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The Ragtime Skedaddlers


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2014 - Third set of gems from ragtime's golden era from this fretted-string trio of mandolin, banjo-mandolin and guitar. William Krell's seminal 1897 "Mississippi Rag" to "Blame It on the Blues" from 1914, with tunes from Scott Hayden and Scott Joplin, Tom Turpin's "St. Louis Rag," Percy Wenrich's "Persian Lamb," Joe Jordan's "Nappy Lee," 14 in all.

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  1. Mississippi Rag (William H. Krell, 1897)
  2. Who Dar! (C. H. Soule, 1899)
  3. Sunflower Slow Drag (Scott Joplin and Scott Hayden, 1901)
  4. Pearl of the Harem (Harry P. Guy, 1901)
  5. Cottonfield Capers (William Christopher O'Hare, 1901)
  6. Dreamy Eyes (J. Bodewalt Lampe, 1902)
  7. Dolores (formerly Cubanola) (Neil Moret, 1902)
  8. St. Louis Rag (Tom Turpin, 1903)
  9. Nappy Lee (Joe Jordan, 1903)
  10. Fine and Dandy (Charles L. Johnson, 1908)
  11. Persian Lamb Rag (Percy Wenrich, 1908)
  12. Blame It on the Blues (Charles L. Cooke, 1914)
  13. Easy Money (Will D. Moyer, 1915)
  14. A Rag-Time Skedaddle (George Rosey, 1899)