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Up in the Batten House: Old Time Music of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Mark Tamsula & Richard Withers


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2011 - A heady bouquet of tunes from the printed collections of the noted Samuel Bayard, collected between 1928 and 1963. Tamsula plays fiddle and guitar, Withers plays banjo, accordion, harmonica and even wooden flute on some of the tunes collected from the once-active fife tradition.

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  1. Black-Eyed Susie
  2. The Lost Indian
  3. Running Through the Rain to Keep Your Hair Dry
  4. Scotch Hornpipe / Snappin' Bug / Pine Top
  5. The Carrolltown Breakdown
  6. Short'nin' Bread / Chicken-Foot and Sparrow-Grass
  7. Betty Martin / All the Gals is Gone Away
  8. Up in the Batten House
  9. The Girl I Left Behind Me / Sailing Down the River on the O-hi-o
  10. Old Dance Tune
  11. The Horse Called Rover
  12. Right Foot, Left Foot
  13. Oho, Oho, I've Found You Out / Hunnell's Double Drag
  14. Cotillion
  15. The Corn-Huskers
  16. The Cuckoo's Nest
  17. Neil Gow's Rant
  18. Hogs in the Cornfield / Hang On
  19. Dick's Handspike
  20. Daddy Killed the Brown Bull
  21. Who Hit Nellie with the Stovepipe?
  22. Down on the Big Sandy / Dance Tune