Kentucky Colonels

The New Sound of Bluegrass America

sku: MSI-CD109
Briar International 1963, out of print since 1965; here is the full album issued on CD with three bonus tracks never released before! The debut recording of the embryonic Kentucky Colonels: Clarence White, Leroy Mack, Roger Bush, Billy Ray Lathum and guest fiddler Gordon Terry. Produced by - we're not kidding! - Ralph and Carter Stanley.   More Details...
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  1. Three Finger Blues
  2. I'll Be Coming Home Tomorrow
  3. If You're Ever Gonna Love Me
  4. Banjo Picking Fever
  5. I Might Take You Back Again
  6. Memphis Special
  7. Cabin in the Sky
  8. Leroy's Ramble
  9. Howdy Hoss
  10. Won't You Call Me Darling
  11. Rainbow Shining Somewhere
  12. 420 Special
  13. Just Joshing
  14. To Prove My Love for You