Worth CT-LGEX Tenor Ukulele Set with "Extra Thick" Low G, Clear Flurocarbon

Tenor set with and "extra thick" Low G (4th) string. Worth clear strings have a brighter, more forward sound compared to Worth brown strings. 100% clear fluorocarbon nylon for long life. 63" long (enough for 2 sets).   More Details...
This item is available on Special Order. Please phone us to arrange the order. 517-372-7890

  • Tenor Set for Standard Low G Tuning
  • "Extra Thick" 4th string
  • 100% fluorocarbon nylon
  • 63" long (enough for 2 sets)
  • String diameters are .0224"(.57mm), .0260"(.66mm), .0291"(.74mm) .0433"(1.10mm)
  • Made in Japan

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