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The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs - Arranged for the Irish Harp

The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs - Arranged for the Irish Harp

The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs - Arranged for the Irish Harp

by Caitriona Rowsome

Book/4 CD pack. A valuable resource for those wishing to play and sing the music of the extraordinary 18th-century blind harper, Turlough Carolan. This comprehensive collection combines Carolan's surviving airs with sensitive and appropriate harp settings, metrically matching them with his surviving lyrics. Many of the airs are not commonly known as songs, and some include lyrics published here for the first time. For each of Carolan's Irish songs, an English interpretation is also provided in the form of translations, paraphrases, and in some cases English songs that give context to Carolan's Irish verse. The arrangements vary from from simple to complex and suit a variety of skill levels. Includes historical notes, an appendix on notes and ornamentation, more. All 226 songs and airs are performed on the CDs by the author. 254 pp.

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 Lady Athenry
 Mrs. Bermingham  First Air
 Mrs. Bermingham  Second Air
 James Betagh
 Lady Blayney
 George Brabazon  First Air
 George Brabazon  Second Air
 Sir Ulick Burke
 Sir Festus Burke
 Lady Laetitia Burke
 The Honourable Thomas Burke
 Isabella Burke
 Thomas Burke
 Planxty Burke
 Mrs. Cole
 Nancy Cooper  First Air
 Nancy Cooper  Second Air
 Sir Charles Coote
 Edward Corcoran
 Mrs. Costello
 Planxty Crilly
 Sir Edward Crofton
 James Crofton
 Mrs. Crofton
 Miss Crofton
 Bridget Cruise  First Air
 Bridget Cruise  Second Air
 Bridget Cruise  Third Air
 Bridget Cruise  Fourth Air
 Richard Cusack
 James Daly
 Dr. Delany
 Mrs. Delany
 Lord Dillon
 Lady Dillon
 Gerald Dillon
 Fanny Dillon
 Counsellor Dillon
 Luke Dillon
 Edward Dodwell
 Planxty Drew
 John Drury  First Air
 John Drury  Second Air
 William Eccles
 Mrs. Edwards
 Mrs. Fallon
 Mrs. Farrell
 Miss Fetherston or Carolan's Devotion
 Mrs. Garvey  First Air
 Mrs. Garvey  Second Air
 Lady Gethin
 Miss Goulding
 Dr. John Hart, Bishop of Achonry
 Mrs. Harwood
 Robert Hawkes
 Captain Higgins
 Lord Inchiquin
 Colonel John Irwin
 Colonel Irwin
 John Jameson
 Baptist Johnston
 John Jones
 Loftus Jones
 Thomas Morres Jones or Bumper Squire Jones
 Robert Jordan
 Thomas Judge or Carolan's Frolic
 Mrs. Judge
 Mrs. Keel
 Daniel Kelly
 Hugh Kelly
 John Kelly
 Mabel Kelly
 Patrick Kelly
 Susanna Kelly
 Planxty Kelly
 Lord Louth
 Henry MacDermott Roe  First Air
 Henry MacDermott Roe  Second Air
 Henry MacDermott Roe  Third Air
 Mrs. MacDermott Roe
 Mrs. Anne MacDermott Roe
 Elizabeth MacDermott Roe
 Father Brian MacDermott Roe
 Edmond MacDermott Roe
 John MacDermott
 Miss MacDermott or The Princess Royal
 Dolly MacDonough
 Dr. MacMahon, Bishop of Clogher
 Miss MacMurray
 Betty MacNeill
 Morgan Magan
 Captain Magan
 Kitty Magennis
 Brian Maguire
 Constantine Maguire
 Mr. Malone
 Margaret Malone
 Catherine Martin
 Lord Massereene
 Mrs. Maxwell  First Air
 Mrs. Maxwell  Second Air
 John Moore
 Peggy Morton
 Miss Murphy
 Miss Noble
 John Nugent
 Mrs. Nugent
 Elizabeth Nugent
 Grace Nugent
 Betty O'Brien
 Donal O'Brien
 Mr. O'Connor
 John O'Connor
 Maurice O'Connor  First Air
 Maurice O'Connor  Second Air
 Maurice O'Connor  Third Air
 Mrs. O'Connor
 Dr. O'Connor
 Michael O'Connor  First Air
 Michael O'Connor  Second Air
 Denis O'Conor  First Air
 Denis O'Conor  Second Air
 Mrs. O'Conor
 Charles O'Conor
 Colonel Manus O'Donnell
 Hugh O'Donnell
 Colonel O'Hara
 Kean O'Hara  First Air
 Kean O'Hara  Second Air
 Kean O'Hara  Third Air
 Captain O'Kane
 Katherine O'More
 Captain O'Neill
 Mrs. O'Neill of Carlane
 Mrs. O'Neill
 Mary O'Neill or Carolan's Favourite Jig
 O'Reilly of Athcarne
 Conor O'Reilly
 John O'Reilly  First Air
 John O'Reilly   Second Air
 Owen O'Rourke
 Mrs. O'Rourke
 Planxty O'Rourke  First Air
 Planxty O'Rourke  Second Air
 Frank Palmer
 Squire Parsons
 Tobias Peyton
 John Peyton
 Eleanor Plunkett
 James Plunkett
 Planxty Plunkett
 David Power
 Mrs. Power or Carolan's Concerto
 Mrs. Power or Carolan's Concerto
 Fanny Power
 Mervyn Pratt
 George Reynolds
 Lady St. John
 Sir Arthur Shaen
 Major Shanly
 Dr. John Stafford or Carolan's Receipt
 Mrs. Sterling
 Captain Sudley or Carolan's Dowry
 Planxty Sweeney
 Mr. Waller
 Mrs. Waller
 William Ward
 Planxty Wilkinson
 Lady Wrixon
 General Wynne


 Untitled I or Carolans Welcome
 Untitled II
 Untitled III
 Untitled IV or Planxty Safaigh
 Untitled V
 Untitled VI
 Untitled VII or Planxty O'Carolan
 Untitled VIII or Planxty O'Neill
 Untitled IX or Planxty Scott
 Untitled X or Planxty Browne


 All Alive
 Blind Mary
 Carolan's Cap
 Carolan's Cottage
 Carolan's Cup
 Carolan's Draught
 Carolan's Dream
 Carolan's Farewell to Music
 Carolan's Maggot
 Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady
 Carolan's Ramble to Cashel
 The Dark, Plaintive Youth
 The Elevation
 The Fairy Queen
 The Landlady
 Ode to Whiskey
 One Bottle More
 The O'Rourkes' Feast
 The Seas are Deep
 Separation of Soul and Body
 Sheebeg and Sheemore
 The Two William Davises
 Variations on the Scottish Air 'Cock Up Your Beaver'
 Variations on the Scottish Air 'When She Cam Ben'


 Lament for Sir Ulick Burke
 The Clergy's Lamentation
 Lord Galway's Lamentation
 Lament for Charles McCabe
 Lament for Terence MacDonough
 Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill
 Lament for Owen O'Rourke
 Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of his Halfpence


 Captain O'Neill
 Banks of the Shannon
 Cuir Do Cheann Dileas
 Faillte Na Miosc
 Farewell to Lough Neaghe
 Irish Galloway Tom
 The Lamentation of Ireland
 The Merry Maids of Connaught
 Port Gordon
 Righin Aluin Aribhinn Og
 Sorridh Leat a Naomhaig
 Uillagan Dubh O

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