The Martin Taylor Guitar Method Book

taught by Martin Taylor
sku: 02-99650M
Book with online audio. Study with one of the giants of jazz guitar! Hailed by guitar legend Chet Atkins as "One of the greatest and most impressive guitarists in the world today..." Martin shows how he creates solo guitar arrangements of jazz standards via a series of progressive studies aimed at introducing intermediate level guitarists to the world of arranging & solo performance. All music examples are played by Martin on the audio. Note/tab. 88 pp.   More Details...
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  • Quick Start Jazzy 
  • Tuning 
  • Fretboard Geography
  • Don't Call Them Chords
  • Tenths
  • Basslines
  • Right Hand Technique
  • Left Hand Technique
  • Phrasing
  • Rhythm
  • Tone
  • Special Effects
  • The 'Danny Boy' Variations
  • Bhai Bhai Blues


  • i) Guitar Design
  • A look at Martin Taylor's gear and signature guitar.
  • ii) Jive Talking
  • An interview with Martin Taylor about improvisation and how he built up his legendary chord melody chops.