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The Early Minstrel Banjo - Technique and Repertoire

The Early Minstrel Banjo - Technique and Repertoire

The Early Minstrel Banjo - Technique and Repertoire

by Joe Weidlich

Featuring more than 65 classic songs, this extensive, interesting book teaches how to play the minstrel banjo like players in 1865. Includes: a history of the banjo in the US in the antebellum period, including the origins of the minstrel show; construction of minstrel banjos, evolution of the lower-pitched tunings, and idiomatic techniques; chapters on each of the seven major banjo methods; songs from each method; how to arrange songs for the minstrel banjo; contemporary gut and nylon string gauges approximating historical banjo string tensions; more. Tablature. 265 pp.

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  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Bee Gum Reel/Rural Walk Around
  • Blue Eagle Jail
  • Boston Jig/Foster's Jig
  • Brigg's Breakdown
  • Brigg's Corn Shuckin' Jig
  • Brigg's Jig
  • Brighton Jig/Brighton
  • Buckley's Banjo Jig
  • Buckley's Best Reel
  • Buckley's Jig
  • Buckley's Walk Round
  • Bully for You
  • Charlie is My Darling
  • Circus Jig
  • Come Day, Go Day
  • The Cuckoo
  • Cum Plum Gum Jig
  • Darkey Fisher's Hornpipe
  • De Old Jaw Bone
  • Essence of Old Virginia Dance
  • Gumbo Chaff
  • Get Away, Gumbo, Sound Your Horn
  • Gettin Up Stairs
  • Git Up in de Mornin'
  • Go Way, Jenny
  • Gone to Alabama
  • Grape Vine Twist
  • Gwine to de Mill
  • Hi! Ho! de Charleston Gals
  • I Seen Her at the Window
  • Irish Jig
  • Joe Sweeney's Jig
  • John Diamond Walk Around
  • Kick Up de Debble on a Holiday
  • The Lion Jig/Beacon Jig
  • Louisiana Bell
  • Lynchburg Town
  • Mary Blane
  • Mr. Brown
  • Money Musk Reel
  • My Love is but a Lassie/Odd Fellows March
  • Oh Susanna
  • The Old Gander
  • Old Virginny Jig
  • Parker's Jig
  • Phil Rice's Excelsior Jig
  • Power of Music
  • Rattlesnake Jig
  • Rise Old Napper
  • Rumsey's Jig
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Sam Johnson's Reel
  • Sandy Boy
  • Scotch Air
  • Silver Lake Waltz
  • Uncle Gabriel
  • Walk into the Parlor
  • We'll Have a Little Dance Tonight, Boys
  • What's Going On
  • Where did You Come From
  • Whole Hog or None
  • Whoop Jamboree
  • Yankee Doodle

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