Weymann Keystone State Banjeaurine (c.1909)

sku: 60U-204439
Made in Philadelphia in the early 20th century, this Weymann Keystone State Banjeaurine is a great sounding short-neck variant of the openback banjo, set up with nylon strings and tuned to A tuning (aEAC#E). It has a mahogany neck with a carved floral pattern heel, and fancy wood marquetry on the inside rim. The pearwood fingerboard has slotted pearl inlays, with multiple wood underlays below the fingerboard and headstock, and abalone floral and quarter moon inlays on the headstock. Other features include a metal clad rim, an elite tailpiece, and newer Planetary tuners and geared 5th string peg. No case. This instrument is in very good-excellent condition.   More Details...

  • Natural finished mahogany neck 
  • Carved floral pattern heel
  • Metal clad rim
  • Inside rim has fancy wood marquetry
  • White-bound 22-fret pearwood fingerboard
  • Slotted pearl inlays
  • ~10-1/2" skin head
  • 24 brackets
  • Elite tailpiece
  • Dowel stick is black on one side with inlaid slotted diamond
  • Multiple wood underlays below fingerboard and headstock
  • Abalone floral and 1/4 moon inlays on headstock
  • 1-3/16" nut
  • ~21-7/8" scale
  • Setup up with nylon strings
  • Tuned aEAC#E (A-tuning) low to high 
  • Replacement heel cap
  • Newer Planetary tuners and geared 5th string peg
  • Built in Philadelphia
  • No case
  • VG-EC
  • Consignment