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Ragtime Blues Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis

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Ragtime Blues Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis

Rev. Gary Davis
Ragtime Blues Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis

taught by Stefan Grossman

Davis was a musical giant, spanning a wide range of techniques and styles. He played with his thumb and index finger to pick out complex melodies, rhythmic licks and lightning fast single-string runs. Seven of his blues songs are presented here. The included 3 CDs teach these arrangements phrase by phrase along with the original recordings. Note/tab. 40 pp.
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  • Hesitation Blues
  • Two Step Candyman
  • Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From?
  • Candyman
  • Walkin' Dog Blues
  • Buck Rag
  • Baby, Let Me Follow You Down


LESSON ONE: Our first lesson highlights two of Rev. Davis's most popular blues arrangements. Hesitation Blues is played in the key of C. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down is played in the key of G.

LESSON TWO: The key of C was a favorite for Rev. Davis. In this lesson we explore the party tune Sally Where'd You Get Your Liquor From (made popular by Hot Tuna). Rev. Davis used to joke that he could play Candyman so many different ways that he would be able to play it nonstop for at least 8 hours without repeating himself! We look at two versions of this very popular folk blues with the regular Candyman followed by the Two-Step Candyman.

LESSON THREE: ""Raggin' the blues"" was a great part of Rev. Davis's repertoire. His Walkin' Dog Blues is a tour de force in a blues in C. All fourteen verses are transcribed here, and we study how this arrangement develops. Buck Rag is a fascinating rag played in the key of C. Single-string runs, counterpoint lines, rhythmic variations and syncopated bass patterns are featured.

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