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You Can Teach Yourself Piano

by L. Dean Bye & Matt Dennis

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Book with online audio & video. Teaches not only basic music reading skills, but also the essential technique and theory for playing in all contemporary keyboard styles. Designed to give the serious adult student a solid foundation while studuing on your own without a private teacher. Gives you an authoritative start on the instrument, presenting technical and theoretical concepts as needed and offering carefully graded, challenging material. In addition to the incalculable assets of ear training and development of taste in modern harmony, you'll be fully prepared for the demands of modern piano music. 122 pp.

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  • Beginning Fundamentals
  • Musical Refresher No. 1
  • Let's Play The Piano (The Key Of C Major)
  • A Simple Melody (A 16-measure Piece)
  • Softly, The Wind (A Folk Song-styled Melody)
  • Musical Refresher No. 2
  • A New Position For The Left Hand
  • The Lines, Spaces And Notes
  • Three Pieces Of Eight
  • The Interval
  • Five Exercises In Rhythm
  • The Sharp, Flat And The Natural
  • Come Follow Me (A Smooth Piece In Time)
  • Circus Parade (A March-the Key Of G Major)
  • Wings Of Love (A Waltz Piece)
  • Funny Little Tune
  • When You Smile At Me (The Key Of F Major)
  • A French Dance (Early French Bourree)
  • Accidentals
  • The Dotted Quarter Note
  • Song Of Faith
  • Feelin' Good (A Popular-styled Waltz Piece)
  • Musical Refresher No. 3 (Final Quiz)
  • Little Dutch Girl
  • Nice To Know Ya!
  • The Major Scale Pattern
  • Finger Flexibility
  • The Triad (The Major Triad)
  • 6/8 Time
  • Sound The Call To Sea
  • Cascades
  • Theme For "Righty" (Outer Ledger Lines For R.h.)
  • Denizens Of The Deep (Outer Ledger Lines For L.h.)
  • Theme For "Lefty" (Inner Ledger Lines For L.h.)
  • Ridin' In On A Wave (Inner Ledger Lines For R.h.)
  • Wish Me Love (Piece Introducing The Triplet)
  • The I, Iv & V Chords
  • A Chord In Search Of A Melody
  • Salute The Major (Key Of Bb)
  • Original Blues In Bb
  • The Race Is On (A Lively Piece With 16th Notes)
  • Turkey In The Strauss (Piece In The Key Of D Major)
  • Panorama (Piece With New Chords)
  • Syncopation (A Rhythm Study)
  • Lonesome Mornin' Blues
  • Nickelodeon Rag
  • Along Came Jazz
  • Just The Way You Look (Example: The Popular Song)
  • Togetherness (Smooth Piece In Syncopation)
  • Whistlin' In The Park (Dotted 8th & 16ths)
  • Boogie Woogie On The Blues
  • The Dominant Seventh Chord (V7)
  • The Five-seven Blues (V7)
  • The Dream (Piece In The Key Of Eb Major)
  • Messenger Of Love (Spiritual Piece)
  • Polka Dot Polka (Key Of A Major)
  • Sight Reading Popular Music: Voice Lines
  • One Fine Day
  • The Minor Key
  • The Minor Key Chords
  • Albert's Ghost (Piece In Key Of A Minor)
  • Where? (Typical Pop Piece)
  • Into The Sunset (Country-western)
  • Inspiration (The Piano Theme)
  • Summer School In Oxnard (Pop-rock)
  • Feeling The Chords (The Major Chords With Exercises)
  • Feeling The Chords (The Minor Key Chords-exercises)
  • New Sound In Town (Piece With Contemporary Chords)
  • Little Jazz (A Challenging Study In New Chord Harmonies)
  • Chord Symbol Explanation Of Little Jazz
  • Short Musical Dictionary