Wildwood Custom Bluegrass (1971)

$1,950 $2,250
sku: 70U-204542
Built by Mark Platin, this Wildwood Custom Bluegrass resonator banjo features a dark amber finish on a maple neck and resonator, with a 3/4" block maple rim, one piece flange, and single coordinator rod. It has a 22-fret ebony fingerboard with pearl flying Eagle pattern inlays, and 11" frosted top head. Other features include a notched tension hoop, wood marquetry on the rim, resonator and neck, and newer Five Star planetary tuners with a geared 5th string peg. The label is signed by "M.G. Bellinger 9-20-01". Flat lid hardshell case included. This resonator banjo is in very good-excellent condition.   More Details...

  • Dark amber finished maple neck and resonator
  • 3/4" block maple rim
  • 22-fret ebony fingerboard with pearl flying Eagle pattern inlays
  • 11" frosted top head
  • No-holes flathead style tone ring 
  • Wood marquetry on rim, resonator and neck
  • Headstock overlay features fancy inlays and "Wildwood" logo
  • One piece flange
  • 24 hooks
  • Notched tension hoop
  • Single coordinator rod
  • Newer Five Star planetary tuners, geared 5th string peg
  • 1-3/16" nut, ~26-1/4" scale
  • Interior label reads "The Wildwood Music Co."
  • "BUILT BY Mark Platin, DATE 3/12/71"
  • Label is also signed by "M.G. Bellinger 9-20-01"
  • Built in the U.S.A.
  • With flat lid HSC (burgundy lining)
  • VG-EC