The Craft of Songwriting - Music, Meaning, & Emotion

by Scarlet Keys
sku: 49-159283
Book with online audio. Take your songwriting to the next level! This book breaks down the processes used by hit songwriters and dives deeply into the craft of songwriting. Discover the tools and techniques for melody, harmony, lyrics, and form behind so many great songs. You will access the magic and come out more connected to your heart and craft. Online audio tracks illustrate these techniques in context, showing how they affect your song's overall impact. 120 pp.

You will learn to:
  • Craft melodic settings of your lyrics that help reveal their meaning and intent
  • Understand the different types of chords and their emotional impact
  • Use the colors of the keys and modes that best support your song's intended emotional effect
  • Draw from a rich palette of harmonic possibilities
  • Use hit song forms and concepts to support your song's story and intended impact, and make it unforgettable
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