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The Sandbridge Dance Collection

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The Sandbridge Dance Collection

The Sandbridge Dance Collection

by Ken Kolodner

Arrangements of reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and rags for the hammered dulcimer. This first volume, drawn from 30 years of teaching, presents each as a simple melody with chord progression along with detailed arrangements, with many levels of complexity. With backup and harmony parts, and a discussion of 20+ arranging ideas/techniques. A lifetime resource! 135 pp.
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  • How I chose the tunes
  • Four skill areas
  • Backup and harmony parts
  • My three arranging approaches: individual techniques, the full model, and the kitchen sink
  • Caution: always learn just the melody and keep moving!
  • Hammering choices
  • Using the arrangements


  • 1. Using the full range of your instrument
  • 2. Hand separation or hand independence
  • 3. Two-note chords
  • 4. Three-note rolled chords
  • 5. Tremolos
  • 6. Hammered and bounced triplets
  • 7. Valley rolls
  • 8. Arpeggio fills and color notes
  • 9. Drones or pivot notes
  • 10. Melodic runs
  • 11. Ghost notes
  • 12. Note replacement
  • 13. Replacing phrases with brief passages of harmony
  • 14. Chord theory and substitutions
  • 15. Swing
  • 16. Accent shifts
  • 17. Additional rhythm ideas
  • 18. Borrowing from harmony and backup
  • 19. Dynamics
  • 20. Combining and varying ideas and improvisation


  • Are You Sleeping Maggie (Scotland): melody
  • Are You Sleeping Maggie (Scotland): arrangement
  • Beaumont Rag (U.S.): melody
  • Beaumont Rag (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • Big Scioty (U.S.): melody, accompaniment
  • Big Scioty (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • Bill Cheatham (U.S.): melody
  • Bill Cheatham (U.S.): variations
  • Billy in the Lowground (U.S.): melody and accompaniment
  • Billy in the Lowground (U.S.): variations
  • Black Nag, The (England): melody.
  • Black Nag, The (England): variations
  • Carnaval (Quebec): melody
  • Carnaval (Quebec): variations and accompaniment
  • Cuckoo’s Nest (U.S.): melody, accompaniment
  • Cuckoo’s Nest (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • Cumberland Gap (U.S.): melody
  • Cumberland Gap (U.S.): arrangement #1
  • Cumberland Gap (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • East Tenneessee Blues (U.S.): melody
  • East Tenneessee Blues (U.S.): arrangement #1
  • East Tenneessee Blues (U.S.): arrangement #2
  • Eagan’s Polka (Ireland): melody
  • Eagan’s Polka (Ireland): arrangement
  • Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (U.S.): melody
  • Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (U.S.): arrangement #1
  • Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (U.S.): variations
  • Frenchie’s Reel (Ward Allen and Mel Lavigne, Canada): melody, harmony, accompaniment
  • Frenchie’s Reel (Ward Allen and Mel Lavigne, Canada): arranging ideas
  • Galway, The (Ireland): melody
  • Galway, The (Ireland): arranging ideas
  • Grub Springs (U.S.): melody
  • Grub Springs (U.S.): arrangement #1
  • Grub Springs (U.S.): more arranging ideas
  • John Brown’s March (U.S.): melody
  • John Brown’s March (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • Johnny Cope (Scotland, U.S.): melody, harmony
  • Johnny Cope (Scotland, U.S.): arrangement #1
  • Johnny Cope (Scotland, U.S.): variations
  • Kitchen Girl (U.S.): melody
  • Kitchen Girl (U.S.): arrangement #1
  • Kitchen Girl (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • Lad O’Bierne’s (Ireland): melody with harmony
  • Lad O’Bierne’s (Ireland): arranging ideas
  • Lonesome John (a.s.a. Clinch Mountain Backstep) (U.S.): melody, accompaniment
  • Lonesome John (a.s.a. Clinch Mountain Backstep) (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • Missouri (Mike Dappert, U.S.): melody, harmony, accompaniment
  • Missouri (Mike Dappert, U.S.): melody, alternate accompaniment
  • Missouri (Mike Dappert, U.S.): variations
  • North Carolina Breakdown (Arthur Smith, U.S.): melody
  • North Carolina Breakdown (Arthur Smith, U.S.): variations
  • O’Sullivan’s (Ireland): melody
  • O’Sullivan’s (Ireland): arrangement
  • Oklahoma Rooster, The (U.S.): melody
  • Oklahoma Rooster, The (U.S.): variations
  • Old Favorite, The (Ireland): melody
  • Old Favorite, The (Ireland): arranging ideas
  • Over the Waterfall (U.S.): melody
  • Over the Waterfall (U.S.): arrangement #1
  • Over the Waterfall (U.S.): variations
  • Reel du Nord (Quebec): melody
  • Reel du Nord (Quebec): arranging ideas
  • Reel St. Joseph’s (Quebec): melody, accompaniment
  • Reel St. Joseph’s (Quebec): arrangement #1
  • Reel St. Joseph’s (Quebec): variations
  • Rights of Man (James Hill, Ireland): melody
  • Rights of Man (James Hill, Ireland): arranging ideas
  • Road to Banff, The (Scotland): melody
  • Road to Banff, The (Scotland): arranging ideas
  • Roof for the Rain, A (Ken Kolodner, U.S.): melody, accompaniment
  • Roscoe (U.S.): melody, harmony, accompaniment
  • Roscoe (U.S.): variations
  • Sail Away Ladies (U.S.): melody
  • Sail Away Ladies (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • Saint Anne’s Reel (Quebec, US, Ireland): melody, accompaniment
  • Saint Anne’s Reel (Quebec, US, Ireland): variations and arranging ideas
  • Salmon Tails up The Water (Ireland): melody
  • Salmon Tails up The Water (Ireland): arrangement
  • Shenandoah Falls (U.S.): melody, harmony and accompaniment
  • Shenandoah Falls (U.S.): variations
  • Silver and Gold Two-Step (U.S./Canada): melody
  • Silver and Gold Two-Step (U.S./Canada): arranging ideas
  • Snow Drop (U.S.): melody
  • Snow Drop (U.S.): arranging ideas
  • Swift House (Ken Kolodner, U.S.): melody only
  • Tom Morrison’s (Ireland): melody
  • Tom Morrison’s (Ireland): arranging ideas
  • Washington’s Hornpipe (The Stony Steps or Good for the Tongue) (England/Ireland): melody, harmony
  • Washington’s Hornpipe (The Stony Steps or Good for the Tongue) (England/Ireland): arranging ideas #1
  • Washington’s Hornpipe (The Stony Steps or Good for the Tongue) (England/Ireland): more arranging ideas
  • Willafjord (Shetland): melody, harmony/accompaniment, arranging ideas
  • Wren’s Polka, The (Ireland): melody
  • Wren’s Polka, The (Ireland): arrangement
  • Y.Z. Hamilton’s Breakdown (U.S.): melody
  • Y.Z. Hamilton’s Breakdown (U.S.): arrangement


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