Vox AC50 Head & 2x12 Cabinet (c. 1965)

$1,700 $1,950
sku: 130U-203893
This well restored classic rig is ready to kick out some killer tones. It has a Vox AC50 50 watt tube head with a 2 X EL34 power section. It’s housed in a tall box, and it has been fitted with new military grade volume pots, tubes, caps, cathode resistors, speaker cable, AC cable, chassis slider board, and washers and screws. It offers dual channels, normal and top boost. The speaker cabinet features two original 12” Fane speakers, as well as a period Midax driver horn. It has newer back panels (with proper tolex), jack, OEM Vox corners and grip, and screws and washers. The head and cab both have the original grill cloths. This rig is in very good-excellent condition. We no longer ship used amps, in-store sales only. Consignment.