You Can Teach Yourself Banjo by Ear

by Jack Hatfield
sku: 02-95424M
Book with online audio. With some basic guidelines, any musician with rudimentary skills can teach him or herself to play by ear. This book teaches the 5-string banjoist to listen and play solos and chord progressions by ear, providing essential ear training and techniques needed to participate in jam sessions of all types. Chapters include: Learning Chord Progressions by Ear, Faking a Solo, Playing the Melody by Ear, and Using Licks. The split-track online audio features melody on the left and rhythm on the right. Tablature only. In tablature. 120 pp.   More Details...

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  • Learning Chord Progression By Ear
  • Faking A Solo
  • Playing The Melody
  • Using Licks

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