John Reischman

Walk Along John

sku: CORVUS-CD020
2013 - Mostly original pieces and some from the tradition from this Northwestern Olympian of the mandolin - with guests Chris Thile, Bruce Molsky, Tony Trischka, Sally van Meter, Kenny Smith, his own band The Jaybirds and many others.   More Details...


  1. Itzbin Reel
  2. Joe Ahr's Dream
  3. Walk Along John to Kansas
  4. A Prairie Jewel
  5. Indian Arm
  6. Little Maggie
  7. Salt River
  8. The Deadly Fox
  9. Side by Each (Duet)
  10. Little Pine Siskin
  11. Gold Mountain Blues
  12. Ice on the Dogwater
  13. Side by Each (Band)
  14. Anisa's Lulaby