Tony Ellis

The Quest

sku: BR-CD609
2005 -- Monroe alumnus and prolific composer of unique, original banjo tunes steps out with a set of 17 new instrumentals with "The Musicians of Braeburn:" his son William Lee Ellis on guitars, Larry Nager on bass, mandolin and "triple washboard," and Louise Adkins-Ellis on pump organ and keyboards.

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  1. Suzuka Lullaby
  2. The Quest
  3. Boodles
  4. Dance on the Clouds
  5. Buckeye
  6. Paddlewheel
  7. Flat Bottom Boat
  8. Sweethearts
  9. Plockton Aire
  10. Round Knights of the Table
  11. Mole in the Ground
  12. Sing Fleming Sing
  13. Cookies in the Barrel
  14. The Becky Thatcher Waltz
  15. Leaving Port Townsend
  16. Stand Boys Stand
  17. Winterville