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DVD - Southern Banjo Styles: Vol. 1

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DVD - Southern Banjo Styles: Vol. 1

Mike Seeger
DVD - Southern Banjo Styles: Vol. 1

taught by Mike Seeger

This volume focuses on clawhammer, frailing, and rapping styles as well as several up-picking styles that sound like clawhammer. Each section features a performance of a historic song, info on its style and source, detailed instruction on how to play it, and a close-up of each banjo used. Songs include "Soon in the Morning, Babe," "Roustabout," "Jim Crack Corn," "Battle in the Horseshoe," "Darling Cora," more. Based on Mike's Grammy nominated CD, "Southern Banjo Sounds" (our stock # FOLKW-CD40107). Intermediate. Includes booklet (or PDF file on the disc) with tab and commentary. 90 min.
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  • Soon In The Morning, Babe - African American clawhammer/picking
  • Josh Thomas's Roustabout - African American accompaniment technique
  • Jim Crack Corn - irregular accent clawhammer style
  • Battle In The Horeshoe - basic clawhammer tune
  • Darling Cora - multi-finger-brush clawhammer techniqe
  • Devil's Dream - North Carolina up-pick, up-&-down-stroke style
  • Little Birdie - 2 finger up-pick, down-stroke style
  • Around The World - 3 finger up-pick down-stroke style
  • Whoopin' Up Cattle - clawhammer and fingerpicking on a double-drone-string banjo

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If you want to get the basics for a bunch of different older styles, I highly, highly recommend this DVD set.
The stringed instrument galvanized a good form of taking part in designs within the South throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century. On this in-depth videodisc lesson and demonstration, microphone Seeger presents a survey of these designs, teaching every of them to assist you develop a full vary of repertoire and ancient techniques.

This is the primary of a 3-volume series covering nearly all of the foremost stringed instrument designs and techniques, similarly as a glance at a number of the categories of banjos that are compete throughout its history in America. Volume one focuses on a family of designs typically thought-about to be of African origin and diversely called hammer, frailing, rapping, drop-thumb and down-picking. every video section options a song or tune with temporary data on its vogue and supply, a whole performance of the piece, and elaborated split-screen instruction on the way to play it. you will additionally see a close-up read of every of the 9 banjos used.

Mike teaches an exquisite form of songs that you will before long be adding to your repertoire: "Soon within the Morning, Babe" associate degree African yank hammer selecting vogue from Mississippi with gourd banjo; taunt Thomas's "Roustabout" associate degree African yank accompaniment technique from Virginia; "Jim Crack Corn" associate degree irregular-accent hammer style; "Battle within the Horseshoe" a basic hammer tune; "Darling Cora" victimization American state multi-finger brush technique; "Devil's Dream" in North geographic area up-pick, up-&-down-stroke style; "Little Birdie" victimization two-finger American state up-pick, down-stroke style; round the World, in a very three-finger up-pick down-stroke style; and "Whoopin' Up Cattle" a hammer piece on a double-drone-string stringed instrument.

The items on this videodisc include a large vary of problem. Some are simple enough for a near-beginner to be able to play, and a sophisticated intermediate player can quickly be able to master these items and greatly take pleasure in Mike's program.

The material given here is predicated on microphone Seeger's Grammy-nominated Smithsonian CD "Southern stringed instrument Sounds."

Review by thenortonsetup / (Posted on 12/1/2016)