Elmore James - Honoring Black History

Elmore James (1918 –1963) was an American blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and bandleader. He was known as "King of the Slide Guitar" and was noted for his use of loud amplification and his stirring voice. For his contributions to music, James was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.

He was a major influence on such notable blues guitarists as Homesick James, John Littlejohn, Hound Dog Taylor, J. B. Hutto and many others. He also influenced many rock guitarists, such as Brian Jones, of the Rolling Stones; Alan Wilson, of Canned Heat; and Jeremy Spencer, of Fleetwood Mac. James's songs "Done Somebody Wrong" and "One Way Out" were covered by the Allman Brothers Band, which was influenced by James.

James played a wide variety of "blues" (which often crossed over into other styles of music) similar to that of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and some of B. B. King's work, but distinguished by his guitar's unique tone, coming from a modified hollow-body acoustic guitar that sounded like an amped-up version of the more "modern" solid-body guitars.