Western Swing Lead Guitar Styles

by Joe Carr
sku: 02-98953M
Book/Online audio set. Unlock the secrets of hot "take-off" lead guitar as played by the greats. Western Swing master Carr has transcribed the solos from the Bob Wills Band and others and breaks them down note by note into useful licks that can be used to improvise original hot solos. Includes solos by western swing legends Eldon Shamblin, Jimmy Wyble, Leon Rhodes, Junior Benard (often called the first rockabilly) and more. The audio uses classic western swing song progressions and presents the licks at a medium, learnable pace. Note/tab. Beginners. 48 pp.   More Details...

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  • Charlie's Blues
  • Cotton Picking
  • Eldon's Rag
  • Guitar Blues for Two
  • Harmony Rag
  • Harold's Rag
  • Jimmy Blues #2
  • Jimmy Rag
  • Jimmy's Blues
  • Junior's Tune
  • Sleepy Blues
  • Two Guitar Boogie