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Acoustic Guitar Cases & Gigbags - Ameritage - Martin

To determine which size case you need, start by measuring the lower bout of your guitar and looking at the waist. Wide waist guitars are far & away mostly dreadnoughts with either square or slope shoulders, like a Martin D28 or Gibson J-45. For guitars with distinctly narrow waists relative to the upper and lower bouts, let the lower bout measurement be your guide (NOTE: the lower bout specs below are approximate values). The sizes break down as follows:

Super-jumbo - ~18" lower bout, narrow waist
Jumbo - ~17" lower bout, narrow waist
Small-jumbo - ~16" lower bout, narrow waist
Dreadnought - ~15-5/8" to 16" lower bout, wide waist 
000 / OM - ~15" lower bout, narrow waist
00 / Classical - ~14-1/2" lower bout, narrow waist
0 / Parlor - lower bouts under 14", narrow waist
Square Neck - for Reso or Hawaiian squareneck guitars
Other - The unusual, unique & mysterious

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  1. Martin Grand Performance Flattop Case

    Regular Price: $150.00

    Special Price $110.00

    BLACK VINYL EXTERIOR - New but SHOPWORN (Vinyl re-glued on back of case at peghead end. Not shown in photo.) Fits all Grand Performance models - Black vinyl-covered flattop plywood case, green plush padded interior, accessory pocket, padlock loop on latch near handle, Martin logo on brass plate on side. Learn More
  2. Martin Flattop 000 Size Case, for 14-Fret Necks

    Regular Price: $159.00

    Special Price $135.00

    New, but shopworn (Small dent in back with torn vinyl in lower bout area, not punctured all the way through.) Black vinyl covered plywood case, padded green plush interior with accessory pocket. Martin brass oval name plate near handle. Padlock loop on one latch. Martin 330 case. Learn More
  3. Martin Vintage 00 Guitar Case, for 12-Fret

    Regular Price: $320.00

    Special Price $275.00

    New, but shopworn (damage to vinyl on lid)  "Geib " style as supplied with Martin's Vintage Series guitars. Fits 00 12-fret Martins including the 00-28VS, the 00-37KSM & 00-7K2SM Steve Miller Limited Edition and older Martins of this body type. - Heavy duty archtop wooden case with black vinyl covering and soft maroon (cabernet) velvet padded interior. Accessory pocket, comfortable leather handle, locking latch, oval Martin brass name plate near handle. Learn More

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3 Item(s)