Andy Cohen - Elderly Living Room Sessions

Andy Cohen - Elderly Living Room Sessions

Wednesday January 13th, 7pm
Join us 
for the next installment in our live stream concert series, Elderly Living Room Sessions, with special guest Andy Cohen! This feature will have two sets of music, with a short intermission with a pre-recorded conversation with the artist and Elderly co-owner Stan Werbin.

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A message from Elderly Instrument owner Stan Werbin:

"Andy Cohen is the real deal! He has been perhaps best described by Bob Frank, of Earwig Music: 'Andy Cohen is a virtuoso finger-style guitarist who has been described as “a walking, talking folk-blues-roots music encyclopedia.” He grew up in a home with a piano and lots of Dixieland Jazz records. During the Sixties Folk Revival, he got hooked on the music of Big Bill Broonzy and the Jim Kweskin Jug Band. When Andy was 16, he heard South Carolina’s Rev. Gary Davis perform and the effect on him was profound. He has devoted his life to studying, performing, and promoting traditional blues and folk music of the pre-World War II era. Andy has toured solo, as well as with Martin, Bogan and Armstrong, John Jackson, Rev. Gary Davis, Brother Daniel Womack, Rev. Dan Smith, Jim Brewer, and Honeyboy Edwards. He also worked extensively with Walt and Ethel Phelps, Big Joe Duskin, Pigmeat Jarrett, Etta Baker, Big Boy Henry, and James "Son" Thomas'.

 Much more could be said, but the bottom line is we're thrilled to have Andy Cohen at the Elderly Living Room Sessions on January 13th at 7pm! "


Here's a message from Andy Cohen:

"My fate has been tangled up with Elderly's since before there was an Elderly. I knew Stan when he was a grad student at the University of Michigan, playing hoots at the Ark with a fiddle player friend (Doug Rutherford) who ended up living in the same town as me. I knew Chris Rietz from his playing with the Ragtime Sheiks, Kent's all time favorite Jug Band, before he moved to East Lansing and took the one job he's had his whole work life. I knew Joel Mabus when he was teaching there and working behind the counter. My wife knew Doug Berch when she and he and the late Maddie McNeil were tootling around Vermont playing dulcimers at people, back in the late sixties.I don't know how many strings, picks, instruments, CDs, repairs I've got there, or how many squeakless dulcimer strings and Larkin books we've sent them over the years. And I don't know how many people Elderly ties together in the combined Bluegrass, Old TIme, Blues and Celtic communities that dominate todays Folk World. All I know is, Elderly serves all the different lobes and nodes of that Folk World, and I have crisscrossed that world along with them for the last fifty years. Thus was I doubly tickled when AJ asked me to play a parlor concert for y'all. Hope to see y'all there for some hot pickin' and a good ol' time."