The Gibson Bass Book - An Illustrated Tribute, 2020 Edition

by Rob van den Broek
sku: 802-2
Revised 2020 edition! Featuring some newly discovered basses such as the Bunny Brunel Signature bass and the 1959 Explorer. It also includes an extended chapter on Epiphone basses. A loving appreciation of the Gibson electric bass and the many models the company has produced throughout the years. Starts in the late 1930's with Gibson's first "upright" electric bass, then jumps to 1953 when Gibson began mass producing basses, up through 2020. Features over 400 color pictures and over 85 different bass models including the Thunderbird, EB-3, Ripper, Grabber, Les Paul bass, reissues - even the 20/20 is included. With four pages devoted to Epiphone basses. Softcover. 204 pp>

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