Vega Fairbanks Style M Tubaphone Tenor Banjo (1920)

sku: 80U-207641
Here's a nice Vega tubaphone banjo either to play or convert to a 5-string. Two piece maple neck with dark center strip. Maple rim with tortoise plastic binding inside and out. ~10-3/4" skin head. 28 brackets, bracket band and notched tension hoop. Tubaphone tone ring. No Knot-style tailpiece. Ivoroid-bound 17-fret ebony fingerboard with pearl scroll, star and dot inlays. 1-1/8" nut, ~19-3/4" scale. With rough period HSC. VG-EC. On consignment   More Details...

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  • SN 39879
  • 1920
  • VG-EC
  • Satin natural finish
  • 2-piece maple neck with dark center strip
  • Maple rim with tortoise plastic binding
  • Ivoroid-bound 17-fret ebony fingerboard
  • Pearl scroll, star and dot inlays
  • ~10-3/4" skin head, Tubaphone tone ring
  • 28 brackets, bracket band
  • Notched tension hoop
  • No Knot-style tailpiece
  • Dowel stick
  • Headstock overlay features a pearl torch inlay
  • Newer Planetary-style tuners
  • 1-1/8" nut, ~19-3/4" scale
  • Minor touchup on neck heel
  • With rough period HSC
  • Consignment