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DVD - You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin: Two DVD Set

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DVD - You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin: Two DVD Set

DVD - You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin: Two DVD Set

taught by Butch Baldassari

Contains 300-DVD46 and 300-DVD47. Mandolin master Baldassari will have you playing mandolin in minutes with his easy, hands-on beginner's lesson. In DVD One he covers all that is needed to get the bell-like high notes and percussive back-beat that make bluegrass mandolin famous, including: how to hold your instrument and tune it, chords and scales, simple melodies, double stops, more. DVD Two features lots of play-alongs. Learn several chord positions up and down the neck and helpful soloing techniques. Covers: slides, hammer-ons, open chord positions, increasing speed, tremolo, licks & tricks, double-stops in G and D, playing in the key of D, more. Note/tab included as either booklets or PDF files on the discs. 60 & 55 min.
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