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Roll Me Over

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Roll Me Over

Roll Me Over

compiled and edited by Harry Babad

A classic songbook from the Oak Archives. Not for the faint of heart or easily offended! Over 100 folk and historical songs which are almost entirely dirty, and entirely offensive (some are downright disgusting). Alcohol and sex are the two main topics - and if you can get past the...ah...ribald lyrics, you'll find them to be extremely funny. Includes songs of the Elizabethan era, Scottish songs, Irish songs, sailor songs, early American songs, military songs, sacrilegious songs, and "songs that ought not to be sung." With historical details for each. A list of song titles is NOT included in the interest of propriety. You may want to hide this one under the mattress. Melody line with chord names and, of course, full lyrics. 144 pp.
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