuner you had in this advertisement… which is what made me write this…. So my 12 finally sounds fab all the time… still playing, still love it every day… better guitars.... Happy new year, thanks for the memories and the tunes…."
-- Dave, via email 12/30/09


"The strings came faster than I expected. Thank you very much, for the fast service."
-- Paul, via email 12/28/09


"Just wanted to pass along my thanks. The used 5 string Steinberger Spirit Bass arrived today in perfect condition. It was in better shape than I expected. Great service - thanks to all."
-- Denys, via email 12/23/09


"Let me take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with your online order process. It seems that orders are consistently filled and shipped within 2 days (even a day!). I opened my door yesterday and there was another package from Elderly placed only last week. Also I'm always after banjo items and your store has the most complete selection I've seen. Please pass on my congratulations on jobs well done to your staff (and yourself.) A very Merry Christmas to you Stan, yours, and your staff."
-- Larry (from Ontario), via email 12/22/09


"Thank you Elderly. For your fair return policies, great prices, and awesome instruments. Just got a new HD-28 Custom w/Adirondack top, wider fingerboard and it's amazing. I love it. Still have the nice qualities with a dreadnaught, but fingerstyle friendly. "
-- Kyl, via email 12/22/09


"You Guys are the BEST! Thanks, and Happy Holidays to Stan, Raoul, and the rest of the Great people at Elderly. "
-- Tom, via email 12/22/09


"Thank you, Happy Holidays to every one at Elderly, I LOVE to go there - I think the place is magic."
-- Terry, via email 12/21/09


"You probably get all kinds of thanks and testimonials. However, here is another one.

Thanks to you and your staff for the great job you do! I have done a fair amount of business with Elderly over the last decade. Everything from strings to guitars, and more. Your staff has been a pleasure to work with. They are enthusiastic, helpful, cooperative, responsive, knowledgeable, and upbeat. My questions have been answered promptly. My orders have been filled in the same manner. Equally important, your communication about orders is top notch. I never have a question about what is the status of my order. Elderly has earned my continued patronage!"
-- Tony, via email 12/21/09


"Merry Christmas to all of you there, and have a great New Year. I have never been disappointed in your store, nor your service."
-- Harlan, via email 12/19/09


"Let me start by saying I love your store! I purchased new from Elderly my Gibson Earl Scruggs standard banjo several years ago. What a great Banjo! I love it. I wish you still sold new Gibson instruments. (But that is a different topic) Since that time I have made regular trips to your store and purchased many other items. My last trip was last week. It takes me two hours, each way, to drive to your store. That is what I am thankful for because on my last trip to your store I found three instruments that I would love to own. I can't stop thinking about two of these instruments in particular. One was an electric guitar, and I don't even play guitar! If the store was closer I would be stopping by much more often and I would have to make those instruments mine! Please don't try to sell me on the possibility of mail order. I don't want to know. Just stay in Lansing and I will come visit you when I can take more torture! On a more serious note. The lady that was working the CD counter was absolutely wonderful. Give her a raise! She sold me four cds and was a joy to talk to! That is what makes Elderly so wonderful, the people!"
-- Bob, via email 12/18/09


"I have been visiting your store in person and online (Moved to California a couple years ago). I often buy large volumes of strings, amplifiers, etc. Always had a good experience.

Recently my sister-in-law called me in a state of high stress. My brother decided he wanted a Banjo for Xmas and I am not by any means a banjo expert. Sister-in-law visited another music store to get little information, poor service, and an overall bad experience. She asked me for help so I told her to just call your store (They live near Kalamazoo) and ask for help or stop into your store as I always loved visiting there anyway. I even suggested she buy me a few guitars too. ;-) Anyway, she ended up visiting your store and getting great service, a very well informed salesman helped her out. She left there feeling VERY confident that she bought the right instrument for the aspiring banjo player. She even called me to tell me how glad she was that she visited your place. She did not feel like anyone was just trying to make a sale but instead she felt like the staff was trying to first and foremost get her the best thing for her needs.

I just wanted to send a simple thanks for always having the good staff and product at your place to help people like her! It's the little things that always keep me coming back and this is another example. Good work and keep it up!"
-- Jeff, via email 12/17/09


"Elderly Friends, Thank you so very much. This is great service!"
-- Linda, via email 12/17/09


"I wanted to thank all of you; and Pat, for 'holding' my hand through this purchase. The Classic arrived in showroom condition - yes, I left in in my studio for 6 hrs. before gradually unpacking - and it's a keeper. I had another purchase of an EC+ 2002 Standard in the wings, just in case .. no need, now!"
-- Michael, via email 12/9/09


"A few weeks ago, a web search led me to the Elderly site. I was looking for an old-style, open-back banjo. The promotion for the Gold Tone CC-OT package was too good resist. Especially with the free shipping.

I phoned in my order. The salesperson was polite and helpful on the phone. It was nice to hear a banjo being tuned in the background, knowing that I wasn't just talking to some generic call center on the other side of the world. The banjo arrived within a few days in good condition. The Clawhammer Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus book - - also ordered from Elderly - - helped get me started.

I've been enjoying the instrument ever since. The construction, finish and tone of the banjo all meet or exceed my expectations for an entry-level instrument. Thanks again. A satisfied customer. "
-- Eric, via email 12/7/09


"I acknowledge receipt of my order, everything was fine, the service great thank you."
-- Jose, via email 12/7/09


"You're welcome. Spending $1500 on a ukulele cannot, by definition, ever be painless. But the people in your store were very helpful (by sending me pics of the exact instrument and matching a competitor's price) and very pleasant to work with. The uke arrived in perfect condition and it was everything that I had expected, both good and bad. (I had read a lot about the new 3K in the UMGF, some people loved it others didn't). I love it, and I think it sounds great, which it should for $1500.00. I look forward, in the far future, to either buying another Martin uke, a D12-28, or an 0-18 custom from you guys. Thanks again.


-- Mark, via email 12/7/09


"Hi everyone, Got the GR-20 Friday, fixed a few minor items on it and put it on my Yamaha SBG 200. WOW!!! This thing is unbelievable. I am no longer a solo guitarist, I'm a whole band !!! We will definitely be doing more business in the future. Thanks for an excellent used product. "
-- Rick, via email 12/7/09


"I just bought the pick up for my husbands Christmas gift. I ordered it and had it at my house a day and a half later. I do live in Michigan but it was so fast. I have told everyone how great it was."
-- Bernardin, via email 12/4/09


"Just received my harmonicas today. Thank you! I've been a customer for many years (a "small" customer) , and I've always been impressed with how competent and helpful you've always been. Thank you sincerely. Good service is rare anymore."
-- Darrin, via email 11/16/09


"The tiple strings I ordered arrived today and are now fitted to my tiple. Thanks for the excellent service. I shall now resume drooling over the Martin Merle Travis D28 on your website! Thanks again. "
-- Dave, via email 11/12/09


"Hey, Stan: Thank you for your inquiry on my purchases. Dimitrios was very helpful with my quest for a banjo head. Unfortunately my first choice would not work and I had to go with a calf skin head. The installation was not as bad as I thought and the instrument is back together and sounds fine. Again, thank you and your staff for all your help."
-- Larry, via email 11/11/09


"Stan, I am in Australia and have just received my order. I am just reporting that all went smoothly and I am a happy customer. Keep up the good work."
-- Ken (from Australia), via email 11/10/09


"Stan, This is my second item from you folks...and yes I enjoy the service. I could easily buy it on any of several sites. You are a site for guitarists."
-- Larry, via email 11/10/09


"Stan, Just received your email notice on the new catalog to be mailed soon. It got me to thinking... The only purpose of this note is a simple "Thanks". Why? Just because Elderly has brought me a sense of musical well being over the years. At 58, I've enjoyed a lot of fun and assorted instruments that have arrived and departed in my journey. I don't have an excess of money so its important to plan the trip carefully. Elderly has proven to be an extraordinary travel agent for me. A stunning pre-owned Collings I-35 from your shop sits in my living room. Each evening when I pull it out, I think to myself, "Thanks, Elderly." Then, I take a trip and loose myself in the music somewhere along the way.

No need for a reply. Thanks for doing what you do so well. It doesn't go unnoticed."
-- Larry, via email 11/6/09


"Hi Stan...As a long term and loyal customer since the East Lansing basement days I would like to take a minute to assure you that your staff still goes all out for the customer with the same enthusiasm that you showed back in the day. Thanks for instilling in them the value driven approach that has served you so well for so long."
-- Chuck, via email 11/6/09


"Hi Stan, I appreciate your note and I want to say it's been a VERY good experience! I would recommend your store to anyone looking for a guitar for sure. Thanks for the excellent service and easy going attitude! Thanks again!"
-- Wayne, via email 11/6/09


"Thanks. It was a good experience. The instrument arrived promptly, seems to be in fine shape, and the price was competitive."
-- John, via email 11/6/09


"Just a thank you for having the most fantastic musical inventory in the country."
-- Kevin, via email 11/6/09


"Mucho gracias. I have chosen to do business with you, mostly by mail or over the phone, since 1974 while living all over God's green earth rather than patronize local stores because of the fine service I get from you. I have purchased at least 4 guitars that I can remember from you and sold you back two more. Thanks again!"
-- Robert, via email 11/5/09


"Hi!! You/he/she has arrived to me the guitar Collings D2H 1999, everything ok, compliments for your professionalism, the guitar is perfect in everything, as new, and very very very good sound. Best best regards."
-- Francis (from Italy), via email 11/4/09


"Stan: Thank you for your very nice email. I am very happy with the items I have purchased from your store in the past and have found your online prices to be very competitive. I will make sure to check you website before purchase anything online.

FYI - my wife and I met at MSU when we were in school there back in the late 70's and we have very fond memories of Lansing. We get up that way every now and then and will make it a point to stop by and say hello the next time we are in the area."
-- Robert, via email 11/2/09


"Stan - thanks for the follow up. I needed a harmonica for my son's birthday, and when I saw your store as a recommended source (I think it was from Idiot's guide) I was comfortable ordering from you - I am aware of your reputation because I am a multiple Martin guitar owner and follow (but don't contribute much) to the unofficial Martin bulletin board."
-- Christopher, via email 10/30/09


"Hello Stan, Thank you for contacting me. Yes, shopping with you was a very good experience. I couldn't find GHS 1800 strings anywhere. Here in N.C they don't know much about Jazz guitars. I will do business with you again."
-- Mike, via email 10/30/09


"Hi Stan - Thanks for your email. The braz d2h arrived here in the Shetland Islands today in great condition - it's even better than I thought it would be. Collings make real good guitars. Please thank Dawn, Josh, Brandon and your great staff for there help in getting the guitar here. I will be passing on your great store to fellow Shetlanders. If they need an instrument they'll know where to come. All the best. I will send you a post card from this islands shortly. Many thanks."
-- George (from The Shetland Islands), via email 10/28/09


"I recently purchased a Martin OM-21 from Elderly and want to tell you how satisfied I was with the service I received and, of course, the guitar is beautiful both in appearance and tone. I am sure I will be making further purchases from Elderly."
-- Dave, via email 10/28/09


"Thanks for your mail. By the way I got the parcel with my strings yesterday in the mail. I have bought my strings through your shop for a number of years now and am always happy with the service I receive. Many thanks."
-- Robert, via email 10/28/09


"Thank you. The instrument was received in fine shape -- and quickly! Very much appreciate your attentiveness to this order. "
-- David, via email 10/26/09


"Just wanted to tell you at Elderly how pleased I am with my order. The guitar was exactly as advertised if not better and shipped fast. Thanks again for a really good deal and I’m sure we’ll do business again in the future."
-- Joe, via email 10/26/09


"Good evening. This is the first instrument that I have bought from you. It's fantastic. I purchased the 2009 Steve Howe MC-38 Martin. The tone is incredible. It plays, looks and sounds great. The price was very competitive. Thanks for a great buying experience. "
-- Bob, via email 10/23/09


"Hello Stan, My name is Antonio and i am getting my money's worth out of my purchase from your establishment. As you can probably tell, I don't use my email frequently. I appreciate the courtesy email from you. Keep me posted. Thank you."
-- Antonio, via email 10/21/09


"Hi Stan, What a great system you have set up there. USA to Sydney in a week via IPA! Great prices. Great service. Bloody brill, mate! "
-- Chris (from Australia), via email 10/21/09


"Just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the arrival of my new guitar and the knowledgable and friendly assistance of the folks at Elderly's. I have never been to your store and it's hard to buy a "favorite" guitar sight unseen. I spoke with "Brandon" in your sales dept. last week and we talked about what I wanted in a 52 VINTAGE TELECASTER like I used to enjoy for so many years. We discussed today's reproduction guitars, set ups, etc. Well, the guitar arrived yesterday afternoon and what can I say. After allowing a couple of hours to warm up to room temp., I opened the "eye candy", nostalgic tweed case, complete with orange interior and looked at the familiar looking guitar. Picked it up and felt the more than familiar "U" shaped neck and smooth feel. A minute of bringing it up to pitch and another few seconds of "tweaking" it again, showed that the tech who set it up had indeed paid attention to what I had asked for in a fast, low, action. Intonation is dead on and the rest of the evening was spent enjoying the satisfaction of a "new" ..... "old friend". Thanks for the opportunity to take a giant step backwards, and a salute to the techs and friendly folks at Elderly's. I will look forward to our next business, whether just accessories or things of a bigger nature. It's good to have you there. "
-- Sam, via email 10/20/09


"Dear Elderly, Just received the Shaw high D whistle today and what a beauty it is. And how easily it plays. The tone is wonderful, too, and close to my $400 Abell high D whistle. And I am very grateful for the nice plastic carrying case it came in."
-- Ralph, via email 10/19/09


"Just received my order this morning. It arrived in great shape. Tuned it up and played some tunes for an hour or so. The action is great and it sounds terrific. Thank you so much!"
-- Jeff, via email 10/19/09


"Thanks and kudoos to everyone at Elderly and a special thanks to Stan for putting together and maintaining an exceptional company. I recently traded a Gibson Lucille for a new guitar. The Gibson had been languishing in a closet from disuse as my musical interests have changed direction over the last several years exclusively to acoustic music - bluegrass and gospel with an attendant re-interest in folk as well as playing in a full fledged mandolin orchestra. My new Guild twelve string, an F-512, arrived yesterday safe and sound. She is a "beaut" and better still she was all set up and after tuning her up, she sang like an angel. It had been over thirty years since I owned and played a 12 string, but last night the Guild helped me recall a number of tunes played by Leadbelly, Josh White, the Roof Tops, as well as an old favorite Elizabeth Cotton tune, you know the one. This is the third instrument that our household has adopted through Elderly, the second for me; my wife, the banjo player in the family, has the clawhammer. Each acquisition has been a great experience. Each instrument came properly set up and ready to play. This third instrument, however, was my first, ever, experience of trading in an instrument at a store more than 1,000 miles away. Mel and Paul made the trade in portion of the transaction smooth, painless, and fair. Last night I had a number of new tunes that I needed to work up for our upcoming mandolin orchestra performances; but, last night I just could not put that Guild down as she led me down memory lane. One last comment, I suspect that pretty soon the word is really going to get out that Guild under Fender's umbrella is still building a great playing and sounding twelve string guitar that lives up to the Guild reputation of earlier years."
-- Dave, via email 10/16/09


"Great store!"
-- Dennis, via email 10/14/09


"Hi, Received the Desert Rose banjo today safe and sound. Fine instrument. Amazing condition for a used instrument. Thanks much."
-- Gordon, via email 10/14/09


"To whom it may concern: The H&D Custom SD I ordered for myself arrived last week and is in perfect condition. The Edirol portable recorder I ordered for the Canton Public Library arrived today and is operational. Thanks."
-- Leo, via email 10/12/09


"I got the Guild CO2C I ordered. I am as happy as a pig in the mud. Exactly as I was told it plays. Much thanks to everyone for excellent sales and service."
-- Kent, via email 10/12/09


"Just wanted to tell you that I am more that satisfied with your customer care! I ordered a Martin LX1 on Tuesday and had it in my hands on Friday! That is USA-Germany! When ordering I added that I wanted to take it with me during my holidays in Greece so that it was important to get it early. You did it! Please tell the guys who are responsible for this that they did a great job. "
-- Wolfgang (from Germany), via email 10/10/09


"Received the guitar yesterday, excellent condition. Thanks very much."
-- Chuck, via email 10/9/09


"Today I received the items in my original order which had been back ordered. Everything is in good shape and I thank you so very much for the manner in which you handled the order."
-- Evret, via email 10/8/09


"Dear Stan, I just wanted to write to you and tell you about some of my experiences I have had buying items at your store over the past few years, Whether it is purchasing a import such as this Breedlove, or a hand crafted guitar like the Taylor T-5, your staff always answers all my questions and handles all my requests. The used Breedlove came professionally packed, and looks as if it were new! I go to other stores and even look at e-bay, but when I find a guitar I want to buy I go to Elderly, because I know what I am getting, and you have the best prices. Thanks again to you, your staff, and your great store that supplies me with instruments and supplies."
-- John, via email 10/5/09


"Mr. Stan Werbin, Thank you for your store. I used to regularly drive from Traverse City, MI just to go to Elderly. I absolutely love it. I now live in Seattle, WA. Being a musical city one would think it would have a guitar store on par with Elderly, not the case. No store I have EVER been to comes close to Elderly in it's guitar selection, service, knowledge, or relaxed feel. Thank you."
-- Rob, via email 9/29/09


"Thanks, I just got what I wanted and faster than I expected. You guys are so awesome. Great service !!!!!! "
-- Javier, via email 9/29/09


"The order came in today, thanks for being so speedy with every thing I have ordered! Awesome!"
-- Donnie, via email 9/29/09


"Thank you very are all great...I received the banjo in 8 days ...a record for here! Its a beauty and sounds like a it so much. Thanks for everything. "
-- Steve, via email 9/27/09


"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with my latest purchase .. a Sigma DR 28H. The tone is amazing, the fit and finish are excellent an this guitar has genuinely impressed a friend of mine who owns several other, much more expensive Martins. It's always been a pleasure doing business with Elderly Instruments. "
-- Jon, via email 9/23/09


"Hi Stan, Thanks for the email, I was very impressed with my experience with Elderly Instruments. I will be buying all my strings from you from now on! Thanks again. "
-- Nidal, via email 9/23/09


"Hello Stan, Though I realize that this email was most likely generated automatically, I do wish to thank you for the wonderful service you've provided me over the years. I've purchased both a banjo and guitar from you (dating back to 1993 or so, pre-internet!) and all my supplies since then. And though my musical proclivities have always tended to be cyclical, I always seem to gravitate back to Elderly when the circle comes back around. So, thanks for being there so many years later. Happy to have been a small part of your continued success! "
-- Bill, via email 9/22/09


"Hi, Thanks for the introduction and I will add that your personal approach is welcome. A little spam won't bother me if it's interesting, don't worry.

I lived in Lansing in the eighties when I went to college, and visited many times - i purchased an ES-345 and a '52 Telecaster Replica from your store I believe, along with strings, picks and the like. Here I am now in Kansas City, and I don't think there is a single quality music store in the area. I've always used Elderly as my benchmark when I experience a new store and nothing ever comes close.

Now that I'm playing again ( 10+ years of not playing, man my fingers are SORE ) whaddya know, I'm shopping at Elderly again! My suggestion-box item is to keep doing what you're doing, your store is perfect except it's too far away. Also, Kansas City is underserved..."
-- John, via email 9/20/09


"I am delighted to be a customer and a client of Elderly... I only wish it had been sooner and when I lived in Michigan (Traverse City ) ... I live in Charleston SC and look forward to getting my next guitar from you.. that would be number 14....

I have played for over 40 years and I am excited that there is still a music store founded on the passion and life style for music vs earnings per share.... I once worked in a Music store in my home state of Ohio and it wasn't for the cash... it was the best job I ever had... now I am a bank executive ...

I am a ND fan so don't place too much stock in the Ohio Connection,,, once you live in TC you realize what a great place Michigan is.. my favorite place is Sleeping Bear.. that's where the ashes go... very best to you and I hope we have chance to meet or chat one day!"
-- Mark, via email 9/20/09


"I received the Sunburst D-55 Guild from you guys this afternoon. Stunning guitar, beautiful tone! I just had to say thanks for everything. I appreciate the careful packing and fast shipment too. This ones a keeper! Thanks again."
-- Jeannie, via email 9/17/09


"I am very pleased to have found your company and the price was very reasonable and I will certainly do business with you in the future as well as recommend you to my friends."
-- Randy, via email 9/15/09


"Ciao! Thanks Stan, I already know "Elderly Instruments", my hobby is build banjos...I not so much money, but surely, i ll not hesitate to buy somethings when I'll need. "
-- Alioscia (from Italy), via email 9/8/09


"I think highly of you guys. You are ethical and have great integrity. "
-- Gus, via email 9/8/09


"I received an email stating that my order has been shipped and I should receive it tomorrow. All I can say is WOW, you really have impressed me as a CEO who cares and one who obviously still understands true customer service. Thank you, you have gained a repeat customer I can assure you. All the best."
-- Gary, via email 9/8/09


"Great service and great product value. Bought a used Martin D-35 and it was exactly as advertised. My future purchases will be with Elderly Instruments."
-- Malcolm, via email 9/8/09


"I received the banjo heads in fine condition. Thanks for the fast service."
-- Tom, via email 9/8/09


"I shopped around before I made a purchase from you. It was your shipping price that sold me. Thanks for not squeezing out another dollar or two. Good communication and fast shipping are also important. Thanks I'll purchase from you again. "
-- Tom, via email 9/6/09


"Thanks Stan, I was most impressed with the communication of your service team, and the speed of shipment. You will certainly remain on my list of preferred suppliers and front of mind for future guitar needs."
-- Asrar, via email 9/4/09


"Hi Stan--thanks for the welcome--as you probably know there are not so many places on line where you can find a Saga SS10 banjo and for the best price anywhere to boot. I will be coming back from time to time for related literature and discs. I also want to tell you that I received my banjo a day before the tracking devise told me that I would. So---so far so good."
-- Carl, via email 9/1/09


"Hello Stan, Thank you very much for the information on Elderly. I enjoy your web site very much. As I have written you in the past, your staff has always treated me very well on orderings from Elderly. Regardless if my order was a few guitar picks, strings or a guitar. I enjoy the guitars that I purchased from Elderly in the past. They are very special to me. Without these great deals that you offered I could have never own these instruments. Thanks so much to all for a great, trusted store.! "
-- Milton, via email 8/31/09


"Thanks so much for the Super Fast service on my order. Sent in the order Wednesday afternoon and got it this morning. Can't ask for better. Thanks again."
-- Dennis, via email 8/31/09


"Hi, I just received the Gibson L-4 29/50s guitar. It arrived in fine shape. It plays and sounds great.

The guitars I have bought from you (Gibson, National, and Cigar Box) are well described and have very fair prices. Even though you are 1500+ miles away, I consider you guys to be my local guitar shop. Any more info you have on the Gibson would be great - I'm sure my band mates will enjoy hearing about any stories. Thanks again."
-- Bill, via email 8/31/09


"Good morning- I know the lion's share of email you probably receive is either inquiries or complaints, that's why I decided to take a moment to tell you have absolutely thrilled I am with my recent purchase (1987 Taylor 810). Admittedly, I am a Taylor man, but there's something about the early Lemon Grove guitars that are missing from today's models (I also own a '99 310CE and a 2005 T5). I stumbled upon this revelation while recording my solo record, where I used a 1986 Taylor 810, owned by the studio. I wishfully hoped the guitar I purchased from Elderly would match my bliss, and I am happy to report it's not only met my expectations, but taken them to a higher plain. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

I am also very happy with the customer service I received during the process. You folks are extremely kind and patient, and I must say, as someone who comes from the Curmudgeon Capitol (New England), it was very refreshing to deal with down-to-earth people (rather than snake oil salesmen who'll just tell you anything to make a sale). A friend of mine also contacted one of your guitar techs prior to my purchase to get a quick review, something he was happy to provide (and a HUGE factor in my decision to buy this guitar). Kudos to the shipping department as well for making sure my guitar arrived in great condition (very well packed!)

For what it's worth, you can sleep knowing you've now got a customer for life. Thanks again for your honesty, hard work and dedication to make this process flow like a river. "
-- Martin, via email 8/28/09


"Dawn, The violin you had sent to me is working out just fine. I like it very much and I thank you for your help in choosing it and sending it to me in a safe and prompt manner."
-- Eric (from Canada), via email 8/24/09


"Dear Dimitri, Jason and Raul: Thank you for helping me in my shopping quest for the Eastman archtop. Unfortunately, I did not order one from you, but I will continue to count on your store for the exact strings, instructional materials, and music on CD that I need. A loyal Customer & retired music teacher."
-- William, via email 8/24/09


"To Everyone at Elderly, I just want to send you all a thank you for the outstanding service and help that was provided to me by your company. I have been searching for a Martin D-16RGTL and had been given dates of 2-3 months wait by most dealers. I called Elderly on Monday of this week and was told you just got one in. I was told it would be checked out and shipped out to me the next day and it was. Here it is Thursday and I received the guitar in perfect condition. I couldn't be happier with the amazing sound of this guitar and with the great service I was given. Special thanks to Melanie who I dealt with on the phone. All of my future music related purchases will be with Elderly and I will spread the news to everyone. Thanks again and keep up the great work!"
-- Carl, via email 8/21/09


"Hello folks at Elderly, my Stratocaster came to me on schedule and arrived in perfect condition. I love this instrument. Thanks a lot for getting it to me. It's a hard model to find. Thank you for the strings as well. The ones that came on it are a little too light and bend too easy. I like the tones available with the S-1 switch system a lot."
-- Christian, via email 8/20/09


"Just a quick note to let you know my Martin OM-21 arrived safely and it was in better condition than expected. Your listing stated "excellent condition," Elderly must grade their guitars sparingly, for I would of given the guitar an EC+++ for the year of this Martin. This was my first purchase from Elderly Instruments and I could not be happier with my guitar and customer service. No disappointments, straight from the box. I usually buy my guitars from eBay and not one guitar that I received was as stated.... needless to say, I will no longer be buying from eBay, my future purchases will be from you. Thanks again for the wonderful guitar. "
-- Greg, via email 8/20/09


"A tiny little order and it's shipped in six hours? Wow -- and thanks."
-- Tom, via email 8/19/09


"Wow, my order came today!!!! That's REALLY FAST! Thanks much!"
-- Barb, via email 8/18/09


"Many thanks for taking your time for writing; it is always nice to receive Elderly's communications. I am most glad to have become a customer of your good store. I take the opportunity to give you my feedback in respect to the "A1" service received during my first purchase. Dawn Nash was always there answering my queries and assisting in a most professional manner even though my purchase consisted of only 10 sets of strings for my dobro (which are on their way, and will still take a little while to reach my country: South America, Lima - Peru). No doubt I will continue contacting Elderly on future purchases. Congratulations for your nice store, for its excellent customer attention and for the impressive stock of beautiful vintage guitars + accessories."
-- Carlos (from Peru), via email 8/17/09


"Just wanted to say THANKS - LOT - - - I got a 2004 Taylor 310 CE,L7 from Elderly on Fri and on Sat the Fedex truck pulled in my drive, WoW that was fast, Love the guitar, that makes my second guitar I have got from Elderly on line. SATISFACTION YES INDEED. Thanks again - keep up the good work."
-- Stephen, via email 8/17/09


"It was an outstanding purchase - the instrument was delivered with 100% quality, and no problems. I'm a perfectionist and your staff delivered!!! STEPHEN AND DERRICK were outstanding to work with and without hesitation would recommend your firm, for whom I had never heard of before, to anybody wanting to purchase with confidence, verve, and professionalism. I own two other Martin instruments and my technician who services my Martins annually, recommended you. Thanks again, for a great buying experience I will not forget!!! Tom Frye "
-- Tom, via email 8/16/09


"Have just taken delivery of a TP 30-64 sold by Elderly Instruments and would like to thank all concerned for your help. Am delighted with the guitar and your service was just great. It was delivered to me in Australia just one week after purchase in perfect condition. A pleasure to do business with you - thanks."
-- Leonie (from Australia), via email 8/14/09


"Stan. I'm very pleased with the Blue Star Lap Steel Guitar. The Sound is great and the delivery time could not have been any better. Thanks."
-- Bill, via email 8/14/09


"It is a 70 mile drive to Elderly Instruments from our home. I have never been disappointed in a visit. We bought a nice mandolin a few years back. It was an excellent purchase. thanks for such a great store."
-- Flip, via email 8/12/09


"Just a quick note to say thank you guys for processing my recent order, I can not believe that I got my strings on Saturday by FEDEX.

You have by far the best Web site, I enjoy checking out the used Martins. I am stocked with strings for awhile and am enjoying the two Martin books."
-- Peter, via email 8/12/09


"Greetings, I have to take the time to comment on service at Elderly Instruments. Last week I was trying to find new tuning pegs for my elderly Martin Uke. I called everywhere including Martin, to no avail. I called the repair dept. at Elderly. I am sorry I did't get the fellow's name, but he told me what he did, even to the point of what size washers I needed so that I wouldn't have to enlarge the holes. I went to your websites and three days later I had my tuning pegs (and a few other things). You guys are great. Thank you and congratulations on getting a new customer!"
-- Martin, via email 8/8/09


"Good Morning, Just wanted to thank you all for the excellent service I received this past week from the folks in the appraisal and sales department.

I traded a much loved Martin for a Taylor nylon string guitar and the entire transaction was a pleasure. Each person I dealt with was courteous, prompt and knowledgeable. I received what I consider a very fair deal. From now on Elderly will be my first choice for all of my musical needs and I will recommend Elderly to all of my friends. "
-- Ed, via email 8/5/09


"Hi, I just received my new Vintage Hot Rod '62 Strat in Olympic White. What an amazing guitar I can't put the thing down! I don't know if you set up your guitars before shipping. But, if you do, my compliments to your set up guy. My strat was flawless, set up perfectly, and played like a dream right out of the box. This is my third guitar from you guys. I also bought a Gibson Dobro 60D and SG '61 Reissue. All amazing axes! Thank you for your great customer service and attention to quality and detail. Your products, pictures, and descriptions are the best. I am one happy guitar player thanks to Elderly Instruments and hope you guys stay in business for a long time."
-- Chris, via email 8/5/09


"Very Cool. You're welcome. BTW, my 710 came back out of the shop Friday sounding great - thanks to Scott!"
-- M, via email 8/2/09


"Dear Sirs; I just wanted to compliment your staff on the prompt handling of my recent order. This was the second order I've placed with your company, and I have been totally delighted with your fast and efficient service! My last order was placed on Thursday, and I received it on Monday! Wow!

I just think you deserve a pat on the back and a little appreciation. Thanks!"
-- David, via email 7/29/09


"Hi, I'd like to thank you guys for sending my shipment of Petros Finish Restorer and Polish so quickly and for packaging it well. The stuff works great and I appreciate the service. Thanks."
-- Danila, via email 7/28/09


"Dear Elderly Team - I just proudly received my 65 Strat which I had ordered through the web.

This is to thank all of you for your great customer service, shipping support and a big heads up to your workshop! The instrument arrived squeaky clean and even the case showed no signs of dust! ( Not always the case with other vintage dealers) Compliments! I'll be back! "
-- Gerhard, via email 7/24/09


"Exceptional instrument! Great case! Worth every penny."
-- Dan, via email 7/23/09


"Thank you. I have always been impressed with the quality of service I receive from Elderly Instruments."
-- LH, via email 7/23/09


"Gentlemen: I am in receipt of the Fender Tex-Mex pickups you put my name on some time ago. I appreciate you doing that and want you to know that I enjoy doing business with you. I will continue to spread the word about you. Thanks."
-- Greg, via email 7/23/09


"Hi guys, While checking the internet for information on tenor guitars, I came across your website. There is very little information or market for tenor guitars in Australia. I have played 6 string guitars all my life, and recently bought a tenor banjo (Samick brand), as I have always loved the early jazz guitarists who played both banjo and tenor guitar. I have heard Nick Lucas' version of "Tiptoe thru the tulips", and wondered if he is playing a tenor guitar on it. What a fantastic collection of instruments you have -- I am totally blown away.

I just wanted to say thank you for putting up such a great website ; I have spent a lot of time poring over it. If I had a spare $17,500 I would definitely buy the Nick Lucas tenor guitar you have -- and I love the electric baritone ukulele -- what a crazy instrument. Anyway, once more, thanks, thanks, thanks. If I ever make it to the United States, I will try to look up your store. "
-- Richard (from Australia), via email 7/21/09


"Just to let you know I received my Pennywhistle and I’m trying to understand and remember the different notes. I do believe that I will enjoy this instrument once I have time to spend practicing on it. Thank you."
-- Howard, via email 7/20/09


"Dear Mr. Werbin, Thank you for your e-mail on 7/14. My name is Toshitaka ...., 86 years young, and was good saw player's friend of Charlie Blacklock and Viola , his wife. I appreciate very much for your prompt sending of Blacklock's 30" saw. I have received the goods right after the Independence Day in good condition. I really thank you for your quick handling to my small order. We have very hot season from now on. Please take good care of yourself."
-- Toshi (from Japan), via email 7/19/09


"Thank You!!!! I'm looking forward to having a 5 string again. It has been about 40 years since the FBI took away my last one....A very nice vintage S.S.Stewart short scale."
-- Peter, via email 7/9/09


"G/Day Stan, Thanks for your email..I just want to tell you that your company`s service is fantastic. I sat at my computer on a Monday night and made my order online. Friday lunchtime I got a call to say that my order had arrived. That is from you, over there in the u s a, to here at my door in Brisbane Australia."
-- Rob (from Australia) , via email 7/9/09


"Your company is OUTSTANDING!!!! I love my taylor 355, after playing that I sold my older $99 12 string gitahs.... this instrument is INSANE. "
-- Al, via email 7/8/09


"I frequented your store during my time at Michigan State in the early 1980s. Saw your owner quoted in today's Wall Street Journal. Had not thought about you folks in years. Good to see you are. Your web page is now on my favorites. "
-- Matthew, via email 7/6/09


"Stan, I had a great time at the Road Show and shared with the sales manager about my guitar class.(Belding Middle School with 104 guitar students) He was gracious enough to send us 20 shirts! The problem is I didn't get his name so I can't send a thank you note. Could you please send his name, I have the rest of the info for Taylor.

I had an equally great time at Martin Day. I sat in for a while but had to leave before Larry got there. My new Martin XC1T has been outstanding and I have been having the time of my life. I recently took a Song Writing class from Mike Miles in Chicago and my fellow class mates where equally impressed at its versatility.

Thanks again for all that you do for music and musicians."
-- George, via email 7/4/09


"Dear Mr. Werbin, We've never met, but I make a pilgrimage from Chicago to your store a few years ago. It's clear that you are in "this" for more than the money, and I thank you for your presence in the market. You have always answered e-mails in a quick and helpful way, and your web site and in-store presence makes for great times for guitar lovers (especially for guys in their 50's like me).

You are one of the people that make the "have-nots" feel sort of included by having a $65 knock-off next to a $23,000 Tele on your web page. You know, it's like anything is possible. Thanks for a great presence in the market. A lot of people appreciate being able to afford some part of the heritage of vintage guitars and amps. You provide that."
-- John, via email 7/3/09


"Dear Mr. Werbin, I am compelled to E-mail you once again to complement a member of your always excellent staff. His name is Dan (I did not get a last name, unfortunately, but I have no doubt you will know who he is). At the time he was serving at your DVD/CD/BOOK area. Recently, my wife commented to me that she had heard a certain tune on the radio by Jorma Kaukkonen which she thought was entitled "Izzy's Blues" . She said that she really liked it and would like to get a copy of it. BTW - we have a German Shepherd Dog named "Izzy" (after Isildur - you may get the connection) which may explain some of her attraction to the tune. But I digress.

I "Googled" "Izzy's Blues" to no avail. I went to "CD Universe" and searched on Jorma's discography. I found his latest CD "River of Time". Unfortunately, there was no track listing for this volume. I then called on (up) my "weapon of last resort" - Elderly, and wound up being connected to the above-mentioned Dan. He took the time to obtain a copy of the CD by Jorma and advised me that there was a tune on it entitled "Izze's Lullaby". I told him that I thought that would be the track in question. I asked him if he would be able to save a copy of the CD for me as I am local (Dimondale) and could come in the next day (today, actually) to pick it up. He advised me that this would be absolutely no problem. While we were talking, I told Dan that I had received one of your E-mails (I am on most of your lists) and was interested in Levon Helm's latest entitled "Electric Dirt". I asked if it was in stock. He checked and said that it was. I asked him to hold a copy for me and he advised he would.

I came in this afternoon and was waited on by Jeremy who located the requested discs that Dan had saved for me. I purchased and went away a very "happy camper" - able to please my wife (Jorma's disc) and myself (Levon's disc). I just wanted to say that I think what Dan did goes "above and beyond the call" of regular Customer Service. In this case, I thought it was exemplary. He could just as easily have told me when I called to "check the Web Site" , but he took the extra time to do the "legwork" (minimal as it may have been, but he did it nonetheless). I was impressed, to say the least, which is why I am sending this long missive to you. I have E-mailed you before concerning the impressive service I had had from Mr. Reitz (Chris - I hope I spelled his last name correctly). I work in a Gas Station and receive tons of #$^* from the general public and I always appreciate getting a complement. When I believe I have received service that deserves one, I give one. IMHO, Dan deserves this one. Please share it with him. Also, Jeremy, as always, was courteous, prompt, and helpful attending to me "behind the counter" this afternoon when I came in to make my purchase. Actually knew me by name as a matter of fact. Shows you how long I've been doing business with you, doesn't it ? Because of the excellent customer service I have obtained in the past, and expect to obtain in the future from your establishment, you can rest assured that (as the "Governator" - Arnold Schwarzenegger says) I'll be back !!! "
-- Gary, via email 7/1/09


"Hi. Just wanted to let you guys and gals at Elderly instruments know i just received my bigsby tremelo. It was very easy to install, and I am very pleased with my purchase. and I will continue to do business with you as my needs arise."
-- Roy, via email 7/1/09


"I got my ibanez I ordered from you and I just wanna say I am 100% happy with it and with my dealings with you guys and I will 100% use your store again."
-- John, via email 6/24/09


"I dropped two guitars (Gibsons) off at your repair shop on Saturday, and on the way out purchased a new Taylor 814ce. Just gotta say, what a guitar!!! Gigged with it Sat. nite, and it rocked. I’ve never gotten a better live sound. I have numerous Martin and Gibson acoustics, and while they’re still my favorites, my 814 is truly a head turner in both sound, and looks. As always, received my usual fine service from Elderly, upstairs and down. Please thank your staff accordingly."
-- Buck, via email 6/22/09


"I actually had planned to write to thank you for the stellar service in getting out the CD that I ordered. Thanks for the follow-up. "
-- De, via email 6/16/09


"Stan, I appreciate your follow-up as well as the excellent customer experience I had with Elderly Instruments. I wish you the best in the future and I'll be back for more. "
-- John, via email 6/13/09


"Just wanted to say Thank You for your prompt attention to my order of a dozen 814 Vinci Med acoustic strings. I ordered them on Sunday evening, and got them today ... Wednesday afternoon...WOW! unbelieveable....that's quick ... I can only find Vincis at Elderly, and have ordered several sets in the past, and have always been extremely satisfied with the service I get from Elderly. You guys rock! Keep on keepin' on... Thanks again from the Land of the Pink Flamingos..."
-- Andrew, via email 6/10/09


"Thanks for saving me postage by combining the order. I made a mistake and forgot to order everything together. You have great people working at your store."
-- Arbus, via email 6/10/09


"Hi, Bass got here today in good shape. Thanks for a smooth deal."
-- Peter, via email 6/10/09


"Thank you for my beautiful ukulele. I received it way faster than I was expecting. Absolutely love it. Thanks again."
-- Kaia, via email 6/9/09


"I received the 1976 Fender Stratocaster Monday afternoon and it sustained no damage during shipment. Thank you for the excellent packing job. The paper in the guitar case behind the headstock and neck added plenty of cushion for any unforseen mishaps. I appreciate the extra attention you gave the instrument in packing it.

Thank you very much for everything and I am looking forward to hearing about the Fender Strat American Deluxe HSS when it comes in from Fender. If you guys could do the same packing job you did for the '76 Strat I would greatly appreciate it. Have a really great day."
-- Christian, via email 6/9/09


"You guys are absolutely phenomenal in every way imaginable. Best, fastest and easiest out of any place I've ever ordered anything from. If I'm presented with any situation for spreading the word, I definitely will. Again, thanks a million!"
-- Ian, via email 6/3/09


"I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with the frailing scoop that "Stretch" made in my Bart Reiter Whyte Laydie banjo recently. I had asked for a special shape which involved some extra work, and it was done with real craftsmanship and care. It's a relief to know one can trust a treasured instrument to your repair staff."
-- Patrick, via email 6/2/09


"I rec'd my package today. Thank you so much for your fast service!! And for the free shipping - I was very willing to pay for it in order to have the package arrive in time, but you guys got it to me in plenty of time for FREE. Very much appreciated!!!"
-- Nikki, via email 6/2/09


"Received the capo yesterday. Very fast delivery. It fits my Dulcimer perfectly. Thanks."
-- Betsy, via email 6/1/09


"Thanks for your e-mail, I've been shopping with Elderly since the late 70's and have bought and sold guitars and banjos with you over the years."
-- Bob, via email 5/29/09


"A special THANKS Steve for your help with my recent order. Goods have arrived intact & safe."
-- Pete (from Australia), via email 5/28/09


"Good morning – I wanted to send a quick e-mail regarding my recent purchase from Elderly. I bought a Saga open-back banjo (SS-10) to replace my starter about a week ago. The banjo arrived on time, and the set-up is perfect! It is a beautiful instrument with no flaws. I played it during practice with the trio I play with, and the sound is amazing: loud, clear, with great resonance. I am greatly impressed with every aspect of Elderly: from the customer service representative, to the instrument set-up, to the careful packing, and the beauty and quality sound of the banjo itself. When I buy any future instrument, I am going to call Elderly."
-- Mark, via email 5/27/09


"Received my order today. Looks good. Thank you for the prompt service and reasonable shipping rate. It happens I live way out in the Nevada desert. So my attempts at learning the harmonica can only annoy the coyotes and they howl anyway. Thank you once again."
-- 5/26/09, via email Steve


"We received the autoharp strings in less than a week and your price was the best online. We will definitely be shopping with you again. Thanks!"
-- Patrick, via email 5/22/09


"Hello Stan, This is kind of Elderly Bob. I couldn't be happier with the guitar I purchased from you. The packing was first rate and shipping was fast. The guitar is first rate and it is a keeper. Thanks so much. I'll be sure to spread the good word about Elderly. "
-- Bob, via email 5/18/09


"Hello, We received the Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimer today. Upon inspection we have found it to be in excellent condition. Thank you very much for offering this instrument. My wife and daughter have played it all day and I am sure will enjoy for years to come."
-- David, via email 5/18/09


"Helloo!! 2 days ago I got a Samson "Old Growth" Walnut bridge & some GHS strings for my Deering Little Wonder, which I got from you guys in a great trade deal in 2007...I HAD to send a couple of pics...the black drumhead I got last year from you as well! Thanks for ALL your fine choices over the years...Hope there's many more."
-- Robert, via email 5/17/09


"Just a quick note regarding a recent repair from the Elderly Shop. I recently brought a Gibson Gospel , (I purchased new from Elderly around 1993 or so) in for some repair. Paul Schotko was the tech handling the work. The guitar had developed a buzz, (it's never had any work done I play it often and I'm not very gentle) as well as some other issues. After inspection, Paul discovered an issue with the bridge being cracked and the saddle was out of place as well. Paul installed a new, better quality Martin style bridge, crowned/polished the frets and performed a set up etc. This guitar has never played as good as it does now, it has the exact action I prefer, is real easy to play (not always true of the Montana Gibson's) and rings like a bell. A special thanks to Elderly and to Paul, for the attention to detail and the great work. Will be seeing you folks again in the near future."
-- Terry, via email 5/15/09


"Hi Folks! Forgot to mention in my order a few days ago that I am glad you guys are still around!"
-- Alan, via email 5/11/09


"Thank you very much, Stan Werbin;

The machines and strings I ordered were received in good order and are already in use! You are very kind to take interest in this small order; wish you were in our area! Should I need additional supplies, I will certainly remember your website as a source. "
-- Charles, via email 5/10/09


"My order for some books and videos came in today, only 3 days from making the order. You guys are fast and reliable. Thank you again."
-- Matt, via email 5/7/09


"Got my Martin D-41 Friday, and it's everything I hoped for and more. Really like the softer tone. Thanks.."
-- Tom, via email 5/4/09


"The GUILD ROTOVERB (c.1969)I ordered from you a few days ago arrived in the mail today, I just wanted to say Thank You - I've been looking for this odd/old effect for many years, and I'm quite pleased to now have it! Everyone I talked to was friendly, courteous, and professional!"
-- Greg, via email 5/4/09


"I just received my Breedlove C10. It is all I had hope it would be. Been a pleasure to work with you all. Til next time!"
-- Mark, via email 4/29/09


"To whom it may concern... All too often people are quick to complain when something goes awry...I just wanted to take some time and commend your establishment concerning my recent purchase...A new Baja Telecaster...I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a guitar without trying it first..I spoke with one of your staff( I'm sorry that I don't remember his name)but he assured me that Elderly checks out each and every instruments that passes through...Well my guitar arrived within two days of my order and did so perfectly...I've only put it down so I could write this note..I've been playing guitar semi professionally for 40 years and I'm very fussy about my equipment..I want to tell you that you have earned my confidence and I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the future..Thank you. "
-- Anthony, via email 4/28/09


"Just a note of thanks for your selling of fine products at such a competitive rate: every bit counts, and it does matter in making a choice of who to purchase from (rock-bottom-price+free shipping). For folks who play often, and out of love for the instrument, playing with nice sounding quality strings beats the heck out of playing on old "dead" ones for the sake of saving money; Your great prices allowed me to buy bulk of my favorite premium strings, plus a back-up set for another member who plays cello, it is truly a big help.

Hoping all good things come your way for being fair to others. Cheers."
-- Jon, via email 4/24/09


"I wanted to write and thank you for the great service on my most recent purchase. I bought a used OM-18V that you had on consignment last week. I was amazed at the very prompt shipping – the guitar arrived two days after purchase on a Saturday (FedEx). The guitar was packed perfectly. The great thing is that the condition of this guitar far exceeded my expectations. It was graded EC+, but you really could have said “near mint”. The best part is that you obviously set the guitar up, dressed the frets, and put new strings on it. Lastly, this guitar sounds amazing. The OM-18V is not made any more and I had been looking for one of these for a few months. I’m glad I found this particular guitar on your website. This is by far the best used guitar purchase I’ve ever made.

Thanks again for everything. In the past year I have bought a mandolin from you and now this Martin. I will certainly buy from you again! "
-- Bob, via email 4/22/09


"Thank you for the email. I certainly had a pleasant, efficient experience with your company. Thank you for such prompt service."
-- Andrea, via email 4/17/09


"Mr. Werbin (Stan), I would like to let you know about my first experience with Elderly Instruments. I had been looking for a Martin XLM Tenor for almost a year for my father's (who is a long time customer of your firm) 80th Birthday, with no success at our local retailers. I had found one the week before the party and the vendor sold it before I could pick it up (long story). With one week until the party on Saturday April 4th I was not a happy musician knowing that Dad would not have his guitar. I called your toll free number and a gentleman "Joe" was just getting off duty but took the time to listen to our situation, see if you had one in stock, and helped me arrange for second day air delivery. With Joe's help we have one very happy 80 year old musician! THANK YOU to Joe and your staff!"
-- Glen, via email 4/15/09


"Stan thanks! What I ordered was exactly what I wanted and it was shipped in a timely manner. Thanks again!"
-- Cary, via email 4/14/09


"I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your quick service. I ordered the strings and TWO days later received them at school. I have already replaced the strings on 10 of the school dulcimers and have about 5 left to do . Thank you for your great service! My students and I appreciate it."
-- Paula, via email 4/13/09


"I just wanted to send a note to thank Kjell for repairing the crack and making other adjustments to my Martin guitar. I picked it up this afternoon and when I got home was happy to discover that it is easier to play and sounds great. Thanks so much. "
-- Sarah, via email 4/2/09


"Thank you for all the materials you offer at Elderly Instruments. It is a Mecca for me and I love to go and soak in the feeling of being there whenever I can. Money is tight right now, so it will be a bit before I get in again, but I’m still loving every purchase from you guys and using them often! You guys are awesome, so keep up the good work!"
-- Dave, via email 4/1/09


"I just wanted to take a second to extend my thanks to Johnny in the repair shop. He helped resolve an issue with my Goodall the other day and did an excellent job (above and beyond service). Been enjoying the guitar much more since he worked on it."
-- Andrew, via email 4/1/09


"I just received the used 2007 Martin D16GT I ordered from yall last week! I haven’t tuned it up yet, but as far as looks, condition and customer service, I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for the guitar at what I think, so far, is a really good price!"
-- Charles, via email 3/31/09


"Over the years, I've heard many good things about Elderly Instruments. I knew that you had a selection of prime new and vintage instruments that was (and remains) unmatched in the United States. Since I spent much of my time with folk, roots, country and bluegrass musicians, I also understood that Elderly's staff knew what they were talking about and provided reliable advice. I saw that your prices were competitive with other, much larger, music stores. But what Elderly has that makes it stand head and shoulders above the large chain stores is a level of customer service that will make me come back to you again and again."
-- Graham, via email 3/27/09


"Thank you very much. I am very satisfied with your service and understanding."
-- Andy, via email 3/27/09


"Hi, I have been struggling with trying to find tuning pegs for an old Dixie Banjo Uke I got for my daughter. Nothing seemed to fit and I was at my wits end. I phone your repair department and Joe was very helpful and assisted me in finding a solution to my problem. He was kind, did some research, phone me back and helped tremendously.

Three cheers for Joe!!! Can't wait to hear my girl play this shiny chrome thang."
-- Jim, via email 3/24/09


"This is my second time doing business with you on line. It has been great! Thank you!"
-- Greg, via email 3/23/09


"Please forward this to Stan/Frog. Despite the gloomy economic conditions we all hear about, I went to to your store yesterday with aspirations to buy a new Martin via a few trades to make it happen. I not only had a blast that day, I pulled the trigger and received outstanding service from Michael, Larry, James, Keith, Stretch, another service guy who's workshop is visable thru the window, a new guy at the service counter, and especially Tim. Thanks so much."
-- Rod, via email 3/23/09


"I just wanted to thank you for your service. I just received my order which I placed a few days ago. Thank you for the speed in which you sent it and from now on I will let everyone I know how quick and efficient you are. I had ordered the very same merchandise from our local music shop over 2 months ago and I still haven't heard form them yet. You guys rock. You can be sure that you will be hearing from me again. Thank you so much again!!! I am very pleased."
-- Michael, via email 3/16/09


"The D-28 authentic is awesome sounding and I think that it is my favorite guitar over a 1943 and 1947 D-28. Hope all is well with you and your family."
-- 3/14/09, via email Pat


"Just a short message to let you know that I am really enjoying the 2003 Gretsch Double Anniversary guitar that I purchased from you just last December (Bamboo yellow with copper sides). It plays beautifully, and kudos to you and your staff for the expert and fast shipping! I will purchase more in the future, you can rest assured of that! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too. Thanks again! "
-- Mike, via email 3/13/09


"Thanks Elderly for your quick response and my pedal arrived today. I really like it!!!!"
-- Kevin, via email 3/9/09


"The stuff I ordered arrived this morning, and given that I'm in Ireland I think that's pretty good service!. I look forward to dealing with you again. "
-- Greg (from Ireland), via email 3/2/09


"I have been very impressed with the service provided by your wonderful staff."
-- Dave, via email 3/1/09


"I just wanted to say thank you so much the incredibly fast response to my on-line order! I've been trying to get The Royal Conservatory of Music guitar series books for two years through several different sites (a couple of them were nightmares). I was delighted that you had them in stock and they came so quickly. I like to support my local music stores as much as possible, but they're just not carrying music. I'm thrilled with your site and will be ordering more books in the future. Thanks again for your excellent and speedy virtual customer service! "
-- Jamie, via email 2/26/09


"Just an FYI... I called your sales office for the first time ever yesterday and I wanted to let you know it was a very positive/pleasant experience. I talked to a Mike T. and he was extremely helpful. I could tell he loved to talk about guitars! It was great and very helpful talking with a fellow guitar lover. I now feel comfortable picking out guitar without actually touching it. I feel your folks will pick out a great guitar for me. Although, I just might just make the 6 hour drive anyway! Either way, I will be placing an order on a HD-28 as soon as I jettison some of my other stuff to make room. I'm only allowed to have so many at one time! Take care. "
-- Jack, via email 2/25/09


"Good Morning!... I just wanted to give you feedback on my recent purchase. Yesterday afternoon I received the Kenny Hill / New World "La Curva" guitar I purchased on Monday via your web site. As with the guitar I purchased last October (Mike Menkevich's Torres-style guitar), I found the 'site pictures to not only be helpful to my purchase decision, but also to fairly and accurately represent the state of preservation of the instrument. And this instrument is in exceptional shape - it hardly looked used! And as Kenny Hill's "New World" guitars are in the mid-$2,000 range anymore, this was a bargain I could not pass up. The instrument was ready-to-play just as I received it - it is well adjusted, there was no shipping damage (owing to your packing materials and careful packing methods), and sounds wonderful. And this is my first guitar with a cutout...sure makes those upper-register passages easier to negotiate... Throw in the TKL case, which had no greater flaw than a thin layer of dust, and who wouldn't be happy with that? To me, this purchase is a testimony both to Mr. Hill - for the efficacy of his outsourcing methods, to put high-quality instruments into the hands of ordinary people like myself - and to you, who are committed to providing high-quality yet attractively-priced instruments to the secondary market. Kudos to you again from a very satisfied customer. If ever I am in your part of Michigan, I will be sure to stop by. Hopefully with one of my guitars tucked under my arm. Regards to all."
-- John, via email 2/19/09


"You guys rock!!!! Thanks for the super quick service!!!! "
-- Jeff, via email 2/17/09


"Thanks to you , I received my FENDER DUO-SONIC today. I am very happy that this is a very nice and cute guitar. Best regards. (Domo Arigatou!) "
-- Kazuhiro (from Japan), via email 2/16/09


"Dear Mr. Werbin, Thank you for your introductory e-mail. I was extremely pleased with my transaction with you. I needed the collapsible stand for a Wednesday night gig. I had not expected it to arrive in time. That would have been an unreasonable expectation and yet, there it was on my doorstep at 5pm. The rehearsal was 7:30pm.

So I loved the service and the product is everything it was cracked up to be, sturdy, versatile but compact. Thank you very much. I'll keep in close touch with your store."
-- Jay, via email 2/13/09


"Thanks. That was REALLY fast...."
-- Rick, via email 2/12/09


"Thank you for the superlative service and shipping speed on my order. I hope to recommend you to as many people as possible! "
-- Jordan, via email 2/9/09


"Thanks for the email. Everything arrived safe and sound and a lot sooner than I expected. Nice work! "
-- Jeff, via email 2/8/09


"Just would like to let you know that the quality and service I have received have been excellent, especially that I changed my order after I had payed and that went through without any problems. "
-- David, via email 2/5/09


"Wow Wow Wow- that’s all I could say about the Ovation Nylon string Guitar, which I bought from you. This is thing is MINT- yet it was made in 1978. The Case is mint- and I ordered it on Friday and received it on Tuesday.

I am very happy with this purchase and also the 1985 Gianinni, I bought from you about 2 months ago. Every time anyone see’s it- I proudly tell them I bought it from Elderly Instruments. Thanks again. God bless."
-- Paul, via email 2/3/09


"I was in on Friday 1/30/09 because I wasn't happy with a pedal that I had ordered on your website....I drove over from Grand Rapids after work and didn't get to your store until about 5:30 pm. I was treated so kindly with exchanging the pedal. There were two guys there that stayed until 6:20 pm to help me pick out the right pedal. They stayed 20 minutes late and only cared that I was getting something that worked for me. That's not the kind of service that you get usually. I also purchased a ModTone Speedbox Distortion pedal from you about a month ago and I'm very happy with that. Because of the service that I have received from your staff, I'm going to be making more regular trips over to your store, even for the simple things like strings and picks.

Thanks again for being so great. "
-- Justin, via email 2/2/09


"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for your fast professional service. Living in Hawaii can be very challenging when dealing with vendors on the web; most for some reason are reluctant to ship here altogether. Don't get me wrong its sunny and warm, right now, in the dead of winter. Anyhow thanks again and I'll tell all my musician friends about you. "
-- Jeffrey, via email 2/2/09


"Dear Mr. Werbin: I do not wish to sound like a "suck up", but I will risk it. Last Thursday I was at your shop. I traded in a guitar, and in return purchased a new Vox amplifier. Everything went smoothly, and I was treated more than fair.

I was assisted by Mel (who I've dealt with now for about 10 years) and the guitar I traded in was looked over by Paul (one of your techs that I have entrusted quite a few guitars with). Both of them showed the kind of professional, pleasant, and helpful attitudes I have come to expect from your staff.

In this day and age when people are quick to complain, I simply wanted to take a moment and say "Thank You". All the Best! "
-- Bill, via email 1/28/09


"Dear Elderly: I ordered a used Reverend Jetstream HB/FMT from you early last week. It arrived late in the week, and it's a winner! It's as flawless a "used" guitar as I've ever seen, and plays like a dream. I've long wanted to add a Jetstream to my arsenal, and you helped make it happen at an extremely reasonable price, with the inclusion of an OHSC making it an even sweeter deal. Thanks again for a very satisfying ordering experience! Good luck in 2009!"
-- Tom, via email 1/21/09


"Hello, Regarding PRS #3OU-14956. Exceptional instrument...thank you for negotiating the price, your reasonable shipping rate, the care taken in packing and finally the wonderful set up. Please let the people responsible know about their much appreciated efforts."
-- Bob, via email 12/22/08


"My Martin CEO-4R arrived safe and sound and it's perfect. What clarity and looks! Thanks for everything..."
-- Tom, via email 12/17/08


"Thank you for being so prompt in shipping out my recent order. I will certainly continue to shop at Elderly. Thanks Again !!!"
-- Kimberly, via email 12/15/08


"Received the order already!!!! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Thanks again for the great service."
-- Thom, via email 12/15/08


"I bought two Larrivee guitars(L3/OM9)from Elderly Instruments in the past month. The guitars are gorgeous and sound great! I'm very happy and appreciate your quality and fine service. You can keep me on your mailing list. Your catalogs are nice and I'm sure to be ordering some accessories from your company in the near future."
-- Randy, via email 11/28/08


"Just wanted you folks to know that I received my gig bag today, and it arrived with absolutely no damage. Thanks for the fast service, I am a satisfied customer and you guys shipped on time and I was able to track it right up till today. NOTE: As I was tracking the whereabouts of the bag, my front door bell rang and there it was. When you satisfy like this you will always have returning customers, keep up the good work."
-- Thom, via email 11/24/08


"Greetings to the folks at Elderly Instruments, Thank you for an excellent shopping experience. I recently received a Martin DM and some strings from you. It was the first time I had ordered anything from you and I couldn't be more pleased. Everything arrived on time in great shape and the set up on the guitar was PERFECT. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Best regards. "
-- Tom, via email 11/17/08


"Folks: Got my Fender Delux Ash Strat, aged cherry, the other day. Beautiful guitar and beautifully set up, too. You guys are great. Thanks. "
-- Keith, via email 11/13/08


"Just wanted to say thank you for a spectacular instrument. This was my first purchase from your online store, and I must say, I am impressed. The Gibson came perfectly set up and ready to play out of the box! With any instrument, I expect to tweak it to my liking. This one arrived as if your guitar tech knew what I wanted from the go. I will definitely purchase from your store in the future (as soon as I save up enough loot!), and will recommend your store to all my music makin' friends."
-- Jun, via email 11/13/08


"Thanks Elderly, Just a short note of thanks for the great service and speedy shipment of my new Mike Ramsey Banjo. As usual your dedication to service shone brightly as Patrick went the extra mile to email photo's of the instrument to insure I would know exactly what I was getting. It has in the past been a joy to deal with you and this instance was no exception. My sincere thanks and appreciation."
-- Bob, via email 11/10/08


"Stan, Just wanted to compliment you on your staff in general, and Brian Alvarez in particular. He is a pleasure to work with and a credit to your business... Have a great day."
-- Jamie, via email 10/31/08


"I just wanted to let the people at Elderly know that I got my guitar Thursday and I'm so in love with it. It's even more fabulous than I thought it would be. The sound is wonderful and the action is so perfect. It's the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned as well as having the best sound. This is also my first Martin! Wow- what a way to start. I know I got a great deal on this guitar and it will be cherished for years to come. When I get ready for my next Martin (I still want the John Mayer or the Clapton) I will be sure to buy it from you. I'm going to tell all my guitarist friends as well how great Elderly is to buy from. I loved my Taylor 214 and my Baby Taylor but this is more than Taylor love. This is Martin love! I'm ga-ga for this guitar. Thank you!"
-- Joy, via email 10/29/08


"The latest edition of your treasure of a catalog arrived this date, with the best t-shirt inspiration ever adorning the inside back cover. Saga's ad for the Carter Stanley Memorial Guitar's suitable for framing. But best of all, have a look at the inlaid peghead design, that hauntingly beautiful white dove. If one emblem or design can embrace everywhere bluegrass has been and where it's going, there it is. That peghead design on a t-shirt would entwine hearts and evoke music. Hope you'll ask Saga to think about it. After all, Christmastime's a-comin'. Thanks Elderly. You're the best."
-- Bear, via email 10/28/08


"Although I’ve been a customer for a number of years, I just wanted so say thank you for your efforts in keep shipping costs at a minimum and having the best selection and prices on instrument strings anywhere. I recently placed and online order for some mandolin and guitar strings and was very pleased to see that you offered a very affordable USPS option for shipping. With your already terrific prices on strings – the modest shipping cost translated to an exceptionally low cost purchase for me – and to top it off - my order shipped within 24 hours – amazing! "
-- Stan, via email 10/23/08


"Just wanted to say thank you very big. The strings were in my mailbox a scant 2 days after I bought them online."
-- Mateo, via email 10/16/08


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for selling me such a wonderful guitar. The HD-28 custom is fantastic--it came well set up and sounds great! One of my colleagues has bought several instruments from you and he highly recommended your services. The only question I have regarding my guitar is what make and model of strings you set it up with--they sound great and I wanted to keep using them. Thank you! "
-- Tom, via email 10/9/08


"Hi - I just wanted to say thank you for the good customer care and service on my last order. It arrived Fri. and the guitar sound is stunning, even played acoustically. Had to show it off to a few musicians here and they were impressed too. Thanks. "
-- Ray, via email 10/7/08


"I have received and tuned my new Martin D28. You guys are awesome, it sounds great and plays fantastically. I'll keep coming back to Elderly for my music needs. Thank You!!!! "
-- Art, via email 9/29/08


"I recently ordered a Gretsh lap steel guitar amd some accesories from you and I must say great job! The order arrived sooner than I expected, it was correct, and the guitar was beautiful,and sounds great!I was most impressed that the guitar arrived IN TUNE! I was so happy with the service that I placed another order for some strings and picks.And it came the very next day!, I couln't believe it, You guys are the Best, What a great first impression you made on me I hope to be a long time customer of Elderly. I have a question I hope you can help me with. I ordered a set of strings for E9 tuning (6 string lap steel) and I'm not sure which strings are tuned to what pitch,as this is my first experience with lap steel. It would sure help me if someone could Email me back concerning this matter. Thanks for everything."
-- Randy, via email 9/22/08


"I received my guitar yesterday and I am very pleased with the instrument and the service. Thanks for the expedient shipping. "
-- Mark, via email 9/17/08


"Hi, I would like to thank the folks at Elderly for doing a great job. I have now bought four instruments from you and I love to play them all. I have used these instruments for recording and performance. I have purchased a Gibson es125T guitar, a Gibson RB175 banjo, a new Bart Reiter open back banjo and now a Dixie banjo Uke. I've got it good... I play to make people happy and then I buy cool instruments from you. It's a win win! "
-- Joe, via email 9/16/08


"I'd just like to say thank you for your excellent service with my Stelling. I can't believe I was sat here in Essex england last Saturday and dared to click your 'Buy' button and I'm playing it by Monday morning of the next week. The instrument is beyond anything I could have imagined and your service was spot on especially as no one else in the UK trades Stellings unless you wanna wait a year, and no other US companies I could find ship to the UK. You made the whole process easy. I can't believe I actually own such a thing - love it to bits and hope that one day my playing will actually be worthy of it !!"
-- Lorraine (from England), via email 9/12/08


"Good morning... I just wanted to let you know my Martin 0000-28H arrived Wednesday in perfect condition. I've purchased several instruments from you over the years, but this is my first acoustic purchase, and the first time I've bought an acoustic without playing it first. I did think about it for a long time, but I was considering a Martin... and a Martin from Elderly. I felt confident about the purchase and knew if there was an issue, it would be taken care of.

Not only is the guitar beautiful...the set-up is perfect. She sounds as good as she looks. As always, the description was accurate, the price very fair. So thank you for all you do to prep these guitars and ship them so well. While I can't always make a trip up to Lansing in person, it's always a pleasure to shop at Elderly. All the best to you."
-- Robert, via email 9/5/08


"A word of thanks: THANKS! Backordered portion of order received yesterday and it (psaltery DVD) is great! Thanks for your excellent and prompt service. "
-- Carol, via email 9/3/08


"Hi - I just wanted to let you know that the nice used Cordoba Guitar Case arrived today. I'm quite pleased with it. Good to do business with you. And thanks for the catalog!"
-- Richard, via email 9/2/08


"Thanks to the Alaska-PIKs you recently shipped to me, I am FREE forever from the care and cultivation of fingernails to play guitar! Yay! Great product and fast service! I'll be back."
-- George, via email 9/2/08


"Folks, just wanted to say thank you for shipping my order as fast as you did. Order taken on the 19th pickin' an a grinin' on the 22nd outstanding. Two Thumbs Up to all involved. This cigar box is one fun guitar. "
-- Tom, via email 8/23/08


"Hi guys, words are really NOT enough in this case, but I wanted to thank all of you at Elderly Instruments for making my purchase such a wonderful experience! As you all know, I live here in Greece and buying online can sometimes be a very stressful process as I am so far away living in this tiny weenie country over here lol. I had been looking at sites all over the Internet trying to find a company that would accept my payment through a bank wire, as credit card billing is not possible from anywhere outside of the U.S.A. Everything went as planned and I was so relieved when I finally managed to send the money after months of emails with other online companies from all across the USA and all the hassle involved. WOW, It was so EASY with you !!!!!!!! My new baby, a MARTIN OMC AURA was delivered today (in record time) to my best friend in the whole wide world who lives out there in the states. I cannot express how happy I feel and I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the help !!!- especially to Dawn (ordering department) for putting up with my endless questions and for dealing with everything so calmly & professionally - and a HUGE thank you, & an extra *HUG* to Gorge Crank (if I spelt that right), shipping department, for clearing up a major error made by Fed-Ex while delivering. You guys are the BEST and I wish I could show my appreciation in a better way than these few words on a PC screen. All I can say is that if any of you ever manage to make it over to Greece for a vacation, you are all welcome to my home and I will do everything in my power to make you feel as warm and wanted as I felt with you!! ........ THANK YOU SO SO soooo MUCH!!! "
-- Suzi (from Greece), via email 8/21/08


"Dear folks at Elderly, Received my order today. As always: fast delivery, great service etc. you're absolutely the best!!"
-- Harry (from The Netherlands), via email 8/18/08


"Hi Folks - The order arrived here safe and sound here today. Thanks for the prompt service; I'm sure we'll be in touch soon. "
-- Brian, via email 8/18/08


"Thanks for my new AXE. This thing is sooo sweet. "
-- Jon, via email 8/18/08


"I am very appreciative of the excellent customer service I received from one of your employees, Cynthia Bridge. I was having some difficulty with one of your suppliers (a custom neck, long story, but it just does not matter) and she was nice enough to give me a hand. I have purchase new and used equipment, cds, and strings from you for a decade, and that will not change. You have great staff and they are always helpful. You should be very proud of your organization."
-- Stan, via email 8/15/08


"I received the Rover RB-20 banjo just a few days after I had ordered it. The setup was perfect. Thanks. I had seven other banjos, 5 with tone rings. The Rover has the most mellow tone. It reminds me of the old banjos. It sounds great when I play folk songs with it. It is also very light, which was a feature I was looking for. The volume isn't loud, but ample. The tuners work well, even the friction tuner. This banjo sounds as good as banjos I have paid twice as much for. The $155 was money well spent. My wife and dog tolerate the Rover mellow sound and low volume well. They don't care for the sound of my most expensive gold plated, Whyte Ladye tone ring banjo. It is too loud. My dog gives me a disgusted stare, then goes to the bedroom and crawls under the bed. My my wife isn't as tactful. She tells me not to play the gold banjo while she is in the house."
-- Sam, via email 8/11/08


"Hello, I received the instrument in excellent condition. I'm very satisfied. Thanks."
-- Mark, via email 8/8/08


"Just want to thank all of you at Elderly Instruments. I received my Martin 000M yesterday and it is great!!! As usual with Elderly, it was packed and shipped impeccably, and when I tuned it and strummed the first chord it was pure bliss. Thanks for caring so much about all of your products."
-- Jason, via email 8/7/08


"Received my 63 Dano Long Scale about two weeks ago. Giged with it first weekend. This thing is really cool. Nice finish and sounds great. Almost as good as my original DC bass. I know they had some quality control problems but you guys delived me a nice one, well set up. Special thanks to Melanie for helping me through the process and putting up with my phone calls. You guys do nice work. "
-- John, via email 7/28/08


"I was so impressed with the Squier Telecaster that arrived today. The set-up was perfect. The intonation was spot-on (I recently bought another guitar online from somebody else that was twice as expensive, but their 55 point inspection was a joke.) The tone knob was loose, but easily fixed. Thanks so much. My son loves this guitar."
-- David, via email 7/25/08


"My name is philip clark. i bought a behringer acoustic amp and it aririved today i have just finished marathon practice session with it , i absolutly love that thing!!! you shipped it well packed it was i perfect condition and am very happy with it thank you very much for your great business and service! godspeed"
-- Philip, via email 7/24/08


"I just got the National Polychrome Tricone I ordered last Friday. The guitar is beautiful! Set up is perfect and it sounds great! Thanks for the excellent service!"
-- Bruce, via email 7/21/08


"Wow! What service. My new gigbag was ordered and shipped on Monday. I got it on Wednesday. Thanks to Demetrius, who helped my find a bag to fit my particular guitar."
-- Jane, via email 7/17/08


"Hi.....My name is Pete Robertson from Memphis Missouri, and I bought a Deering Deluxe at your store in 1985. I just happened to get to visit with Doug Dillard a few days ago at a festival here in Missouri. We got to talking about banjos of course, and although her prefers his Gibson Grenada archtop still......he had fine things to say about the Deering I still play. It just took me back the that day I got to your store as you opened up. I didnt leave till closing time and played every banjo you had and settled on the Deluxe. I drove all the way from Missouri to see your store. Thanks."
-- Pete, via email 7/7/08


"I recently bought a used Beard Gold Tone Maple Deluxe resonator. All I can say is WOW! I can't believe the quality and sound of this guitar, I really wasn't expecting this kind of instrument for the money. Very inspiring, it's a keeper. Thanks so much!"
-- Chris, via email 7/2/08


"Hi! I realize that most customers only contact a retailer when problems arise, so I wanted to take the time to tell you how much of a pleasure it is to do business with Elderly Instruments - whether in in-person or via phone/online. Every purchase, big or small (in my case, mostly small :o), that I've ever made at Elderly has been handled courteously, accurately, and promptly. In fact, my most recent phone order just arrived this (Friday) morning- even though I just placed it during the latter part of Wednesday afternoon, and, moreover, FedEx didn't even have the tracking number in their system until about an hour before the package arrived at my door. No matter who waits on me in your store or on the phone, I'm always treated personably and professionally. More importantly, even when I just stop in to browse - something I love to do so as much as my daughter enjoys perusing Toys R Us or the pet store - my experience is always first-rate. Many thanks!"
-- Paul, via email 6/27/08


"Another great guitar from Elderly came to my house this week! I cannot imagine ordering a guitar from anywhere else. They always come to my house ready to play and sound beautiful. I also want to thank Steven for his friendly service and advice on the guitar tuners I ordered for my students. They are great! I am going to be calling Patrick back real soon to order the Jimmy Vaughn Strat that he recommended to me. Thanks for everything. "
-- Jimmy, via email 6/27/08


"I just wanted to let you know that you have great staff that work for you. I was desperate to get a guitar for my husband. I had ordered one from a store a week before father's day and they were unable to get one for me. They told me it would be another 2 weeks (4 in total). Then i tried another website yesterday but was sent an email early this morning stating that the guitar was on backorder!!! so i tried you... i really want the guitar for this weekend as we are going on vacation tomorrow! i called the help line after entering my order on-line. The gentleman who answered was so helpful and polite. We chatted about the detroit tigers and he put the order thru over the phone to ensure that i would get the guitar for tomorrow. I just checked and it has been shipped and i have a fedex tracking number. i am soooo happy!!! i just wanted to let you know that i am thrilled and very grateful that you could help me out! thank you to the guy who answered my call... i forgot to ask for his name!"
-- Karen, via email 6/26/08


"The ukulele and the strings arrived today and I am delighted with everything. The ukulele is extraordinary."
-- Nancy, via email 6/26/08


"I received my used Larrivee OM-05 in good shape yesterday. It does indeed sound good, as promised, and more similar to a Martin 000-18 I once had than I would have guessed.

The setup seems good too. In fact I have a Martin 16-series (from another shop) that is really badly setup. I have trouble finding a competent repairman over here, so I will probably sell it. The Larrivee feels leagues better. "
-- Jan, via email 6/26/08


"I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I love the used koa strat I just purchased. The guitar was in beautiful shape when it arrived, and it waspacked well and shipped very quickly. Everytime I've order something from you guys I've been very happy and I'm sure I'll be ordering again in the future. Thanks."
-- Ray, via email 6/19/08


"You guys are absolutely the Greatest! I'll order again and spread the word!!!"
-- Jim, via email 6/18/08


"THANKS!... I got my guitar yesterday and I ordered it last Wednesday. Super fast delivery, just 2 working days + weekend...and I basically live other side of the globe. Also special thanks for good info and photos of your instruments on your web-site, your condition key is really helpful... Its bit nerve-wrecking to order a guitar and especially acoustic one without seeing/playing it... but the guitar was just like I expected it to be...and it sings like an angel."
-- Hes, via email 6/17/08


"I recently purchased a 6 course cittern from your vintage instruments page - a Golden Wood cittern. I wanted to write and thank you for your lovely customer service, prompt delivery and honest dealing. Thank you so much for helping me find an instrument of fantastic quality within my price point. I'm thrilled with my first transaction with Elderly!! "
-- Myra, via email 6/13/08


"Thank you, Stephen, for the good service!!"
-- Donald, via email 6/10/08


"Greetings all Elderly associates . This is for anyone who thinks there hard work goes unnoticed . Just recently I purchased a little fender travel guitar for my son Ben. It's the guitar that comes with a amp and speaker built right in so a young student has more freedom to play there music .

Especially in Ben's case because he was born with downs syndrome, having a vehicle like a guitar to express his creativity is a real value . And Let me tell ya ... the boy is having fun ... he is off the hook with that guitar. "
-- Leonard, via email 6/9/08


"The (ukulele) strings have arrived. Big mahalo for the fast turn around."
-- Mateo, via email 6/9/08


"Thank you so much for helping me with this Alvarez guitar for one of my students. The Fed Ex truck left my house a while ago. The sunburst guitar is beautiful the case is top notch and the set-up on the guitar was perfect. I was helped by two very nice young men at Elderly last week when I ordered this guitar, Steven and Joe. They were both very nice and helpful and I appreciate their patience with me. I have been buying guitars and gear from Elderly and I have sold two guitars on consignment in the last couple of years. I have always received the best help. I cannot wait until I can order something else. Thanks. "
-- Jimmy, via email 6/5/08


"I purchased a PRS CE22 about a month ago & i just want to let you guys know that I am VERY PLEASED with the guitar & the service that I received from you!!! That was my 2nd PRS from Elderly & I am looking at 1 more in the near future. Greg helped me the last time and he was AWESOME to work with!! In fact everytime I call or email your company, I get great service....THANK YOU!!!!!"
-- Jason, via email 6/2/08


"Thanks for your professionalism. He's in good condition and quality (great sound). The shipping is fast and good protection. "
-- Christophe (from France), via email 5/23/08


"Thank you! It arrived very quickly."
-- Mary, via email 5/14/08


"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the very knowledgeable people that I met in my visit to Elderly last week. I flew from Maine and the trip was well worth it. Cynthia Bridge met me at the door and gave me a tour of your fine store. I got to talk with Joe Konkoly who had done a neck reset on my Martin D-40FW six years ago and he took the time to answer all my questions. Elderly will be my only store from now on. Thanks for a fine store."
-- Richard, via email 5/12/08


"Thanks much, a pleasure doing business with you folks. I will do so again."
-- Don, via email 5/9/08


"Received the order below, in perfect condition and just a couple of days...literally! THANKS for your good service. Hope to be doing business with you again in the future. Blessings."
-- Ron, via email 5/8/08


"Thank You & your staff for the excellent service."
-- David, via email 5/6/08


"Greetings Elderly folks! I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with the Larrivee 000 I just purchased from you. This is guitar # 3 from you so far, my first being a Heritage H-140, and the second an Esteve classical. As always, your service was excellent and the guitar arrived in perfect condition. Please pass along my thanks to the shipping folks for their usual fine work too. In a world of mediocre service, it’s great to do business with a company that gets it right! Thanks again and stand by for more orders!"
-- Ron, via email 5/2/08


"In just received my Breedlove C10. It is all I had hope it would be. Been a pleasure to work with you all. Til next time!"
-- Mark, via email 4/29/08


"To whom it may concern... All too often people are quick to complain when something goes awry.. I just wanted to take some time and commend your establishment concerning my recent purchase...A new Baja Telecaster...I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a guitar without trying it first..I spoke with one of your staff( I'm sorry that I don't remember his name)but he assured me that Elderly checks out each and every instruments that passes through...Well my guitar arrived within two days of my order and did so perfectly...I've only put it down so I could write this note.. I've been playing guitar semi professionally for 40 years and I'm very fussy about my equipment..I want to tell you that you have earned my confidence and I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the future..."
-- Anthony, via email 4/28/08


"HI!! I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I received my DEAN Exotica Quilted Ash with Cutaway, Trans Blue Satin Finish today....OMGosh! It's beautiful! I love it! I honestly wasn't expecting to get it so soon, thinking it would be at least 7 days. I am so happy it's more then I expected! Now, I just need to learn to play it! (laughing) Thank you so much! I will definitely be purchasing another guitar from you in the near future!"
-- Michelle, via email 4/21/08


"I love my new ukulele. You got it here after two days and it was tuned when it got here! Thanks a lot guys. I'll be back for any new equipment I'm looking for."
-- Ben, via email 4/17/08


"VERY impressed with the quick turnaround of my recent order, you will be getting more orders in the future! Nice Work."
-- Scott, via email 4/14/08


"Hey !!! I just thought I'd let you guys know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fender Jazz bass that I purchased Thursday. I gigged with it Friday night and it felt like I've always had it. Its fretless but that didnt' matter. I have a 1978 PBass that is a BEAST and this Jazz bass is perfect!!"
-- Judy, via email 4/14/08


"Good morning. Just a quick note to let you know that my BGT 1R and case arrived Thursday the 10th. Everything was in perfect condition. As this is my first foray into the dark and mysterious world of the resonator guitar, I’m having a tough time putting it down. It truly is an excellent entry level guitar. As I was researching resonators, I got some bad intel from “the other guy”. You information however was accurate and to the point. Though you won’t retire on what I purchase, you now have a new and loyal customer. Again, thank you for all your help and advice."
-- Chris, via email 4/14/08


"Guys, Thanks for the nice Epiphone Newport Bass, with a little bit of work she will look like new. Great Packing Job as Well."
-- Paul, via email 4/11/08


"Your stores great!! I wish you were closer."
-- Todd, via email 4/8/08


"hello guitar lovers: just wanted to drop you a line about the great, quality experience i received when making a telephone order. it was an order of ten different guitar picks with varying small quantities. it was a small purchase, but i was treated as if i was buying a ten thousnd dollar martin. the person taking my order was brandon. unfortunately i dont know his last name. you have a good person in brandon. if he is an example of your staff, then you guys are doing it right. much success to brandon and all. i live in chicago but visit howard city michigan once a year. i will try to make a visit to elderly."
-- Rich, via email 4/7/08


"The National Vintage Steel Tricone arrived safely. Thank you for an excellent packing job, and a wonderful instrument."
-- Don, via email 4/3/08


"Martin OM 21 Special arrived yesterday safe and sound. And what a sound! It was love at first sight and hearing! Many thanks to Elderly staff for great help and service. "
-- Bjørn (from Norway), via email 4/1/08


"I'm not looking to buy anything at the moment, but I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great service when I ordered from you in December. I ordered 3XLR Baggs Buffer Jacks. They arrived a lot quicker than I expected. If I am ever looking for anything that is difficult to track down in the UK, I will not hesitate to contact you."
-- Steve (from the UK), via email 3/28/08


"Hi Stan,Just to let you know all the stuff arrived in good order so thanks to you and the crew. I,d love to visit the store sometime! Cheers."
-- Dick, via email 3/28/08


"Elderly people! I purchased an Asher Ben Harper model lap steel from Elderly this week and it arrived today. I wanted to thank you for the care and quick service you provided. The guitar and case arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't be happier. This is the second guitar I've bought from y'all (first was in '01) and I'd happily order from you again."
-- Matt, via email 3/27/08


"VERY Happy with the earl s golden d banjo the sales people were very honest and helpful. my friend looked at the banjo and said it was set up very well, thanks and God bless. "
-- Phil, via email 3/27/08


"Just wanted you to know received guitar yesterday,in perfect shape.Want to thank everybody there for your kind and courteous attention you payed to me,I know your very busy.Wish I had found your site years ago.All my friends are going to find out about your store and how great you treat people.Will be doing business again. My thanks to you all."
-- Warren, via email 3/24/08


"Wow! They shipped it already and it will be here Tuesday. Obviously these guys are not on the leaf."
-- Rick, via email 3/24/08


"Kay, Got appraisal on my Martin D35L this morning. Sent check for the difference on the Taylor 814ceL. 818.00 with shipping. Wanted to thank all of you for being so kind and polite with a first time trader and second time buyer. Will do business again and recommend you to all my fellow music lovers. The check will be there tomorrow .Please send Taylor via UPS if possible.Thanks again, you've been great!!"
-- Warren, via email 3/18/08


"Hello, Elderly, Just wanted to let you know that my mandolin arrived on Friday, February 29. I had just thought that I should have made sure to buy strings for it when I got your e-mail notice that it had been mailed. So, a big thank you for providing them. Awfully nice of you! I thought maybe if it was mailed without the strings the neck might have twisted slightly. I'll be taking it to my local mandolin guy for a checkup, but I sure would like to say that everything sure looks great! Thank you for the opportunity to purchase it and for the wonderful service. I heard about you from my brother, Jim Sofra, up in Abbotsford, British Columbia."
-- Ann, via email 3/3/08


"Hi - I just want to let you know that the baritone guitar arrived in great shape. The guitar is beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help."
-- Lawrence, via email 3/3/08


"I just wanted to say thank you for such fine service. I ordered a Wechter/Scheerhorn Dobro on Thursday, got it Friday with overnight shipping. Everything was great and sounds wonderful...the staff at Elderly helped me along with my decision. Great job!!"
-- Kevin, via email 3/3/08


"Hi Thanks for the great deal on the Benedetto Bravo Deluxe I got from you guys last week, and the great customer service! Have a great day!"
-- Tom, via email 2/26/08


"THANK YOU, for such good service. It's such a pleasure doing business with you."
-- Walt, via email 2/22/08


"Hello There, I just talked to one of your " Describer" few days ago and I'm ready to make the purchase soon , I think this gentleman name is Patrick, he has a very good customer service attitude and I'm very appreciated the way he talked to me thru the phone even just a few minutes, and here I have a few more questions about this guitar, please see the pictures attached for more detail. Hope to hear from you soon."
-- Tran, via email 2/20/08


"To everybody at Elderly, I just wanted to drop you folks a quick line to tell you how very pleased I am with my recent purchase from Elderly. Elderly had the exact instrument I wanted IN STOCK when everybody else was sold out. The customer service rep I spoke to on the telephone was very friendly and efficient. My instrument arrived in perfect condition just today. I wasn’t expecting it until Monday or Tuesday. This is just fantastic! You guys are terrific! I am very pleased with my experience and I look forward to doing business with Elderly again in the future. "
-- John, via email 2/19/08


"Hello There, I recently purchased a 1950's vintage Gibson TG-50 archtop tenor guitar. Unfortunately, the owner did not have a case for it. Do you have access to a case for this little gem? I've been dealing with your company since the 1970's. In fact, I still have a copy of your first catalog, with the separate price sheet. I will never part with it. It let me know that there were enough musicians in the world like me, that someone was actually going to try make a living off us! After that,somehow, I didn't feel I was an oddball anymore. My self esteem rose higher and I actually went to college and made something out of my dung-heep of a banjo player's life. No more running illegal alchohol to Elmira on Friday nights. Thank you, Stan! God bless you, man! For a musician in Corning, New York, where the only music store sells banjo strings for $15.00 a set, you guys have been a real help in times of need. Your catalogs through the years have kept me up to date on all the instruments I can't afford to buy. As a wish book you took the place of Sears-Roebuck in my life. Instead of the outhouse, though, your catalog rests on the end table of our sofa. That way, my fantasies are within easy reach. Who would have predicted that Lansing (East Lansing?) would become a spiritual center for so many millions? Keep up the good work."
-- Ken, via email 2/18/08


"I received my order, the music stand, in good condition. I am very happy with it. My grandson, who will receive it for Christmas, will also be happy as just transporting his tuba is a big job and this gift will lesson the stress. Thank you for the fast service."
-- Marilyn, via email 2/18/08


"My Calton arrived yesterday and I wanted to take the time to thank you for getting involved and moving things along by having them drop ship the case. Your service was Exc. + and I just wanted to know it's service like that, that will bring me back again. Thanks."
-- Alan, via email 2/18/08


"Thanks! One thing that I really am impressed by is how responsive you all are to questions. It is a pleasure to do business with you."
-- Barry, via email 2/18/08


"I would like to commend Scott Gierman for the excellent service I received last week. Scott performed a minor electrical upgrade on my guitar. He took care of several problems and completed the work on time and on budget. In addition he cleaned and polished the hardware and provided quality customer service. He was knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. My overall experience was excellent."
-- Daryl, via email 2/18/08


"Hi, I am writing to compliment Elderly Music..... I ordered some Pyramid Gold bass strings on Wednesday, and I received them today- 2 days later- unbelievable! I just wanted to let whomever it may concern that I am extremely pleased with this transaction and I will definitely shop with this company again. Thanks."
-- Sean, via email 2/18/08


"The representative that handled my order was very polite. Everything he told me that he was going to do, HE DID IT! There are still companies out there that take care of their customers and it is appreciated. This was my first time to deal with Elderly and I am well pleased with the service. I will now use Elderly for all my ordering needs. THANKS!"
-- John, via email 2/15/08


"I received my order of Jan. issue Strad today. It will be part of Valentine's Day presents for my wife because Mischa Maisky is her favorite cellist. Your company is the only one that sells individual copies of Strad in the whole universe! I appreciate your great service and what you did for me on this special occasion."
-- John, via email 2/12/08


"Hi all at Elderly: The guitar arrived two days ago, and is wonderful to play! And, (of course) it's a Martin. Thanks again."
-- Jared, via email 2/11/08


"I recently purchased white guitar tuner buttons (part # GB13) from your store. I spoke with a young man in your repair dept. for advice on how best to install them. He explained how to drill them out to match the shaft size (or even slightly smaller) and to tap them on, preferably with the tuner mechanism removed and held in a vise to support the back of the shaft. I ended up drilling the buttons out as he suggested (slightly smaller than the shaft diameter) and without removing the tuner mechanisms I used a small C-clamp to press them on. It worked like a charm while supporting the back side of the shaft, preventing scratches to the guitar and eliminating the need to remove the tuners. I just wanted to say thanks for the advice and hope that you and other customers might find the C-clamp method useful."
-- Doug, via email 2/11/08


"I just got this order and I really appreciate how you handle my orders; even though it's not a lot, you treat it like it is. That's rare---you folks set the standard!"
-- Donnie, via email 2/11/08


"Hi Stan, I've been a loyal customer of Elderly's for many years. Every time I drive the hour and a half, I've had a good experience w/your merchandise and staff. But this past week I had an exceptional experience I wanted to share w/you. I recently purchased a '55 00-17 Martin off of Ebay. Got a good deal and to my surprise it's a nice axe. But I knew your boys could tweak it a little more. On Monday I met Kjell down in repair. He gave her the once over, listened to my thoughts and wants and properly advised me on an approach. When I picked it up and discussed it further w/Kjell, I was very impressed. When I got home last night I took her out for a spin. Perfect! She just hums. This cost me the sum of $62.45, $25 of that were the new bone pins I wanted. I've boasted about Elderly's for years, and my experience w/Kjell only adds fuel to the fire. You guys aren't the cheapest repair or dealer in town, but your work far exceeds any of my concerns in that area. Simply, in this regards, you get what you pay for. Thanks again for many years of being #1. Don't ever let Kjell go anywhere else! I'll be back sooner than later, as will many of my friends."
-- Chuck, via email 2/11/08


"I'm most favorably impressed with your Piedmont Blules package, not only do the (7) hamonicas look to be of fine quality, but the case they came in is a "Jim Dandy". Thank you for supplying such good quality merchandise. I remain a satified customer."
-- Walt, via email 2/8/08


"I recently had Stretch do a warranty repair on my Martin HD-28. You reset the neck and reglued the bridge and repaired several damages to the finish. The job was done perfectly and in a timely manner. The girl plays better than she did new. The finish repairs are everything I expected. The cross grain scratch on the face was so bad I had resolved myself to just live with it. You did a great job."
-- Bob, via email 2/8/08


"I just wanted to let you all know that the Martin 000-28VS arrived in Alaska safe and sound. It is beautiful, and it sounds beautiful too. I'd like to thank you all, and particularly Kay Reigler, for the great customer service, communication, careful packaging and fast shipment."
-- Robert, via email 2/7/08


"I recently purchased a 1967 ES-335 12 string from you, and I'd like to express how pleased I am with the instrument. Patrick did a great job with the in-hand description. Whomever did the set-up/adjust on it also needs to be congratulated. This guitar is easier to play than many of my 6-strings. I also appreciate the fact that your prices aren't 150-200% above blue-book values like some other dealers. Your fair prices, good service and excellent set-ups will make me look for guitars at Elderly first."
-- Chris, via email 2/6/08


"Many thanks for a great price and delivery, first class,received today."
-- Keith (from the UK), via email 2/4/08


"Thank you so much for my Martin 1975 D18 guitar. Got it this morning and it is everything I could have dreamed of!! Plays great. All I had to do was a quick tune up (5 minutes) and it sounds as good or better than a D18 years older! Great tone. Thanks again, and for the GREAT price."
-- John, via email 1/29/08


"I just received the hardshell case I ordered for a 335-style came through perfectly, and is nicer than the picture on the website could show. I've always been hesitant to order off the internet, but my experience with you was fantastic. The people I talked with at the store were more than kind, and totally helpful. I fully expect to do future business with you, as well as recommend you to my friends. Your web-site is far more user-friendly than the "other" warehouse-type sites. Yours feels more like a guitar store, even though I've never been there....but I hope to remedy that this year by making the trip to your location. (I live in Ontario, but placed my order while I was visiting in Missouri.) Thanks again for your professional and efficient service."
-- Peter, via email 1/25/08


"Hello, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the way you handled my order. My bass strings arrived a couple of days after ordering them packaged in a nice box, and the tracking information you send along the way is execellent! You have a new customer! Thank You."
-- John, via email 1/21/08


"All I can say is thanks for selling me that 1999 om2h collings.. I have not played a better sounding 000 PERIOD... Thanks so much."
-- Lee, via email 1/21/08


"I would like to express my thanks to Keri (Karrie) for her help in getting my order number 1918552 processed yesterday."
-- Ken, via email 1/18/08


"I wanted to thank you for "jumping through hoops" today to get this to me by Saturday. FEDEX estimates Saturday delivery....PERFECT!!! I needed this by Saturday to take on a flight with me from Indianapolis to Phoenix, and it will now arrive in time. I won't forget your great customer service when it comes time to buy music gear again (which I seem to do too frequently according to my wife!). I appreciate good customer service, and always try to keep my business at places who provide likewise. Thanks again!!!"
-- Joe, via email 1/18/08


"Just wanted to say the guitar arrived safely. Wonderful guitar and you folks have wonderful service. Thanks."
-- Betty, via email 1/14/08


"Received order in great condition. Nate handled my order in a very professional courteous manor. Elderly is the only place to order any instruments, especially a Martin. Love my new Martin 000038. I do wish that there was a thermo plastic case available, but Nate tried his best and found there is not one made for that model. Thank you Nate. I will play a verse of Home On The Range in your honor."
-- Tom, via email 1/14/08


"My Calton arrived yesterday and I wanted to take the time to thank you for getting involved and moving things along by having them drop ship the case. Your service was Exc. + and I just wanted to know it's service like that, that will bring me back again. Thanks."
-- Alan, via email 1/10/08


"Thanks! One thing that I really am impressed by is how responsive you all are to questions. It is a pleasure to do business with you."
-- Barry, via email 1/9/08


"Hi, Your the greatest! I just wasted time trying to find a difficult item, a hardshell banjolele case for a Goldtone, only to find the item a click away with you. Thanks. You offer the best selection for my acoustic musical needs. Absolutely fabulous. I'm quite pleased. Keep up the good work. Thanks."
-- Mark, via email 12/17/07


"Hey Jason, just wanted to say thanks for the Godin button and the excellent service you gave me. I know you didn't have to for such a minute thing, and it is greatly appreciated. I will certainly come to you first for all of my future music purchases. Thanks again. "
-- Roy, via email 12/17/07


"Thank you very much for your fast service. I received my order in two days. Greatly appreciated."
-- Glen, via email 12/17/07


"thanks for the fast shipping"
-- Sarkis, via email 12/17/07


"First of all, I wanted to praise Elderly and your telephone ordering staff. I have been a musician for over thirty years now and have spent a lot of money over those years. Both as a semi-professional playing in a band in the 80's to someone that picked the guitar back up after having a job that paid well enough I could purchase the guitars and amps that I really wanted. Now it seems that my children are wanting to play which is great. That makes at least four generations that I know of.

The other day, I had placed an order with one of the "larger" on-line stores for a mini-strat electric guitar for our five year old daughter. She wants to play like her Daddy and big brother. On the site it stated "guaranteed in stock" So it would appear that Santa would be bringing her, her guitar. Two days later, I received an e-mail that stated it was now out of stock and would not be in until late January! I suddenly panicked.

I began looking at all of the sites that send me catalogs. I understand that most of these actually share warehouses. I then thought of Elderly. The young man that took the call was SUPER. He was really nice and helpful! That is to be commended in this day and age of UN-customer friendly people. Customer service is EXTREMELY important to me. I still work hard for my money and I care where I spend it. The other store where I had placed the order kept me on hold for over ten minutes. The lady or girl said that she would be right back and never came back! I called back and was able to cancel this order. I told them from now on that I would be shopping at Elderly! "
-- Mark, via email 12/12/07


"I just want you to know that at the age of 67 I have fallen in love again. The new object of my affection is the Breedlove mandolin I bought from Elderly. Both the voice and the playability of the instrument are superb. I have been a customer of Elderly since the mid 1970s and don't plan on changing that for at least another five decades. Thanks for all you folks do. "
-- Neil, via email 12/10/07


"Greetings, Just wanted to say thanks for the great guitar. I've heard a lot about Squire guitars needing lots of set up work - but this one was perfect upon arrival! You have a very happy customer here. "
-- Fred, via email 12/10/07


"Thanks for the order! Everything got here quickly and is in great shape. I love the case!"
-- Michael, via email 12/10/07


"To All: Thanks so much for your professional guidance and support during my Martin purchase. (What a beautiful instrument and its setup is flawless!) Your company came highly recommended to me by fellow musicians, I now know why. Special thanks to Karie, who helped me with all the purchase and shipping details! Cheers!"
-- MJE, via email 12/05/07


"Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the guitar (Guild GAD-50) I just ordered from you! First, the guitar itself sounds great and arrived well set up and in record time-I ordered it last Wednesday (I think) and it arrived on Saturday! I had ordered over the phone with Demetrios-he was very pleasant, professional and helpful, so kudos to him as well! Keep up the good work! "
-- Chris, via email 12/04/07


"Good afternoon, Thank you for the great service and fast delivery. I was afraid it would be on backorder! You are a terrific find."
-- Alice, via email 11/30/07


"Hi everybody at Elderly Well, I already did it ! The used Fender P-Bass arrived in short time and in perfect condition. Thanks for careful and professional packaging. Greetings from Switzerland"
-- Hans (from Switzerland), via email 11/28/07


"Hey Stan - nice to hear from you again - I love Elderly - I bought a D-28 Marquis lefty there last winter and a Dixie Banjolele. I love buying stuff from you guys and I buy the strings (Aquila, nylgut) and others from you on a regular basis. "
-- Dan (from Winnipeg, Canada) , via email 11/27/07


"Thank you fellow musicians; New Applause Soprano ukulele and gig bag for my daughter arrived today, just three days after ordering.It was placed in the case and expertly packed. The tag that advised waiting several hours before opening to minimize any weather effects is a very good idea. My daughter attends college in upstate New York and we are driving from northern Virginia to meet her over Thanksgiving holiday. Naturally I had to play a few bars, just to try my hand. Again, thanks for exceptional service."
-- Howard, via email 11/12/07


"The instrument arrived on Saturday. That was really fast! Looks absolutely beautiful and sounds great through my small Crate Vintage Club tube amp! My daughter will love it."
-- Jorg, via email 11/5/07


"Just got your brand new catalog in the mail.....Awesome as usual.........I get so excited to know I'll have reading material for the next 6 months! Thanks again!"
-- John, via email 11/2/07


"I just checked your site and saw my dad's 2 violins there on consignment. They look beautiful. One is a Carlton Stanley and the other is an EM Fitzwater "Repair" Label. The man you have for the violins, Brian Bishop, is great and very knowledgable. He took lots of time with us and we feel very comfortable leaving our dad's violins in his hands."
-- Judy, via email 10/30/07


"Dear Elderly; FYI I just posted this to an Irish Music group that has many U.S. subscribers. And will post on other sites later today. Hopefully it will help push the music....

Dear Bodhran Group; It has been my experience that it is hard to find Irish music here in the United States. Especially at a reasonable price. Recently I was looking for two disks; Michael O Raghallaigh's INSIDE OUT and North Cregg's The Roseland Barndance. Both disks were got great reviews in Irish Music Magazine. I found them for 26 Euros or so, from Irish sources, but with exchange and postage they became pretty expensive.

Eureka! Someway I came across ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS and when I searched their CD database the had the disks I wanted at a reasonable price and the disks were in stock. I recommend them highly. Not only did they have it but got it to me so quickly I was surprised to see it. Like two days. Regular postage. Might even be cheaper to buy disks from here if you live in Europe.

They are currently working on stocking Kila's new disk Gamblers Ballet (9 out of 10 stars HOTPRESS) and should have it soon. Check with them. All of you bodhran players know Rónán Ó Snodaigh from Kila and if not he is worth listening to. Very different player. I met him at the World Bodhran Championships and later was surprised to see this,hippy sort of,fellow on stage with Liam Ó Maonlai (All Ireland '85) Great night! Anyway ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS is a great resource and if we keep asking for Irish music it may get better."
-- John, via email 10/26/07


"Hello Elderly Instruments! My Bluestar Mandoblaster arrived this mornning, couldn't wait to open it. I was blown away as soon as I opened the box. The mandolin was packed extremely well, in fact it was still in tune! It seems to be perfectly set up, smooth action and no fret buzz all the way up the neck! I can hardly wait to get home today and plug it in! I guess I'm not only a player but a collector too since this one makes # 5 so you'll probably be hearing from me again. I am very pleased, Thank You!"
-- Greg, via email 10/25/07


"I recently odered, recieved and installed a replacement Fishman Matrix 3/32" peizo pickup element from Elderly Instruments to repair my "humming and buzzing" Taylor 310CE. I really needed that pickup for my main axe for several good paying upcomming gigs. Wow! You guys really turned around that small but important (for me) order fast and accurately. Thanks for treating me as nice as you did. Also, I had a question that was answered by the repair shop staff (I didn't get his name - was it Shel?) and he was of great assistance. Keep him, he has a nice attitude and is very knowledgable!

It's nice to know if you gave me this quality service for a small replacement part that I can now rely on your firm for a big dollar item. Again, thanks for your consideration."
-- Rod, via email 10/4/07


"The Epi Casino just arrived and I wanted to say THANK YOU. It was a great deal and I can't believe how fast I received it. It even comes with Schaller strap locks already installed. That's a huge help.

I'll make sure to pass along how awesome Elderly is to my friends and on the guitar forums I visit. Now I have to wait until 5pm to go home and try it out! D'OH! Thanks again"
-- Ben, via email 10/3/07


"Thank you for the prompt service, fast shipping, and professional manner in which you completed this order for me. It was a pleasure to do business with you, and I intend to remain a customer. The experience was much more pleasurable than dealing with "invisible" Internet companies. I will appreciate my fifth Martin guitar much more, knowing it came from Elderly Instruments."
-- Doug, via email 9/28/07


"I received my Kentucky KM-15S A-Mandolin yesterday. It is beautiful and it sounds great. A big thank you to your support staff who helped me pick just the right mandolin. Also, thanks for the great set-up of the instrument. I can't wait to learn some great bluegrass music."
-- Todd, via email 9/27/07


"I just received the 10 sets of mandolin strings I ordered on Monday. WOW! I am so impressed you got them out and to me in two days with normal shipping.

THANK YOU! I just realized I have to play on Saturday and did NOT have any spares sets. Y'all came through for me. Thanks allot."
-- Ed, via email 9/26/07


"Thank you for your efficient, speedy and friendly service! I can't await to hear this CD!"
-- Melinda, via email 9/24/07


"I received my guitar today. Let me say that I am very pleased with your service and your quick delivery. My guitar arrived without any problems. The pictures did not do this guitar any justice. My guitar is beautiful!! It does play "like a dream", just as described. Thank You again for a great guitar at a bargain price. I would not hesitate to do business with your organization again in the future."
-- Orlando, via email 9/20/07


"Hi,I just recently ordered a Felix III Martin guitar for my husband. I wanted you to know how pleased I was with the speedy delivery and the wonderful quality of the instrument.

My husband was overjoyed with his new guitar and I wanted to thank you for your great customer service."
-- Susan, via email 9/10/07


"You guys are quick, got it today... A great album.. I am pleased, thanks."
-- Bill, via email 9/10/07


"Well, my trial period has passed. And dang it, I can't find a solitary thing wrong with this beautiful guitar. Truly a great one. One hell of a machine. Thanks for your quality control. And perfect setup. In October I will play this guitar on stage in London with Charlie Louvin. And it's perfect for the gig. Thanks."
-- Brett


"Hello, I received the guitar in excellent condition. It was set up nicely and sounds wonderful. Much more than I expected for a guitar in this price range. Thanks for the great service. Best regards."
-- Mark


"Just wanted to thank you for the great service,sales and attention you gave me with my purchase,Fender Custom Shop 55' P Bass. You guys are a class act,I'm very happy I dealt with you instead of the "other" guys. Thanks again! "
-- Sam


"I feel that I should tell you this, I am not sure who to thank for the "set-up" on the new Kentucky KM-1000, your people or the folks at Elderly Instruments. When I opened it up, I just needed to "fine tune" it just a bit and it was ready to play. There is no telling the number on new mandolins I have looked at in the past several years and this was the first one that I didn't have to adjust the set-up to suit me.

I can highly recommend the new Kentucky KM-1000 and Elderly Instruments."
-- Paul


"Hello,I just received an F Style Monroe Bouzouki from you. The description said it was a little shop worn, so I was a tad afraid to purchase it. But, it is a very rare Bouzouki and you had it for a great price. After a quick tune, I was absolutely blown away! It is in such perfect condition and plays awesome! I have a bud that bought a new one from someone else, that was a mess. This one however was totally set up! (Strings, Action, Etc.). I am more than happy. I will look for more to purchase from you, and tell all my buds to do the same. Thanks again, for one of the true treasured instruments I own. Take Care."


"Just received my new Danelectro '59 DC a couple of days ago. I was impressed by how well the guitar was packed from the extra padding around the double boxed carton to the extra padding inside around the headstock.....fantastic! It was also set up so that all I need to do was tune it and play! I am a first time Elderly customer and will definitely be back for all my future guitar purchases!"
-- Angela


"Thanks for the great service (as always), you folks really know how two treat your customers!"
-- Donnie


"I just got it yesterday on the day my son was born. I just wanted to let you know how much appreciate your help. To get 2 baby's in one day was the best day of my life so far. I will always return to Elderly for all my guitar needs."
-- John

"Hi Guys, Got my tele today ... plugged it into a Swart Space Tone and played Otis Rush "All Your Love" .... Got blues in the basement here! The guitar is beautiful, arrived just when you said it would and was well packed. Thanks for the great service!"
-- Doug


"Hi - Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had today ordering from Elderly Instruments. I have a vintage Regal parlour guitar that needed repairs to make it playable. Johnny in repairs went above and beyond the call of duty, figuring out what I needed and making it happen. Not only was he knowledgeable, but very friendly, too. The price for the items I ordered and also the shipping price were both very reasonable. Thanks so much for delivering great quality and top-notch customer service in the Repairs and Ordering Departments!!!! You have just become my one stop for everything musical that I need."
-- Patti


"Hi Folks, I had a call from "Melanie" (not sure what dept.) this morning, letting me know my Danelectro "Pro" guitar had arrived and would be shipped tomorrow. Melanie needed to confirm my address, and credit card info for the balance. Just have to say what a pleasure it was dealing with your representative, she took care of business while at the same time was both charming & witty. How nice to speak with a real person and fellow musician. "
-- Clarence


"Just a quick note of thanks for efficiently delivering my bass to me. I'm very happy with it and have been talking Elderly up at the music workshop I'm attending in North Carolina."
-- Stephen


"Hello , This is Sami from saudi arabia - just let you know that Order # 1856384 have been arrived safely today WOW ! awesome. Thank you Very much Elderly, Special Thanks to Dawn & Josh - You guys are great "
-- Sami (from Saudi Arabia)


"wow - order Thursday and here Monday . . . just got the Big River harps and can't wait to hook up and play. THANX for the prompt service!"
-- the Edelbrock's


"Hi Folks, Last week I ordered a Martin Arts & Crafts Limited Edition guitar from Elderly Instruments. I just wanted to let you know it arrived, safe and sound, on Thursday and I am delighted with it! The guitar is incredibly beautiful to look at, and the sound is amazing ­ my new Martin has a depth and clarity of sound almost as impressive as my 35+ year old Martin D-28 ­ which is something I wasn’t expecting. THANKS to everyone there at Elderly who helped get the guitar to me! "
-- Lynne


"To everyone at Elderly Instruments:

The National M2 arrived yesterday and I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with it. The condition is superb and I must say your rating of EC+ was very conservative. It is like new, and if there are any dings on it I haven't found them yet, and I won't spend any more time looking because that would take away from time to play it. Thanks so much. "
-- Alex


"I've had the guitar a little less than a week and I must say it's everything I was hoping it would be. I really want to thank you for your prompt service. Nothing I ever ordered through the mail was ever delivered that quickly. I have a friend that is interested in the Rory Gallagher Tribute Strat, and since you people were so great I'm trying to convince him to do business with you. We'll see what happens. Again, thank you very very much."
-- Clifford


"Hey: I had to let you know how stoked I was when I received the Les Paul '57 reissue and the 1950's Martin soprano uke today. I strung 'em up some new strings and not even a bomb would've distracted me, I was so knocked into the next dimension. Everything I buy from y'all is a great ride and I want you all to know that my life is great because of your efforts. Good vibes to everyone. Sincerely,"
-- Ron


"Elderly, Got the Blueburst Dean V yesterday.....all I have to say is AWESOME!!!!! Guess i'll start saving up for the $120,000 Les Paul Custom now!!! Hmmm...or a Ferrari!!! thanks..."
-- Byron


"I received my guitar; it was on time and in perfect condition. Thanks, Elderly, for your efficient work and great price."
-- Tommy


"I love the way you run your business, keep up the good work."
-- Leo


"Att: Christina & Kay - Ladies, The above guitar (a 2000 Gibson Lucille), ordered on Monday, arrived about an hour ago. Beautiful instrument that I will really enjoy!! Thank you for your help - much appreciated!!"
-- Tom


"Hello Aaron and the team at Elderly Instruments, I want to thank you for your excellent service and for selling me my new favorite guitar. I received my PRS Santana III gold top yesterday morning and I was jammin' yesterday night. My friends did not stop talking about the sounds that came out of that new guitar of mine. Thanks for the memories about to be made."
-- George


"Lately I've had problems with ordering online, from multiple places. You got the shipment out in half a business day. Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work."
-- Jared


"I just wanted to let you know that your expert knowledge and determination seems to have fixed my preamp/pickup problems with my Taylor 414 ce. I really appreciate your extra effort and advice. "
-- Dave


"To Ace and Melanie, Many thanks for the replacement harmonica. I've been doing business with you for a long time now, and you are absolutely the best. "
-- Jim


"Gentlemen: Received my order today in excellent condition as you stated. Thanks for the prompt shipment. It was good doing business with you and I will not hesitate to check with you next time I need something musical. Feel free to use my endorsement. (I have a brother in Raleigh, N.C. who has bought several instruments from you and has never had a problem!) Regards"
-- Al


"I received my order for 12 sets of Vinci 814M strings in 4 days from you...just wanted to thank you so very much for your prompt attention to my order...I had ordered them 9 weeks ago from another internet store (prior to doing some research, and finding out that Elderly carried Vinci strings), and my order was on backorder until I canceled it (and then I ordered from Elderly)...also, "they" did NOT contact me, until I sent them an email complaining about their poor service and canceling my once again, thanks for your prompt service, and I will most definitely order from Elderly again...and will tell all my musician friends what a great experience it is dealing with Elderly Music, as well as telling them not to order from the other company... Thanks again! from the Land of the Pink Flamingos..."
-- Andrew


"Hello. Order MK mandolin safely reached Japan. It was very beautiful and a mandolin. Please continue your favors toward the next chance. Thank you."
-- Kiyoshi (from Japan)


"Hey Folks, Me new Irish Bouzouki arrived today and I just put her down for the night. It was love at first strum and now my calluses are even sore. I was playing for about four hours and needed a rest so I wanted to write and thank you for the great service and the speedy delivery. The performance far exceeded my expectations. It wasn't a lot of money to spend for an instrument so when I heard the beautiful tones it produced, I was overjoyed. It plays very well, looks fantastic and sounds beautiful. It makes me want to return to Ireland and go " pubbin' ". Thanks so much for everything you did to make this ol' picker a very happy one. Cheers"
-- Bobby


"I wanted to write and express my thanks for the help I received from your staff regarding my order for a Canadian Case for my mid-50's Martin 018. I called early on Saturday 6/10 to get information on sizing the case for my guitar and not only did your employee look up the information I needed, he also physically inspected the case and verified that my guitar would fit. The case arrived today and I am very pleased to know that he was spot-on with his discription. I will not hesitate to do business w/your shop in the future - thanks again."
-- Bruce

"Hi friends. It has been my first experience with Elderly and I want to express my appreciation for the fast delivery of my order sent a few days ago. I received the banjo bridges yerterday despite I live in Spain. Great service! You have a new customer."
-- Rafael (from Spain)


"Hi, ......received my banjola yesterday afternoon and can't put it down. I really believe that y'all set it up, most of the EMAIL folks send instruments in original sealed box, needing substantial work. It is great! More than I could have expected! Thanks for the great service and set up."
-- Bo


"Hello All at Elderly Instruments

Just a short note to say that the La Patrie Hybrid that I ordered last week (via my brother) has arrived safe & sound in not so sunny Bacchus Marsh, Australia. Much needed rain is finally falling.

Thanks for the quick response & great packing that made this possible. It has only been a couple of hours but I am working myself into an "I've got blisters on my fingers" frenzy.

I bought a La Patrie Motif some years ago & buying this guitar was on the strength of that & well worth it. The guitar is a beauty & I will be checking out your Telecaster prices (if my wife lets me) very soon. Thanks Again"
-- Jim (from Australia)


"Just a note of thanks for the smooth transaction regarding the Deering Banjitar I recently purchased - your fast shipping and careful packing of the instrument was greatly appreciated. I will definitely pass this nice experience on to others."
-- Tom


"Hi guys, Just wanted to write and thank you for an awesome guitar. I received my Martin HD28VE that I ordered from you last Friday. I received it last night and played until my fingers wouldnt let me play anymore! The guitar is awesome! And, the set up was perfect. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase, you run a very professional organization, and I will be sure to let my other musicians friends in Arkansas know about you guys. I wanted to give a special thanks to Pat and Joe who were very patient with me and BOTH took time to play the guitar over the phone to me and describe its features to me. I was a very nervous internet buyer because the last guitar I bought on line from a major internet retailer (I'm sure you can guess who) was an absolute mess. So of course I was extra aprehensive about spending that kind of money on a "sight unseen" guitar, but you guys have restored my faith in buying on line. Thanks again for your help"
-- Allen


"Hi: I ordered a LaPatrie Motif guitar last Tuesday. It arrived in great shape on Friday. The setup is very fine. The guitar is a super buy for the money, and customer service was flawless. Thanks"
-- Tim


"Hi again ....

Thanks for your quick reply. Your mail order department called and the unit is already here. AWESOME!!

Can you believe that the big guys like XXXXYYYZZ don't know this? They are shipping polyphases without power supplies and telling their customers that they have to buy the power supply as an accessory!

I've been a working musician for more than 20 years and I like low prices, but I am really sad that the big mail order guys are killing local music stores like yours... and they have TERRIBLE customer service.......... It's a sad state of affairs! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU on having an awesome store; I will shop with you again next I need gear and instruments!"
-- Joebob


"I just wanted to let you guys know that you have a great online store going. I have ordered 30 Herco Medium Gauge Flat Thumpicks from you and have just put another 20 of the Light Gauge versions on back order because you are currently out of stock. You would not believe how long I've been searching the net for those dam things and you guys have 'em plus you ship to Australia. Whoopee & Hoop Dee Doo . . . I've struck pay dirt! You have a great web-site and I will forward your web-site on to all of my musician friends. Hey, I'm impressed ok! All the very best."
-- Ray (from Australia)


"Thank You, for your help in getting this order to our son, who is stationed in Italy. I can't help but give him a hand sometimes. Active military (Navy), a single parent with 4 children (age 7 to 16), all of whom loves their music.

Once again you have provided GREAT Customer Service."
-- Kenneth


"Your services have been impeccable, I'm a very satisfied customer. No apologies (for the recent United States Postal Service rate increase) are required and your advance information regarding these increases is commensarate with your excellent service."
-- Roger


"I just wanted to thank you all for your usual excellent service. Our three year old twins are really enjoying the ukuleles."
-- John


"Thanks for the fast service on the order below. You guys are the best!"
-- Mike


"Hi! I ordered a ukulele at your site the other day. I received it this morning. It's my first time to buy an instrument and to buy something from abroad.

I met your site when I googled with words "ukulele ellie risa". (I bought "RISA's Uke'Ellie.") Your site was the second in the search result list. Thank you for reasonable price, quick shipping and the robust package!"
-- Kyotaro (from Japan)


"I appreciate the good service I always experience from Elderly--I also appreciate your use of FedEx, always excellent--thanks "
-- Dan

"hi there folks at elderly! just wanted to let you know that the ome banjo arrived today safe and sound and i couldn't be more pleased.

thank you guys in shipping and please give adam (who took my order over the phone) my thanks as well for his outstanding customer service. best regards to all."
-- Linda


"Thanks for the great concertina workshop on Saturday. Brian was an excellent instructor and I liked meeting more local concertina musicians. I am interested in this class option again. Please keep me informed about other events."
-- Susan


"Hi, I wanted to let you know that I was blown away by my experience with you guys. The price was insane, the shipping was fast, and when you said "excellent condition" you meant it. It's near mint! Thanks for the tuner too. "
-- Mike

"Received the Weber mandolin that I purchased from you today. Impressed by your rating system on the condition of the used instruments that you sell. I am very pleased and look forward to dealing with you on a D-18V Martin later in the spring, It's still winter here in norhtwest colorado. Thank you again."
-- Andy


"Dear Staff of Elderly, I received my Kentucky KM 254 mandolin on Saturday, only 3 days after ordering it. I waited 3 1/2 hours to open it after speaking to the very nice customer service employee to decide what constitutes "several hours". My husband plays guitar--that's who the t-shirt was for-- and though I am new to using musical instruments (started with a Dan Zanes edition Flea uke in Dec.), and have a great deal to learn, we think this mandolin is beautiful. When I am ready to upgrade, I will look to you for an Eastman, Collings or Weber (or Breedlove, if you carry them at that time). Until then, I will order whatever else I may need from you. I will recommend you to everyone who asks, and even those who don't. Your service and selection are impeccable. Thank you so much! Best wishes."
-- Deanna

"Dear Mr. Werbin, My story starts last Dec. trying to order a Hofner Bass Icon. As I searched on the web ( I live in Flagstaff Az, not to many music stores ), I came upon a couple of outfits that looked pretty promising. Impressed by their colorful pictures and promises of untold glorious sevices, I jumped in. I must confess at this point that the Hofner Icon I was looking for was a LEFT HANDED Hofner Icon in BLACK. Well, these 2 places and their glorious customer service lasted about 2 days. My order was more than they where willing to go through because it wasn't something sitting or hanging on their wall. Being in my 50s, I'm used to hearing SOME younger business people promise to deliver what they are not willing to work for, and yet I am old enough to remember when service meant service.

And so my search continued on the web, one "can't help ya" after another. After a month lightening struck my by now feble, wasted brain. I called Hofner USA---couldn't hurt going to the source. I was givin the name of 2 companies that Hofner felt were reputable. I called the first on the list. It was a nightmare. Much worse than anything I had dealt with in the past. I moved on to the 2nd name on the list!

ELDERLY! I hit the jackpot. I told the sales person on the phone what I needed. She kicked me over to Aaron Sawdy. We got a 3 way going between Aaron, Rob Olsen, the manager at Hofner USA, and myself. The guitar I wanted was not made in the left handed style. Aaron created a order code just for this item and with the both of us working with Mr. Olsen, a special order was put in for this item. Now let me tell you, thats SERVICE. It will be a while before it arrives, but boy is Elderly the place to go for customer care

I congradulate all your phone staff (i'm sorry i can't remember their names) for being polite and knowledgable, to Aaron Sawdy for his get it done attitude along with his laughter, and your staff as a whole. "
-- Jerome


"I received on April 12 my OMC-21JS. It arrived in excellent condition, considering it left Ohio in a snow storm and travelled through freezing weather to get to Washington State. I was nervous about it, but no problem at all.

I am extremely pleased with the guitar and the service was excellent, as usual. This is my fifth guitar purchase from you and I have never been disappointed. I recommend you to all my music buddies."
-- Rudy


"Hi everybody at Elderly, I just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping. The merchandise was delivered from the USA to Spain in incredible 7 days... that is what a shipping normally takes whithin Spain! I'm very pleased with this and with the relationship quality/price you offer. That's unbeatable! I'll surely be doing business with you again soon."
-- Raul


"Holy #*!&, I got my stuff in less than three days. You guys are great. Thanks. "
-- Don


"Hello, My Fender case arrived today in excellent condition. Very nice case!! I'm delighted!! Thank you so much for your excellent service!!"
-- Dale


"hi, a note to let you know that my order arrived late this morning. the violin (shen 800)is absolutely beautiful and i am very pleased with the whole package. it takes a little nerve to buy something like this sight unseen, but i couldn't have selected anything better if i had auditioned the instruments. i'll be in touch for various supplies. "
-- Ken


"I had been trying to place an order with a competitor of yours for a few days and was unable to get past a constantly busy phone and had yet to receive an acknowledgment via e-mail. I just have to tell you what a pleasure it is to place an order with you. Your website is easy to navigate and I truly appreciate the e-mail notification when my order shipped. Thank you again. "
-- Derrick


"Hey Folks…just got my Huss and Dalton TD-M…I put it down long enough to drop ya’ll a line.I can see why they are hard to come by.This one is a jewel.I am “beside” myself… are some fine folks….the guitar is everything I had hoped it to be…this is the second one I have seen…I heard one that Jim Hurst had and determined that one day I would get one,also…..I have a 1997 Martin HD-28….it is a good guitar …..but..I have just fallen in love again….so…ya’ll HUG yourselves for me…a thousand thanks…."
-- Tommy


"Hi Received guitar today. Four days from ordering to delivery in the UK. That's what I call service. Guitar is really great and set up perfectly for fingerstyle blues as I requested. I am very pleased with the instrument and the service and would have no hesitation in purchasing from Elderley in the future, and would recommend your company to everyone. Many Thanks "
-- Roger (from the UK)


"Good bless you all at elderly music in Lansing. Thank you for selling me the Tricone 1-1.5.I´ve not expected that the Guitar so fast arrived and im concerned if the Construction surfived the transport but it does .Very fine metal Baby i tuned her in Standard Tuning then in open D and than my favoured open G .it sounds great and it looks better than ive expectet. Bis bald."
-- Peter (from Germany)


"Order #1821331 has arrived safely and in time for the debut of (yes, yet another celtic band) CALLAN, post-folk celtic roots, in Pittsburgh PA! Thanks, y'all. You're the best! "
-- David


"Dear Folks at Elderly,

Just wanted to let you know that the Bart Reiter Regent banjo arrived Feb.22nd (less than a week from shipping date). I could not believe how fast it got here. It came through in great shape and after waiting 8 long hours I got to open the case and start playing. The banjo is everything I had hoped it to be and have already fallen in love with the feel and sound of the instrument. Bart certainly knows how to make a beautiful banjo. Thank you for the great job of setting it up.

I would also like to thank all of the staff there for the time in answering my questions over the phone and also e-mail. Your patience and true interest towards me as a customer was outstanding. I will always look forward to doing business with your store and with your people in the future, as I have in the past."
-- Del


"Congratulations on a great Web site. Having recently developed a passion to learn and play the guitar, I've found myself navigating through quite a few online music stores. As an engineer who has developed and managed software projects for many years, I've watched the Internet grow. However, I've never felt compelled to comment on a site, until today. Your site struck me as having the perfect combination of simplicity, clarity and intuitiveness. Addresses and phone numbers are easily accessible (sounds trivial, but this is one of my pet peeves on many commercial sites). Photos are numerous and sharp. The many views and close-ups available made browsing for a 'next' guitar that much more enticing. Most of all, the content of frames listing related links on each page are well thought out. Navigating through specific categories and products, not once did I find myself wanting for a link that was not there! Of course none of these observations surprise you, since the design was obviously thought through with much skill and consideration. Just thought you might appreciate one man's opinion. Keep up the good work!"
-- Curt



Just a quick note to thank you for the prompt delivery of my Martin HD-28 sunburst. It is gorgeous, and sounds like I dreamed it would; just fantastic. My fingertips are killing me! Everything about doing business with you was just fine. By the way, you undercut the total price offered by a local shop by $900. I'm glad I checked you out. You'll get my future business, for sure, as well as my recommendation to my friends. Thanks very much."
-- Bill


"I just want to say that you guys have never let me down. Fantastic selection, awesome website, fair pricing, and FAST SHIPPING! Thanks a ton for your world class, professional, top notch service!"
-- Wes


"I would like to thank Kerry for being up front and honest about a banjo that I was looking at. Thanks."
-- Charles



I've been a customer of yours for a few years now and also shop from several other online sources for these types of items. I just wanted to send out my praise to your shipping team.

You guys have been consistently fast reliable and honest with your online service and delivery. I host a 'ukulele show on KPFK FM in Los Angeles (Lil' Rev has been on), and I recommend you often when people ask me where to get the kind of products you supply.

So "Thanks Guys" & "Keep It Up"!"
-- Ali


"I just wanted you to know that Elderly has become my store of choice for any type of musical supplies.

I live in Bangor Maine and can get things from Elderly ordered and shipped so fast, usually without any shipping fees, that it doesn't make any sense for me to head outside of my nice cozy home.

I just made an order and within a few hours I got a call about the quantity of items. I am just so happy with the service that I have recommended Elderly to my friends in Connecticut. I ordered 12 sets of guitar strings and was able to save $30 by ordering from Elderly as opposed to *******.Com. Although I'm happy about saving money, it's the service that impresses me. Keep up the great work. The only problem is that Michigan is so far away that I will most likely never have the opportunity to visit your store. "
-- Bob


"Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Superstand Music stand I ordered. It was "superservice" at a "superprice.""
-- Bernard


"I received my new guitar today Saturday Feb.3, 2,007. The guitar of my dreams, a Martin D-28 Marquis is better than I expected. I love it! Thank you for the great service and kindness."
-- Dan



I just wanted to send a quick note to express my appreciation for the lightning-fast delivery and the great service I received from Elderly regarding the Martin 00C-16GTAE bass I ordered a few days ago and received today. It is a beautiful instrument, definitely a keeper. Special thanks to Joe who handled the telephone transaction and answered all my questions in a very friendly, professional manner.

You guys do business the way business should be done. I was in the service business for 33 years, and I recognize and appreciate great service when I experience it. Kudos, Elderly!"
-- John


"Hi, Just a quick word to say how pleased I am with my purchase from you (Gibson J-100Xtra). Guitar arrived today and is in beautiful condition and superbly set up. Less than 5 days after ordering from you the guitar was on my doorstep in the UK, excellent service. If only companies in this country were so efficient!! Thanks once again."
-- Will


"To everybody at Elderly,

I just wanted to drop you folks a quick line to tell you how very pleased I am with my recent purchase from Elderly.

Elderly had the exact instrument I wanted IN STOCK when everybody else was sold out. The customer service rep I spoke to on the telephone was very friendly and efficient. My instrument arrived in perfect condition just today. I wasn't expecting it until Monday or Tuesday. This is just fantastic!

You guys are terrific! I am very pleased with my experience and I look forward to doing business with Elderly again in the future. "
-- John


"To Whom It May Concern:

Just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with the Larrivee P-05 that I purchased from your company. Though you rated it as EC+, this guitar is "as new" and plays great. I wanted a small body guitar that I could noodle on sitting in my easy chair and this certainly fits the bill. It's my first Larrivee and I am quite impressed with the quality of the materials and workmanship. The action is smooth as silk. All of this at half of the retail price. I'd say that's a pretty good deal.

Next guitar purchase, you can expect to hear from me. "
-- John