Will Slayden

Will Slayden: African-American Banjo Songs From West Tennessee

sku: TFS-CD123
1952 field recordings from Shelby County, TN from this unique stylist, the last of the old-time Memphis area "drag-thumb" banjoists. Notes and lyric transcriptions by blues scholar Dave Evans.   More Details...


  1. When the Train Comes Along
  2. O Lord, Meet Me There
  3. When the World's On Fire
  4. Spoonful
  5. Form the Line
  6. Get Up in the Morning Soon
  7. Glory, Glory Hallelujah
  8. When the Saints Go Marching In
  9. God Can Use You
  10. Ain't Had None in a Long Time
  11. Roll Down the Line
  12. John Henry
  13. Spoonful
  14. Get Away from the Window
  15. Shortnin' Bread
  16. Glory, Glory Hallelujah
  17. So Glad
  18. Joe Turner
  19. The Old Hen Cackled
  20. Good Thing Got More Than One