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Renaissance Solos for Mandolin

Renaissance Solos for Mandolin

Renaissance Solos for Mandolin

by John Holenko

Most of this music is from editions or manuscripts from England in the late 1500s, with a few French pieces. There were two main kinds of instruments being played during the 16th & 17th centuries: the 4 course (four sets of doubled strings), and the 6 course cittern. These pieces were all written for the 4 course instrument and fall into three main categories: dance music, song arrangements and free pieces, which are basically preludes that explore the melodic range of the instrument. Beginning/intermediate. Note/tab. 64 pp.

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  • Prelude 1
  • Prelude II
  • Prelude III
  • Prelude IV
  • For Two Citterns
  • Branle de Bourgogne II
  • Passing Measures Galliard
  • Pavane Passemezo
  • Galliard to the Pavane Passamezo
  • Pavane
  • Maister Earles Pavane
  • A Jyg
  • Galliard
  • Gaiarde La Royne d Escosse
  • Galliard Passemezo
  • Bonny Sweet Robin
  • A Psalm
  • Rogero
  • Sick Sick and Very sick
  • Tinternell
  • What You Will
  • The Voyce
  • Pretty Nancy
  • The Miller
  • Wilson's Wilde
  • Kemp's Jig
  • Old Hunt is Up
  • I Lift My Heart To Thee
  • A Horne Pype
  • A French Toy
  • Grimstock
  • Go From My Window
  • The Frogge
  • Callino

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