Handwired on a vintage-style eyelet board, the VHT D-Boost FET clean-boost pedal faithfully replicates the FET input circuitry found in the most coveted Dumble-style amplifier. While the original FET circuitry was built-into the amps, and not footswitchable, with no external means for level adjustment, the VHT D-Boost pedal expands the design's versatility with footswitchable convenience and an external level control. It is a true clean boost pedal, with enough oomph to significantly overdrive your amp, and it can also enhance detail, clarity and harmonic complexity at more moderate level settings. The D-Boost's footswitch has a large aluminum topper, and it is surrounded by a cool looking status-indicating blue LED ring. The D-Boost can be powered by an internal 9-volt battery or an external 9-volt power supply.   More Details...

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  • Hand-wired FET clean boost
  • Level adjustment control
  • 9V battery or DC Power (not included)
  • Oversized aluminum topper on footswitch
  • Blue ring status LED

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