The Flatpicker's Guide to Irish Music

The Flatpicker's Guide to Irish Music

Tim May & Dan Miller
The Flatpicker's Guide to Irish Music

written by Tim May & Dan Miller

Book/CD package introduces the flatpicking guitarist to 10 common Irish tunes and the theory and technique of Irish rhythm! The first part discusses Irish guitar rhythm, including right-hand technique, chord substitutions, and bass movement within chords. In the second part each of the tunes includes a study the melody of the tune, variations on the melody, standard chords for the tune, and chord substitution variations. Some discussion of diatonic modes, drop-D tuning, DADGAD chords and more! Standard notation and tab - spiral-bound; 112 pp.

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  • Introduction
  • The Irish Session
  • Irish Rhythm Guitar
  • Melody and Harmony: "Rickett's Hornpipe"
  • Diatonic Chords and Chord Progressions
  • Chord Movement and Chord Progressions
  • Chord Inversions, Chord Voicings, and Slash Chords
  • Circle of Fifths Substitutions
  • Right Hand Rhythm Technique and Bass Line Movement
  • Experimenting with Chord Changes
  • Modes
  • Revisiting "Rickett's Hornpipe"
  • Triplets
  • Irish Tunes:

    1 Julia Delaney

    2 Maid Behind the Bar

    3 Old Grey Cat

    4 Rickett's Hornpipe

    5 Silver Spear

  • Harmonized Scale Rhythm
  • Drop D Rhythm
  • DADGAD Chords

    6 Star of the County Down

    7 Star of Munster

    8 Swallow Tail Jig

    9 The Butterfly

    10 Killavil Reel

  • Irish Music for Flatpickers - Conclusion

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