Dan Miller

The Guitar Player's Guide to Developing Creative Solos: Acoustic Guitar Edition

by Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller
sku: 475-19
Book w/2 CDs. Develop your OWN solos three ways: by applying an array of guitar techniques, by learning about theory and scales, and "the intuitive approach!" Over 60 individual songs are used as examples. This book is not a book of arrangements that are meant for you to learn, memorize, and perform by rote; it's designed to teach you how to take any song melody and create your own arrangements! Spiralbound; 260 pp.   More Details...

Table of Contents

The Method


The Three Approaches

The Technical Approach

The Theoretical Approach

The Intuitive Approach

What About Licks

Speed, Accuracy, Fluidity, and Tone

Which Approach is Best?

A Note on the Song Selection in this Book

A Note on the Song Melodies Used in this Book

A Note on the Arrangements in this Book

A Note on the Recordings

Arranging Solos for Vocal Tunes: The Technical Approach

Step 1: Select a Song

Step 2 Find the Chord Progression

Step 3: Learn the Melody

Step 4: Simplify the Melody

Step 5: Create A Simple Arrangement

Step 6: Embellish The Simple Arrangement

Step One: Select a Song

Steps Two and Three: Find the Chords and Find the Melody

Muscle Memory

Song Suggestions and Tips to Get You Started

C Scales

"John Henry" (Melody in C, Upper Register)

G, D, and A Scales