Washburn Style 1135 Banjeaurine by W.A. Cole (c.1913)

sku: 60U-204023
Built for Washburn by W.A. Cole in Boston, this banjeaurine has a V-profile mahogany neck and a 17 fret ebony fingerboard with fancy engraved pearl inlays. The 1/2” thick black painted rim has an ~11" skin head and a brass hoop tone ring. It’s tuned to A and is currently set up with Aquila Nylgut strings. A very rare model, this instrument is in very good-excellent condition.   More Details...

  • Mahogany neck with V-profile and boat shaped heel
  • 17-fret ebony fingerboard with engraved pearl inlays
  • 1-9/32" nut
  • ~21-5/8" scale
  • ~11" skin head
  • Black painted 1/2" rim
  • Brass hoop tone ring
  • 24 brackets
  • Grooved tension hoop
  • Cammed No Knot tailpiece
  • Tuned to A (aEAC#E) with Aquila Nylgut strings
  • Replacement tuners and 5th string peg
  • Cole's Eclipse "Man in the Moon" headstock inlays
  • Period hardshell case
  • Consignment
  • VG-EC