Weymann Keystone State Banjeaurine (c.1909)

sku: 60U-204439
Natural finished mahogany neck with carved floral pattern heel, metal clad rim, inside rim has fancy wood marquetry, white-bound 22-fret pearwood fingerboard with slotted pearl inlays, ~10-1/2" skin head, 24 brackets, Elite tailpiece, dowel stick is black on one side with inlaid slotted diamond, multiple wood underlays below fingerboard and headstock, abalone floral and 1/4 moon inlays on headstock, 1-3/16" nut, ~21-7/8" scale, setup up with nylon strings for aEAC#E (A-tuning) low to high, replacement heel cap, newer Planetary tuners and geared 5th string peg, built in Philadelphia, NO CASE, VG-EC, on consignment

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