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DVD-The Legendary Bass of Chuck Rainey

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DVD-The Legendary Bass of Chuck Rainey

Chuck Rainey
DVD-The Legendary Bass of Chuck Rainey

A classic Hot Licks title available once again! Chuck Rainey is a name synonymous with excellence. He has played with legends Steely Dan, Sam Cooke, Paul Simon, Jackie Wilson, Aretha Franklin, and many more. He's put together the ultimate lesson, covering topics such as thumb-slap technique, development of lines and right-hand speed, chord theory and shapes, octave exercises, walking basslines, R&B, funk and country styles, slap and pop, more! DVD extras include: on screen note/tab, right and left hand techniques in close-up and split-screen, slow-motion segments in standard pitch, biography, discography, more. Includes 20-page note/tab booklet. 63 min.
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