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The Complete Works of Gaspar Sanz, Volumes I & II

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The Complete Works of Gaspar Sanz, Volumes I & II

The Complete Works of Gaspar Sanz, Volumes I & II

transcribed and edited by Jerry Willard

2 Books/2 CD pack. Vol. I contains the complete musical contents of Sanz' three surviving instruction books (published in 1697) with over 100 guitar pieces ranging from strummed pieces to intricate fantasias, pavanas, and gallardas. The music is presented in its original baroque guitar tablature (5 lines) with exact transcriptions in standard notation. Includes historical and performance notes and a traslation of Sanz's original text. CD#1 contains 11 selections played on baroque guitar. Vol. II presents 45 pieces from Vol. I arranged for modern classical guitar in standard notation. CD#2 has the same 11 tunes (plus one extra) as on CD#1 this time performed on modern guitar. A must for serious students of classical guitar! 216 & 56 pages.
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  • Allemande La Serenissima
  • Another Ducal
  • Another French Saraband
  • Another Granduque
  • Another Passacaglia
  • Another Villano
  • Ballet
  • Batalla (Battle)
  • Bugle From the French King’s Musketeers
  • Canarios (Sanz)
  • Chaconne
  • Dance of Mantua
  • Dance of the Axes
  • Dance of the Torches
  • Españoleta
  • Españoleta
  • Folias
  • Four Voices and Chromatics
  • French Ballet
  • French Saraband
  • Fugue I
  • Fugue II
  • Gallarda
  • Gallardas
  • Gigue
  • Gigue in the English Style
  • Granduque (Great Duke)
  • Great Duke of Florence
  • Jacara From The Coast
  • Jacaras
  • Labyrinth
  • Lantururu (Sanz)
  • Maricapolos
  • Mariona (Sanz)
  • Paradetas (Sanz)
  • Passacaglia
  • Passacaglia In A Minor
  • Passacaglia in E Minor
  • Passacaglia in F
  • Passacaglia In F
  • Passacaglia In G Minor
  • Passacaglias
  • Passacaglias in B Flat
  • Passacaglias in D
  • Passacaglias in D Minor
  • Passacaglias in E Minor and B Flat Minor
  • Passage
  • Pavane
  • Pavane In A Minor
  • Prelude and Fantasy
  • Promenades in C
  • Rujero (Sanz)
  • Saltaren
  • Tarantela
  • The Catalonian Miñena
  • The Enfachata of Naples
  • The French Shellfish
  • The Garzona
  • The Knights of Naples With Bugles
  • The Portuguese Minima
  • The Return
  • Torneo
  • Two Passacaglias
  • Two Trumpets of the Swedish Queen
  • Villano

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