Vega Artist Tubaphone (1980's)

sku: 70U-205683
Nice import instrument from this era, tubaphone tone ring, 10-15/16" frosted top head, amber stain finish on 3-piece maple neck and "pie slice" resonator, star in center of resonator, ~9/16" multi-ply rim, dual coordinator rods, notched tension hoop, 24 brackets, bracket band, flat plate flange, fancy armrest, white-bound rosewood fingerboard with engraved No. 9 style pearl inlays, headstock features traditional flowerpot  and star on back of headstock (faux pearl decals), Planetary style tuners and geared 5th string peg, 1-3/16" nut, ~26-3/8" scale, built in Asia, SN 2351, with flat lid TKL HSC (black lining) EC- on consignment