Devil's Dream

Tunes From the Woods

sku: TALSTE-CD2568
2013 - Fiddler/composer Talbert Stein, fiddler Mackenzie Lerchen and guitarist Ryan Blankenship in a set of 32 tunes - "jigs, reels and waltzes in the Celtic and bluegrass veins" - composed by Stein, the bulk of the 40 tunes published in his tunebook of the same name - our stock number 158-80. With producer David Mosher guesting on mandolin, guitar, concertina, fiddle and upright bass.

  1. Cuckoo Clock's Lament / Tune Catcher's Blues
  2. Clogging on the Cobblestones / Bouncing Off the Floor
  3. Jessica Anne's Reel / Going by Train
  4. Dream On Lainy
  5. Jig for Josh / As Ye Sow
  6. In a Pickle / Devil's in the Details
  7. Time's Running Short / Ryan's Reel
  8. Mackenzie's Golden Fiddle
  9. Busting Down the Gates / Playing at Goldfish
  10. Just Bobbin Along / Reap What You Sew
  11. Raccoons in the Chimney / Not Taking the Bait
  12. Woman of Many Glasses / Kindred Spirits
  13. Hanging on Life's Edge / Remembrance
  14. Climbing Sleeping Bear / Bobcat in the Bushes
  15. Quandary / Rantipoles on the Loose
  16. Piecing Things Together / Cure's Worse than the Illness
  17. Naked Truth / Whiskey Spring

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