Key to Used Instrument Abbreviations

The condition ratings primarily represent the general cosmetic description of the instrument.

Abbreviations used in our used listings:

 EC Excellent Condition: Very clean, might have some minor wear, dings, scratches, or finish cracks, but otherwise very close to new condition.
 VGC Very Good Condition: Basically clean, might have some deeper scratches, pick wear, or missing finish. Nothing really serious and no cracks, unless otherwise stated.
 GC Good Condition: Solid playing condition, may have one or more repaired cracks or other cosmetic flaws.
 FC Fair Condition and PC = Poor Condition: Indicate that the instrument may have some serious problems, usually described.

Combined Ratings

Because these ratings are inexact, sometimes we will combine the ratings in an appropriate manner (such as VG-EC).

Pluses & Minuses
In order to best describe the exact condition, we may also append a + or - to the condition, indicating a relative rating between the indicated condition and the next level up or down.

We also often will give you the cosmetic rating and then qualify it by stating "except . . ." The exceptions may sound as if the rating should be in a lower category. Technically that may be correct, but we find that if, for example, we rate a beautifully clean guitar as "GC" because it has a 1" repaired side crack that is hard to see, it gives the incorrect impression of the guitar. So, we will probably rate it as "EC except small repaired crack in the side". What we are saying is that cosmetically this is a really nice guitar but we want you to know that it is not absolutely perfect. We urge you to read the entire description if you are interested in a used instrument.

Also of Note 
Although we endeavor to mention any cosmetic or other flaws that we are aware of, it is not always possible to do so for every instrument. We think our ratings are fair, but if you are concerned about any specific issues then we urge you to call us toll free (USA only) at (888) 473-5810 or (517) 372-7880 for a hands-on description. You can also contact us via email with specific questions at 
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Shop Adjustments 
All our new and used stringed instruments are shop adjusted (except those offered AS-IS) for easy playability before we put them up for sale. Our personal rule of thumb for setting the action (string height above fretboard) has been developed over many years. We are confident that nearly all players will be pleased with our average setup. However, some players may want the action adjusted in a way that is outside these parameters. We are happy to provide this service, but in some instances there may be an additional charge (particularly if you want higher action than our standard).

Trial Period 
Learn more about our return policies.

Instruments sold AS-IS have not gone through our repair shop for set up and do not have the Elderly warranty applied to them. Our instrument describers do a thorough job when describing these instruments, but they are not luthiers. Not every single flaw or non-original part may be documented, but all major concerns will be addressed. While most problems are obvious, some only become apparent as work progresses. For best results, we recommend working with a professional luthier. Instruments sold AS-IS may be returned, but the buyer will be responsible for all shipping, handling and insurance costs.

Other Common Abbreviations and Phrases

 HSC Includes a Hardshell Case
 OHSC Includes the Original Hardshell Case that came with the instrument
 SSC Includes a Softshell Case
 SN Serial Number: We include this whenever possible.