Elderly Instruments Detailed Vintage Evaluation

Some rare and vintage instruments require a Detailed Vintage Evaluation before we can do any business (consign/trade/sell) on them. This is a thorough process that verifies the authenticity of the instrument and carefully examines it’s condition to accurately assess its value. Because these instruments require more research and inspection time, there is a higher fee than our standard appraisal.

Elderly Instruments has been buying and selling fine vintage and used instruments since 1972. We have sold many thousands of instruments, and our experience and integrity in the vintage instrument business has earned us an international reputation as a premier dealer. Our three main appraisers have been on staff at Elderly for a combined total of over 100 years.

Which instruments may need a Detailed Vintage Evaluation?

  • Pre-1975 Fender solid body electric guitars

  • Pre-1975 Gibson solid body electric guitars

  • Pre-1945 Gibson banjos

  • Pre-1945 Martin guitars

  • Lloyd Loar signed Gibson mandolins

  • Other rare and vintage instruments, at our discretion

What is the fee for a Detailed Vintage Evaluation?

The fee is $150, which is collected prior to the evaluation. This fee is refunded if you consign it with us, or if you trade or sell the instrument to us.  For consignments, the fee will be refunded when the item sells. For trades and sales, the refund will be made when the sale or trade is completed.

What if I decide not to consign/trade/sell?

You will be given a copy of our written appraisal and our evaluation sheet, which includes our assessments of its originality, a record of any repairs done/needed, and our appraisal of its current value.

Our written appraisal and evaluation represent our opinion only, based on the condition of the instrument and the state of the instrument market at the time of the appraisal.

We cannot guarantee our valuation for any transactions in or outside of Elderly Instruments, as the instrument and/or the market may have changed since the time of the evaluation.

Do I have to make a decision right now?

If you leave with your instrument after a Detailed Vintage Evaluation, our valuation is good at Elderly Instruments for two weeks, pending a review of the instrument and evaluation sheet (no charge) to make sure no changes have been made to the instrument.