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Acoustic Guitar Cases & Gigbags - Journey

To determine which size case you need, start by measuring the lower bout of your guitar and looking at the waist. Wide waist guitars are far & away mostly dreadnoughts with either square or slope shoulders, like a Martin D28 or Gibson J-45. For guitars with distinctly narrow waists relative to the upper and lower bouts, let the lower bout measurement be your guide (NOTE: the lower bout specs below are approximate values). The sizes break down as follows:

Super-jumbo - ~18" lower bout, narrow waist
Jumbo - ~17" lower bout, narrow waist
Small-jumbo - ~16" lower bout, narrow waist
Dreadnought - ~15-5/8" to 16" lower bout, wide waist 
000 / OM - ~15" lower bout, narrow waist
00 / Classical - ~14-1/2" lower bout, narrow waist
0 / Parlor - lower bouts under 14", narrow waist
Square Neck - for Reso or Hawaiian squareneck guitars
Other - The unusual, unique & mysterious

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