The Encyclopedia of Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Solos

by Fernando Perez
sku: 02-30527M
Book with online audio. A collection of compositions for steel guitar from styles including Hawaiian, Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Country, Latin and even Chinese music. Fernando Perez's selected repertoire is perfect for the steel guitar, allowing the reader to apply techniques and tricks unique to the instrument. Includes key explanations of different tunings and special techniques that can be applied to each composition. All the pieces are arranged for solo steel guitar and work perfectly in an ensemble context. Tunings are: DGDGBD, GBbEGBbD, DADF#BD, DGEGBD, BADF#AD. Note/tab. 87 pp.   More Details...
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  • Aloha Oe
  • Missouri Prairies
  • Hawaiian Entertainment
  • Kolohe
  • R.J. Blues
  • Wiki Wiki Ragtime
  • Tango A La Hoopii
  • Casey Tang
  • Maui Calls

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