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The Guitar Player's Right Hand Workout

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The Guitar Player's Right Hand Workout

Jeff Troxel
The Guitar Player's Right Hand Workout

by Jeff Troxel

Book/CD set - Finally, a course devoted to the main engine of this exciting style: the flatpicker's right hand! Flatpicking Guitar Magazine clinician and 2003 National Flatpicking Champion Troxel presents a series of exercises that will help you develop dexterity and accuracy in your right hand, plus tips and exercises to help you increase your speed. Spiralbound, 50 pp.
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Table of Contents:

  • Foreword & Introduction

Part One: The Basics

  • Alternate Picking
  • Economy Picking
  • Combination Picking
  • Metronomes
  • About Technique
  • How To Practice
  • The Rest Stroke
  • Synchronization
  • Exercise One
  • Exercise Two
  • Rest Stroke
  • Exercise Three
  • Exercise Four

Part Two: String Crossing

  • Exercise Five
  • Exercise Six: Major Pentatonic Scale Fingerings
  • Exercise Seven: Minor Pentatonic Scale Fingerings
  • Exercise Eight: Pentatonic Scale with the Grain String Crossing
  • Exercise Nine: Circle of Fourths with the Grain String Crossing
  • Exercise Ten: Pentatonic Scale against the Grain String Crossing
  • Exercise Eleven: Circle of Fourths against the Grain String Crossing
  • Exercise Twelve: Using Triplets for String Crossing
  • Exercise Thirteen: Arkansas Traveler Phrase
  • Tarrega's Technical Studies
  • Exercise Fourteen
  • Exercise Fifteen

Part Three: Crosspicking and Arpeggios Studies

  • Exercise Sixteen: Basic Crosspicking Patterns I
  • Exercise Seventeen: Basic Crosspicking Patterns II
  • The Giuliani Studies
  • Exercise Eighteen: Giulianni's Chord Forms
  • Exercise Nineteen: Giuliani Triplet Studies
  • Exercise Twenty: Giuliani 16th Note Studies
  • Exercise Twenty-One: Giuliani Advanced Triplet Studies
  • Exercise Twenty-Two: Guiliani Advanced 16th Note Studies
  • Cottonwood Reel: Version 1
  • Cottonwood Reel: Version 2

Part Four: Building Speed

  • Exercise Twenty-Three
  • Exercise Twenty-Four
  • Exercise Twenty-Five

Appendix One: Metronomes

Appendix Two: The Circle of Fourths

Afterword & About the Author

Additional Information

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