The Price Sisters

The Heart Never Knows

sku: REBEL-CD1868
2018 - First full-length release from Lauren and Leanna Price, after their dazzling EP debut in 2016; with bluegrass uber-producer Bill VornDick at the helm once again, and featuring guitar ace Bryan Sutton, banjo icon Charlie Cushman and first-call bassists Mike Bub and Dennis Crouch. Lots of Price originals plus chestnuts from the Delmore Bros., the Carter Family and more.   More Details...

1. Love Me or Leave Me Alone
2. You've Been a Friend to Me
3. If I'm Gonna Be Lonely
4. Singing My Troubles Away
5. A Heart Never Knows
6. Widow of the Mountain
7. Dark and Stormy Weather
8. The Lee Wedding Tune
9. God's Beautiful Hills
10. Remembrance is a Golden Chain
11. Raindrop Waltz
12. Get on the Main Highway